SuperRaeDizzle – Draw My Life

SuperRaeDizzle – Draw My Life

Hey everybody! It’s Rae here and welcome to my 1 million subscriber Draw my Life special, which, thank you by the way, for 1 million subscribers. It has been an absolute honor and I want to say sorry to all my friends and family who I did not include in this. I wish I’d include every single one of you but sadly we’re on a time crunch, I’m old, you know, we got a lot of stuff to go over. So I guess we’ll start from the beginning. My story begins in July, 1993 in a very small desert town in the middle of nowhere, Roswell, New Mexico. You might have heard of it, it’s famous for an alien crash that happened in the 40s. So I was born as the baby, as the youngest – to the two greatest parents that I could LIT-ER-ALLY ever ask for, they have saved my butt BILLIONS of times, and I have two of the coolest, most intelligent brothers who I love, and I love my whole entire family so so so so much. Now growing up, I guess you could say like in school, I was kind of like a weird kid, kind of a loner kid. I mean I definitely was considered not a cool kid. Just look at me. *quack sound effect* But it didn’t really matter because back home I had so much fun. My brothers and I, we’d play PlayStation and Nintendo, we’d eat pizza, watch movies. And even though they’re 8 and 10 years older than me they never made me feel that way. And of course I started doing art to pass the time and I loved it, I instantly fell in love with it. Now my parents ended up getting a divorce when I was nine and you know, I kind of understood, you know, sometimes people just don’t work out, and they love me regardless. Now eventually my mom remarried and my family grew and I got sisters, a new stepbrother and I even became an aunt thanks to the new marriage. Now on to my teen years and this is where, how should I put this? Things get interesting. I got hella emo. I did not give two craps about school. I became super rebellious, I only cared about my friends, who are still my friends to this day, shout-out to you guys, you know who you are, and truly the only thing that I cared about and poured my heart and soul into was artwork. I started taking it seriously, and I could just not get enough of it. Oh yeah, and I also started to mess around with this fairly new website called YouTube and I started making videos from my laptop and boy, they were cringy. Hoo Hoo-ooo Ugh… *laughs* Yikes. After I graduated high school I decided to roll in one year of business school. And I literally did not even last a semester. I hated it so much and I, even though I knew it was risky, I decided I only have one life to live and I’m gonna pursue my art and I’m gonna make it happen no matter what. So I enrolled at Eastern New Mexico University to get my art degree and during college my parents weren’t able to help me pay for school so I worked my butt off. I spent many nights scrubbing toilets, cleaning up vomit, dealing with drunk people; I had many many sleepless nights where I’d be working my other job that would require me to stay up all night long, sleep for maybe an hour or two, wake up, go to school, come back and start working again, and it was hard work, you know, I’m not gonna lie and then, to try to keep up your grades. But I worked really hard for what little coin I had and one of my personal accomplishments is that when I graduated I managed to graduate 100% debt-free. During college I was in a very neglectful and borderline abusive relationship and I was gonna dedicate a whole section to all the hardships that I went through, emotional and physical dating this guy, but you know, he’s not even worth the time of day. So I’m gonna sum him up with a quote his sister once told me but I’m gonna switch it up about him. He means nothing to me. He’s just a boy. And soon he’ll be forgotten and that’s all I have to say about that. And you know, later in life I ended up meeting this wonderful guy, he’s probably the only person I have ever met that is like him and he’s the only person that I can truly 100% be myself around and you guys might know him, he’s made a cameo on my channel before, Zach Nye the Science Guy! And you’ll see why I call him that later. Now with school ending in about two months I was freaking out because I had no jobs lined up, I had no way to make money and I was in full-on panic mode. So the only thing that I was good at, well kind of good at was making artwork. So I decided to turn my little tiny following on Instagram to a 100% art Instagram and one night in 2016 I made a super ghetto makeshift art setup area. I literally got a table from Ikea that my brother handed me down, I got two chairs, smushed ’em together, I duct-taped my camera onto a broom and I made my very first YouTube art video. And you might know that video as the “Do’s and Don’ts of Drawing an Eye.” Hey guys, welcome to my first drawing video. So today I’m going to be sharing with you my top tips to getting a more realistic eye. And to my surprise that video ended up getting 1 million views which was, of course it took a while, but that was like monumental to me cause that to me, that said that I could keep doing this. Now after college my life became an absolute disaster. The only job I was able to get fresh out of college was a minimum-wage job and anybody who has ever worked minimum wage will tell you there is just no way you can support yourself on minimum wage. Now I was living in another town away from my family, and the only way I was able to stay afloat was my previous savings for my other jobs, and just to give you guys an idea of how tight money was, I took Zach and I to get $1 bean burritos from Taco Bell; when we got to the counter, he asked if he could add 40 cent potatoes to the burrito and uh, I had to tell him no, I just don’t have that kind of money right now. I’m already going over budget, you can’t add the potatoes, and around this time I had no Wi-Fi so a lot of my early art videos, I would head over to the Public Library and I would use their free Wi-Fi to upload my videos and you know, promote myself on Instagram and at the time I truly felt that I was working for my life. It’s either work hard or just be stuck like this forever. And I just knew if I worked hard that maybe someday, someday I would get the benefits. But you know, when it rains it freakin pours. Now, I was working at Big 5 for about five, six months at this point and I got fired from my job for something I didn’t do. A manager threw me under the bus and I got fired and as you can imagine, money was already so incredibly tight and *sighs deeply* there goes my income and, how am I gonna stay afloat now? And it was so incredibly stressful because I had no choice. I didn’t know what I was gonna be able to do. I didn’t know how, how money was gonna be made and uh, it just so happened that that same week that I got fired that my very first Adsense YouTube check came in which was an absolute miracle! And I still remember, it was $400 and at the time, that was like life-changing money like, it could not have came in at a better time than on that same week that I got fired, talk about an absolute miracle. And from there everything started turning ok again, I started focusing all my time on my YouTube channel. I was always filming ideas, thinking of ideas, doing voiceovers, I was working on my Instagram. I was finally, finally getting some money from my YouTube channel and you know, my channel grew and eventually I had got to the point where I hit 100,000 subscribers which was such a monumental moment in my life and everything was going ok, uh, until it wasn’t. Um … *sighs* around this time, I… lost my brother. *sobbing* And I can’t even describe the kind of pain that I go through every single day. I love him so so much and I miss him every single day and, I don’t want to talk about it, and I’m not going into detail and I’ll talk about it when I’m ready. It was also around this exact same time that my stepdad was dealing with some very bad health problems with his lungs and he was very very sick, in and out of hospitals, and my mom, she was needing a hip surgery, double hip surgery, which made it hard to walk before the surgery and after the surgery and, it was hard to take care of them and you know, mourn, and to make matters worse I started sleeping up to 18 hours a day. I was having trouble seeing, I was having trouble remembering things, my whole body was swelling up. It felt like I had the worst flu of my life and it turns out that I had a thyroid problem. Which if you don’t know, thyroid basically controls everything in your body. There’s literally a list of 300 symptoms that you can get with thyroid problems and with thyroid medication, it’s not just like one pill and you’re good, it takes months and months and months for your hormones to get regulated if you can find the right dosage. And going through all this was by far the hardest point in my life and after months of just mourning, emotional pain, physical pain, stress, I got the first good news in a long long time and that good news was that my boyfriend Zach ended up getting a really awesome job in a nearby town and I moved to the nearby town, I got my very first art studio and it just so happens that the town that he got a job in, some of my two best friends happen to live in this town and I am so thankful that they’re here. And this brings us to the year 2019 which has been one of the best years of my life so far. I got to travel alone for the first time, I went to Florida, California, I went to Playlist Live. I’m gonna go to VidCon, and I got to meet not just YouTubers but people I consider my friends. And on May 22nd 2019, my YouTube channel hit the milestone of 1 million subscribers, baby! And I’m not gonna lie, it’s been a tough, tough road but honestly, I’m glad I got to experience this thing called life and I’m glad that you guys are here with me every step of the way. Thank you guys so much again for watching and I will see you next video, bye. *Sad music*

