Hi sisters James Charles here and Welcome back to my YouTube channel. Today is a very, very special day As you can see I am joined with a super super special guest One of by far I think the most talented people in the makeup industry. A living legend… Myself I’m just kidding Ms. Nikkie Tutorials is joining us today all the way from Holland She is by far one of my favorite people in literally the entire world So for today’s video I have something very very fun planned this is actually a challenge that has never been done before and it is a new series that I am starting on my channel so I hope you guys are super, super excited for this This is a new challenge that I like to call: Style Swap Ooo we love a vocalist Whether you have a galaxy painted on your face or just a beautiful everyday glam look Behind every makeup look is an artist. And thats why all of us influencers are here to share our art with you guys and even though we are all here and we are all teaching you we all have very very different styles and techniques that you guys have picked up from us I picked out a look from my instagram past I think represents me best and my artistic abilities And also sister Nikkie has picked out a look that she’s done in her past that she really really loves and represents her and her techniques And we’re going to switch looks and challenge each other with doing the other persons look and switch makeup bags, we have to use all the other persons products and try our best to recreate the same techniques. Without further a-do Should we show each other? I’m scared Ok ready. I feel like if anybody is going to be able to do this look It’s going to be you. Um same. Ok. Same. Ok ready 1… 2… 3… Ok. Oh my God, James! So I’m giving you this very its a very Nikkie Glam look. It’s got a cut crease in there. love that. its got a halo eye its got glitter liner. Love that. A red lip, very glowy skin. Its got everything you think of when you think of a Nikkie look. And I have a solar eclipse on my face. How did you even do that? a lot of face paint, white liner. and facetune. and facetune yeah. Yeah, and facetune. there you go sister. I love trading with the sisters love a good sister trade lets get started How do you actually glue down your brows? Have you never glued down your brows before?
Run it all the way through so it’s like super super intense. Going against the growth? Yeah, yeah. Oh this primer is like stinging my face a little bit. Stinging?
Yeah. Oh, that’s awesome. For foundation, Nikkie has the Huda Beauty foundation which I’ve been so excited to try. Let’s fricken do this. I think this might be a little bit light for me. Oh… flash-back Mary is making a comeback. I’m going to mix it with a darker Jouer foundation which she has in here to hopefully make a more Sister James colour. Ahhhh… When was the last time you did like an intense look like this? Never.
Yes you have. But I’ve never drawn, like, the solar eclipse on my eyes. Well… there’s a first for everything I guess. There’s a first for everything. So Sister Nikkie you’ve been doing YouTube for almost ten years now, huh? This year will be my ten. God bless you. You and Jaclyn Hill were the two people that I used to like watch that like got me into makeup in the first place. -Aww…
-it was literally so crazy because last night when me and Nikkie were together, I had mentioned her in my Instagram story and she like clicked on it because you get a DM when that happens and she found a DM from me from 2015.
I know it was so cute! So James sent me in 2015, he sent me this photo right here. Oh god… and he said Ahhh! I’m posting this tonight. Inspired by Lady Gaga too, I love your videos so much I cannot even explain You inspire me each and everyday and I seriously do adore you and love you. Thank you for being so amazing Nikkie and Nikkie never responded. Welcome to the beauty world. Right here, I am finding makeup forever HD sticks my all time favourites i can do that good Because you don’t have any other option. Only a tiny bit of foundation. You know, just a light coverage everyday look. I’m wearing a mask, hohoho. I’ve got my challenge cut out for me today. I feel like if anybody can recreate this look though, it’s like you for sure. Why? I don’t know because I feel like we’re kind of the only two beauty gurus that like made it do the top doing like more creative stuff. And that’s not shade at anybody. I just feel like are styles are definitely kind of different from people that do like classic glam– When it comes to me you know, I just love makeup so much that I kind of get carried away and just keep on going and going. and going and going and going and going — i know. same. I started doing makeup for the art behind it and i definitely like fell into this career accidentally. Yeah. Same. You’re one of the few people I still like watch and am constantly like impressed by like– Well, I think especially because I’ve been doing this for almost ten years now it’s fun to sort of like keep like daring yourself to do new stuff and like trying new looks.
