SUPER MARIO 64 Creepypasta | Draw My Life

SUPER MARIO 64 Creepypasta | Draw My Life

Hey there Tiktakers, welcome to a new Scary
Tuesday. Today, we have a very special creepypasta,
as it’s not based on any killer or any evil creature, but on one of the most popular video
games of all times. This is the deadliest version of Super Mario
64. I remember, when I was young I used to love
my Nintendo 64. I used to spend hours and hours playing in
my room, time just flew. I have a couple of favorite games I had completed
several times, but without a doubt, my favorite one was Super Mario 64. I knew it by heart, from beginning to end. Thats why I got really mad when I lost it. My family and I moved into a new house, and
the game disappeared during the move. With time, I stopped playing Nintendo 64 and
forgot about all that. But one night, late at night, while I was
on the internet, a strange pop-up appeared, selling old copies of the Super Mario 64,
brand new. Nostalgia got me, and I decided to buy one. When I got it, some days later, I could tell
it was a cheap copy. The box didn’t have any cover and the game
card only had the name of the game handwritten with a marker. I felt fooled and I tried to complain, but
the webpage where I had bought it wasnt there any more, and the contact email simply sent
the emails right back as if it didnt exist. Upset, but curious at the same time, I decided
to dust my old Nintendo 64 and give it a try. After the Title Screen, Mario’s face appeared. You can actually re-shape his face, and I
wanted to have some fun stretching his ears. But suddenly, a static interference showed
up in the screen. And the weirdest thing, strange sounds started
coming out of it, and and what seemed to be a whisper of a nearly inaudible voice. I took the game card out and I blew into the
slot, an old trick I had had since I was kid. When I started it again, I passed Mario’s
face screen and started a new game. It was weird that there was no introduction
with Princess Peach’s video inviting Mario to her castle. Instead, I was there directly, but something
was different. The place was darker and gloomier. Toad wasnt around, and you couldnt hear any
voice. The only door there went to the room at the
level of the Bob-ombs Battlefield. When I went in, I saw that, instead of the
Bob-omb picture, there was a white canvas. I thought it was all glitches, short-lived
faults in the game since it was a cheap copy, so I went inside the frame. The screen went black and, instead of the
name of the mission, a message appeared saying “get out of here!”. I was in the Bob-omb Battlefield, but I wasnt
alone, Luigi was with me. That really surprised me, I didnt recall him
there in the original game. When I went towards him, he ran away, and
I went after him. Suddenly, everything started turning gloomier
and gloomier. With each coin I got, the scenery went darker
and darker, and the music and the enemies became slower and slower, until suddenly,
the just froze and laid dead on the floor. I couldnt see Luigi any more, so I went to
the top of the mountain, but I didnt see the King Bob-omb waiting for me, only a small
cottage. I opened the door and was shocked when I saw
Luigi hanging from the ceiling, while I heard a sad and annoying piano song. Mario fell on the floor on his knees and started
to cry. The screen went out and I went back to the
castle, but that had changed as well. Lots of Toads were around me, with black eyes
and a macabre expression on their faces. And the most terrifying thing of all – the
frame had a picture of my own family now. I got so scared that I wanted to turn it all
off, but I couldnt. Even unplugging the whole thing, the screen
was still on – it was forcing me to keep playing. So I jumped into the picture and I started
the only mission that came up, called “Dont ask, run”. I was on a place with a lot of platforms over
poisonous water. A strange shape, an undefined black bulge,
appeared and started to crawl after me. I jumped from one platform to the next, I
really couldnt escape, until finally it got me and sloowly consumed me. I lost one of my lives, and I was kicked out
of the frame. But now, the picture of my family had changed. Their bodies started to show signs of decomposition,
as if they were recent corpses. The effect was to real to be done by photoshop,
it did look like a real picture. Desperate, I wanted to stop seeing that grotesque
image, so I jumped inside the frame again. This time, the mission was called “I’m
here”. I was in a dark room, with no exit or réfuge. There was a piano at the back, and when I
got close to it, it turned into a horrendous creature and started to chase me. I couldnt hurt it, so I had to let myself
die. But instead of the typical death sequence,
Mario fell on the floor, started to bleed and his guts scattered all over. It was grotesque, but it became completely
terrifying when, little by little, it turned into a real image, a truthful reconstruction
of a dying Mario. Paralyzed, I couldnt do anything but observe,
until Mario was kicked out of the picture again. Now, the castle was on fire. There was a painting on the wall written with
blood that said “You’ll never save them”, and the frame had a totally terrifying picture
of my family. Their bodies were more and more putrefied,
they had holes with bugs coming out of them and eating up their flesh. Their guts were hanging out, and their eyeballs
were coming out of their sockets. I was terrified. I grabbed my phone and I tried to contact
them, with no success. My dad, my mom and my sister… none of them
answered. I looked at the screen again and this time,
I could only see a sentence “Game Over” on a black background. Fearing the worst, I left home to go and find
them, hoping nothing had happened to them.

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  1. After our Sonic.exe video we decided to bring you this Super Mario creepy version 😱😱😱 which one did you like most? let us know in the comments👇

  2. What the hell is wrong with you people you basically ruined my life and YouTube for me you are the devil in disguise!!! You people are sick,sick I say!!

  3. I’m I the only one who noticed they used Wednesday in Spanish instead of “martes de terror?” ☹️

  4. i was fine but the jumpscacer made me so scared that i saw a comment 6:15 i got scared so scary😫 like if you to

  5. seriously it's going to end like that with no conclusion not saying what happened to the family or anything this is a terrible story you know it was kind of good but the ending just made it terrible don't @ me

  6. His parents DIED because if you look at the frame the third time,you'll see dead parents and a dead child,so the frame meant it happened in *REAL LIFE*. That's how they died.

  7. Sonic.exe: jumpscares in the end of the video
    Me:aint scary bruh.
    Mario.exe: jumpscares in the end of the video
    Me:still aint gonna work.
    Mario and sonic:(how the F that she's not scared?)

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