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  1. When you talked about your brother I cried rip alex I went to hug my brother because some people are lucky to have a brother Rae you deserve way more because your story is inspiring

  2. I am soo sorry about your loss. I've lost my brother too, about four years ago. Be strong, as the days go by, it will be a little better. I am sure that he is soo proud of you. I believe that all the people that die become stars and watch us from above.
    P.S. Sorry if my English is bad, it is not my first language.

  3. Awwwww that’s so sad he would be sooooooooo proud of you ur so talented I bet u miss ur brother so much

  4. Honestly I needed this to remind me that things can get better. I'm so sorry you lost your brother. I have a child with a terminal illness. It's really challenged me mentally and physically. I appreciate you sharing your life with us!

  5. I’m so incredibly sorry for your loss. I’m SURE that your brother is in a better place now. God bless you and everyone who this affected. Stay strong. 💞

  6. Im sorry for you losing your brother, i bet if he was alive he would be so freaking proud of you, but i bet he is very proud of you anyways. Just remember he'll always be by your side but u just won't see him he is in heaven watching over u right now. Dont feel sad i lost my nanny an 1 before i was born and then my pa pa died and then my baby sister died i never met her and then my Pa Jeff died… and then my Grandma died.. i really miss them my parents say my Nanny was an amazing artist. I'm atleast happy i got 2 things from my nanny, i got her drawing skills it makes me really happy i got 2 things from her.. she also made a doll for a girl if anyone had a baby girl she would give it to them i still have the doll to this day, and i still am very good at drawing, i am now in 5th grade, and i turned 10 August 14th and i know that all of them are watching over me right now.. i love and miss them all very much.. 😭😢 but i wish i would've got to meet my Nanny…. 😔😔 but the good news is i have an amazing family and an amazing big brother. And amazing parents and my amazing family will always be by my side, i hope… Well I'm very so for your loss. Have a good day/night…. bye….