-Right. I agree. And then Nikkie always uses her trusty Maybelline FitMe! powder to set my face. We’re baking at the same time. Love that. so glad i can actually see what i’m doing with my face today ‘Cause in my video, I wasn’t allowed to have a mirror. And doing this. We did makeup roulette over on Nikkie’s channel, where we had a bunch of different makeup challenges all in one. It was definitely… trusting to say the least – I loved it.
– I did too. You guys have to go and check it out. – The result is honestly… – … Shocking. Shocking. I don’t wanna- I don’t wanna give you guys the tea You have to go and check it out but… We were a little bit shook, not gonna lie. [gasps] What’s going on with my forehead? What?… Flashback Mary! Nikkie, what did you do to me? … is back in town! I didn’t do anything. This is sabotage. Not my problem! Speaking of the fact that we both got into makeup for the art, who were some of your favorite artists right now that are constantly giving you inspiration? – I’m really in love with the UK artists right now.
– Same. – So,
– Mitchell
– Mitchell… – And Stacey
– Stacey… – The best.
– And Page Louise. I don’t know what is in the UK water over there, but it’s -magic.
-literally. they’re so good. like their technique is so different. their style is so different. -it really is a breath of fresh air. yeah! after years of the same blended, smokey eye…. -(softly ) yeah they are giving us something completely different and new. i’m so excited to announce that every single Sunday, i’ll be having an artist that i really really like and respect and that I think deserves a bigger platform take over my instagram story and give like a full on tutorial for all you sisters out there. I think it’s so exciting this past Sunday, I had m-m-m-Mitchell like we were just talking about and it was so much fun. He literally gained like 20,000 followers which is like so cool. So thank you guys for supporting the people that I support. That’s SO dope. Yeah. WELL, well, well deserved. So i’m just excited to be giving smaller artists like a bigger platform because obviously I want to help out in any way that I can. -Aw we love a sharing saint. We DO love a sharing sister. I feel like a lot of my subscribers wouldn’t know that you’re actually from the Netherlands. -Yeah Which is so crazy ’cause your English is literally perfect. -mmm, not always. well yeah well you don’t even have an accent either.
-Awww! I feel like English is a really hard language to learn and that much stupid stuff. -You do.
– Yeah
– Yeah -We do!
-But we Dutchies do too. I have a funny story to tell you actually.
-Okay tell me. So when I was younger, probably like — like, eleven or twelve years old I went camping with my cousins and literally in the middle of nowhere and we met these two Dutch kids named Peter Paul and Sophie. -The truest Dutch names you can think of. Literally. And I remember they would teach me a few things to say in Dutch and I don’t remember any of them except for one thing and I want to tell it to you and I want to know if it is anything correct at all. ik ga je zo hard slaan dat je uit “neizen out ye naval.” oh my god. so basically what you just said was “i’m going to punch you so hard you’re gonna…” blah blah blah blah blah. ….were you friendly with them?! it’s supposed to be, “i’m going to slap you so hard you’ll sneeze out of your belly button.” -Yeah! That’s basically what you said.
-No way! -Yeah!
-So after like literally, eight years now.
-Still don’t know it. -I still don’t know that! [gasp]
– … could use a little work though. ik ga je zo hard slaan dat je uit je navel oh my god so I was pretty close!
-yeah! okay now i’m really scared ’cause now I have to move onto the hard part okay, what did you do first? the black circle. I’m going to be using the Morphe 35OM today to do this eyeshadow look for the base of the glitter liner. You can use code ‘James’ OR code ‘Nikkie’ for 10% off your purchase!
-Aww, how sweet! -But you should use code ‘James’. I also love that you gave me this look because yours did 588,000 likes -because it was the day of
-it did.
-the freaking solar eclipse. while I’m here, in January, and it’s cloudy. -Well? Do you want 580,000 likes? -yes. -i thought so. i’m literally the meme on what happens when you mess up your eyeliner. I’m not skilled enough to do this. -Yes you are.
-[softly] I’m not. Not with that attitude. NOOOooo how did that yellow end up up there? You’re kidding–
-Karma. [gasp] don’t attack me. it’s been a long time since I’ve used color eyeliner. it’s been a long time since i’ve drawn a galaxy on my eyes. …boo hoo. what look are you the most proud of that you’ve ever created? I think probably my blank canvas one. Not only fun to do creatively, but i think it like also had a really, really cool message behind it that I was like really proud of. But I also really liked the one that you’re working on, the eclipse one. and then also my sun and moon one, inspired by the [?] that you didn’t want to do. That one, although I didn’t want to do it, it’s everything. Thank you! What about you? the pulled up demon one for halloween.
-yeah. [singing] I hate glitter so much. [singing along] I hate the galaxy soOOoo mUUuuch. it’s so different from yours, though. like SO different. Well, it’s okay! I think the whole point of this is -that we’re able to —
-To take inspiration from it.
-Right. these are all skills and techniques and mix them with the other person to really- -Create new art inspired by other art. -Yeah. Obviously crediting people is important, but I think it’s really cool to be able to take somebody’s art and look at it in your own way with your own skill set and be able to kind of reimagine it and give it a new life that the original artist may have not intended or may have not thought of, you know? Isn’t that the best? That we can inspire each other to create new looks? Absolutely! When I did my ‘Blank Canvas’ look, even though I gave Jodie Hulme, the original artist credit in my video and in my instagram picture and my youtube description, there were still so many people that were commenting on her picture, being like, “oh my god, James stole this from you.” and there were even people that commented on MY picture, saying, “oh my god Jodie Hulme stole your look.” I was like, oh my god first of all, she did this first. and then she actually messaged me apologizing. -Whaaat?!
-And I was like, girl please do not apologize! And she actually sent me such a kind message And she said “I was so inspired by your look, thank you so much for recreating it.” — -So you inspired each other?
-So we inspired each other which is so cool but because of like the energy in the makeup community, she felt the need to apologize to ME. ‘Cause people were attacking HER. I think that there was definitely like way too much competition in the community And it really does not need to be that way at all. we’re all because we share the same love for makeup. -Exactly! That’s what I’ve been saying, everyone. People copy each other, and people like don’t get mad at people, shade each other on Twitter, like… -I know… -it doesn’t need to be like that.
-it’s unnecessary job.
-yeah. If we could just enjoy makeup a little bit more, and enjoy the process a little bit more, and leave each other –
-I agree. That would be great, the galaxy would be very happy. So like we were saying earlier, obviously you live in Holland, -yeah.
-Could you ever see yourself moving to L.A.? Oooh, umm… Not permanently, I love home so much and I love my family, my friends too much to like leave that behind forever But this past year, when I graduated early, I had definitely a hard time leaving my family and friends behind Like, if anything, I feel like I would rather, like hopefully one day when I’m rich fingers crossed, I’ll be able to move my family and friends here. There’s literally no amount of money in the world that could ever get me to move back home to Bethlehem, New York. I like the vibe that LA has. And I like the fact that like everybody is here because they have a goal to like make it in life and I think that’s really, really cool. Yeah, everyone has a dream here.
-Yeah. …which is very inspiring.
-I don’t know, where I grew up, like I grew up with people that, like when I tell them, “Oh yeah, like I want to graduate early, and go be like a makeup artist,” They’re like, “Oh my god, ha-ha,” like, “good luck.” And then I’m like, “Ha-ha, good luck at your 9 to 5 job,” Which there’s absolutely nothing wrong with, -It’s insecure people that are scared to make the change themselves.
-Right. Those are the people saying all of that. But I think it’s a fair feeling to have Because this whole entire world and realm is so new to everybody When I told my parents like, “Oh yeah, like I’m not gonna go to college, I’m gonna be a famous Youtuber.” And my mom was like… “What?”
-No you’re not. Like, “No, you’re applying to F.I.T.” (Fashion Institute of Technology in New York) and literally, like, she thought until the literally the week of, except since there’s going out, she thought that I had applied and written my essay. and then letters went out and she’s like, “Where’s your acceptance letter?” Like, “You had to make it in.” