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  1. become a plumber, eat poisonous mushrooms, and stomp on turtles and throw their dead shells at people driving by. 

  2. mario taught me that is dosent matter if you defeat the evil koopa king 3 times in a row in a fight to death it still dosent mean your going to get lucky 

  3. Hi mike, great job on your vids as always. Is there anyway you or someone else could tell me the names of the records on your wall. I am looking to get into some new music.

  4. Video games have their own particular visual language that matured along with the technology. For example, the distinction between sprites and background – collisions with sprites tend to be pixel-based, wheras background objects that hurt you typically use the whole tile as their hitbox. That's pure nature for a gamer. In sidescroller platformers, the view is a sort of mixture of the best parts of a cross-section and a side-on-view. Because this visual language has been built up over time, it feels natural, and in a way, is natural.

  5. Mario was my first ever video game, it help me fall in love. Now I play pokemon and I'm soon gonna get a legend of Zelda game :3

  6. I dunno if it's necessarily surrealist, really. I mean, the concepts are a bit odd, but a lot of that can be chalked up to cultural differences. It certainly has a consistent internal logic, regardless.

  7. Okay, granted, Super Mario is surrealist. Nothing new there. But is it the "greatest piece of surrealist art ever"? I don't really see an argument for that.

  8. I mean, maybe this goes without saying, but that's not really what surrealism was all about – it had a lot less to do with challenging our preconceptions of what is "real" or "normal" and was more about finding a pure outlet through which to channel expression of the unconscious.

  9. I have  to say I'm half in agreement here. Magritte was Mario before Mario. This occurred to me a couple of times but I never had the guts to say it like this dude

    And I  diiiiid get a whole lotta poets together for a surrealist anthology called "Nouveau's Midnight Sun: Transcriptions From Golgonooza and Beyond".

  10. the main difference is that surrealist paintings catch a single moment in a surrealist world, while video game construct the whole world, in doing so they necessarily  normalize this world. it is consistent so by definition it becomes less weird and surrealist to you as you play. you can combat it somewhat by introducing more elements or areas in the world. but not completely. some things, specifically the mechanics, has to be consistent for it to be a video game.

  11. I really think all those things were put up together as the game needed assets. Like, just random, objects for test that stuck up until the game was finished. yeah, i am a mario hater…

  12. I debate pop-culture icons against other pop-culture icons on a podcast and dress up as said pop-culture icons. Thanks Mario!

  13. Here's the thing. All of the rules in the Super Mario Bros. games have always been consistent with each other across generations. Those types of things can always be considered normal in the fictional universe that the character is part of, and so it makes sense to the viewer. You don't get that in surrealist art. The character is always meant to be the one outside of that universe, viewing the painting.

  14. Does anybody else knock the first few notes of one of the Mario themes on the front door of somebody you're visiting?

  15. why mario? what about disney's stories? what about the books disney stories are based on? looney tunes? seems sketchy to arbitrarily hand the crown to mario.

  16. Damn, almost 4 years since I first saw this. I was a freshman in highschool when I saw this and now I'm about to graduate. Oh boy, the feels.

  17. I think playing a video game based off dali's work would be nothing short of amazing. WHY HASN'T THIS BEEN MADE

  18. 1/3 of the time my dream world is pretty much a Super Mario-inspired landscape that I can play in (inside the dream) and the levels / elements are insane as well as unique.

  19. I'll grant you that Mario fits the bill for surrealism, but if you want to play a Dali painting, I have only two words for you: Earthworm Jim.

  20. Eating mushrooms will make you physically double in size. Or it could allow you to die once more without game over.

  21. Wow, this is incredible. I remember watching this episode years ago! One line stuck in my head all the way to the present – that games challenge what we even think of as being possible. Thanks, my brother. Thou and thy wondrous brain truly art God.

  22. Wow, this channel really has come a long way. I haven't necessarily kept up as closely as I could have these past few years (there was ever a time when I'd unsubbed from the channel) but to compare this video to your most recent one of the same topic is really… I dunno, it's really cool. Although I haven't been the most loyal Idea Channel fan, I will still certainly miss this channel. But Mike, I also can't wait to see where you'll go next. Wherever it is, I'll be sure to follow. Much love.

  23. One more faithful viewer returning here from the last-but-not-really-last IdeaChannel video and I must say, amidst all my nostalgia for IC things past and future[?], torn between the joy of having known this channel for so long and the sorrow of seeing its end approaching, painfully divided twixt admiration and awe; I must say indeed:

    Comic Sans really looks like crap and positively shocked me here. I had all but forgotten its non-ironic existence in the IC world.

  24. This guy gets the wrong definition of surrealism. Surrealism was an art movement that sought to express the "real" process of thought and to allow the unconscious to express itself without the constraints of reason and logic. Mario Bros, on the other hand, follows a different school of thought, which is "form follows function". Does the enemy survive the stomping? Then let's make him an animal with a defense, let's say, a turtle. Does the enemy hurt Mario? Let's give him spikes. Does the enemy travel an horizontal line? Make him a bullet. The appearances in Mario Bros might be fantastical and unreal, but they aren't the free expression of the unconscious. They are careful, scrutinized choices that allow the player to understand the gameplay just with the visuals.

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