45 thoughts on “Sweet Memories Vol.24, Various Artist

  1. yg berumur 40 — 50 an th mrapat bro, yook denger musik memory bareng2 sambil merenungi bahwa kita sudah tua ternyata


  3. Que recuerdos..que me siguen hasta hoy..recuerdo mis tiempos de juventud..y sin querer……………bueno solo recuerdo….es imposible no llorar……ya mis tiempos se fueron….solo ..me queda recordar esos hermosos y inolvidables dias..

  4. 60,70 music never ever can come back everything was unique music , movies comedy etc everything stop after 1970 all the bands those times can’t be back again life is too empty without good music

  5. Wonderful performances of these artists ! Grew up listening to these masterpieces ! You don't get to hear music like these.

  6. 1976 house for sale lagu wajib sebelum berangkat kerja wkt itu msh remaja, 20 th. Alhamdulillah skrg 63 th selamat tgl remaja. Semangat ,, semangat masa tua

  7. Bons tempos que musicas eram musicas e cantores eram cantores , tenho 47 mas tudo sempre esta comesando em minha vida,

  8. I ever dream to live outside from BRAZIL… Many times I listened "Massachusetts"… I didn't know why this Music lives in my mind, in my heart! GOD knows why! I live in Massachusetts for some
    Years ago. I made no Question about! Only I know that I LOVE AMÉRICA AND CAPECOD!

  9. I am now 62. I heard these songs when I was a teenage. It brings back those fantastic memories seemingly like transporting me back some 40-50 years back. Many thanks.

  10. In the last song, my country is mentioned no 1 on the list, population was 125 million people when the song was released (1971) now, more that 250 million people. doubled in 50 years

  11. I'd like to know more and I'm listening these kind of music by the pronunciation. Thanks for the song's names.

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  14. how the heck do I get my picture on the comments. I down loaded my picture but it still wont come up on the comments

  15. estás canciones se cantan con el corazón,son como balas llenas de inspiración no se resistían las chicas hiban directo al corazón

  16. Excelentes temas no me cansó de escuchar es como volver al pasado si muriera hoy y naciera de nuevo volvería a escuchar saludos a todos los fanáticos que escuchan estos bellos temas. (saludos desde Chile)

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