  7. i actually got really sad when you talked about your tough times qwq

    i hope you feel better, and don't give up on your dreams and hope no matter what happens owo

  8. I feel really sad now that your brother died but you now that he is in a better place right?(sorry for my bad english im actually Dutch)

  9. Stop! I cant! I will crie more!😭😭😭😭😭😭😢😢😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😢😢😭😭😢😭😢😭😭😢😭😢😭😢😿😿😿😿😿😿😿😿

  10. Omg Rae that’s sad😞 I’m so sorry. Stay strong. I love you girl.


  11. My parents got divorced and I'm 9 right now so sad for you and me I'm so glad that my mom's not married yet cuz I don't want her to be😭

  12. I'm watching this 9 months after you posted this and I just hope this still helps I'm sorry for your Los he's watching over you he would be so proud

  13. Every like rae's video gets is 1 hug for her and 100 hopes for her to move on from her brother's lose and rae everyday You got through this just remember that you've got 1.164.539 if not even more people that love you and will help you get through this also if you feel like this leading you into deppresion or anything like that please talk to someone even if its just your dogs we are ALL worried for you! Love you and if at anytime in the future you want to quit YouTube because of this we get that and we hope that you will do what makes you happier……

  14. Woo hoo! Good job for 1M subs! May 22 was actually my birthday….so that’s pretty cool!
    Btw….I’m so sorry for your loss and I’m sure he would be super proud of you right now.

  15. I dont wanna make you cry but im making myself cry but all of your fanily and you have been through so much and your hole family should be so proud of you i could never imagine going through hard times like that but your brother should be sooooo proud of you and he loves you so verry much and so do all of us

  16. This gives me hope.
    I want to be an artist, but the voices in my head and my gut tell me it’s a huge risk and I can’t do it.

    Your video gave me hope.

  17. I'm know I'm late I just found your channel but I'm so so so sorry about your brother i have a twin brother and sometimes I really hate him but I cry so much if he gets hurt and if he gets bullied I get so mad at the bully I almost kill the bully I'm so so so sorry for your brother he must be so proud of your accomplishments I'm so sorry 😫😥

  18. every person i see i meet has a point in there life they have money problems
    its all all becuz of the place i live
    i so happy u got through it

  19. I’m so sorry 😭😭😭😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️ I hope you will be okay ❤️❤️

  20. I'm so sorry about your brother, he's in a better place now, watching over you, and I understand that you miss him

  21. 9:00 IM SO SORRY OMG 😭😭❤️ I hope ur okay and your brother is probably looking down from the clouds and looking at how successful u are 💞❤️

  22. My mom lost her brother(my uncle) like 6 months after I was born.He got shot over a phone and my moms still mourning over his death.Im 12 now and I can understand your loss

  23. Take as long as you need, we all go through things that hurt, but those are the things that make you you, and you are a strong individual.

  24. I though about when my dad die it was so sad even when u don't understand what's happening I am so sorry and hope you will feel better just know you are inspiring and I am thankful I got to see this channel and am happy your channel is doing well even if you don't see this

  25. Tha part about your brother hit me so hard. I can't even imagine the pain. He would be so proud of you, Rae. You are such an amazing person and inspiration to so many people. <3

  26. I LOVE YOU too 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😢😢😢😢😢

  27. 9:10 I know how you fell becase my grandpa died now in 2019 my parrot died i was sad now im happy becase i started to draw it helped me im happy now 😀😁

  28. Wow Rae! You are so strong and so brave from the long journey you went through. Never give up and I bet your brother would be soo proud of you and I love you so much.❤️😇😭

  29. I hope for I the best and after hearing this I feel so grateful for what I have. My parents always insist we’re poor but we have so many luxuries like 3 stories on our houses and soo much more I love u so much and wish u all the best my dear

  30. I’m literally crying at the pictures at the end.
    It hit harder since my brothers name is Alex and I honestly don’t know what I would do without him
    I’m so sorry, I’m sure he is so proud of you 💕


  32. Who else is crying omg even though that Alex isn't my brother he will be missed 💔😥😢 and I know how u feel I lost my dad when I was 2 so yeah😭😭😭

  33. Awww…. I feel bad that you lost your brother…. my brother is a seaman so I worry about him because… y'know? titanic? ship sinking? yeah… I get to chat him only a few times… 12 y/o crying in the inside!
    I have 1 sister and 1 brother. My brotha is a seaman while my sister is married. So…. I'm all alone…

  34. My dad had Thyroid. I couldn’t hug him for more than a Month, and that was hard for me. I am so glad that you were ok too!


    7 days later

    My cool grill fam:


  36. That’s so awesome! I’ve watched so many of your videos and I had no clue you’re from New Mexico! So inspirational! Much love from Albuquerque 🤘🏽

  37. I’m so sorry about ur brother, I’m crying right now. I lost my grandpa in January 2019. Sorry to hear about ur sickness
    I understand ur pain Rae

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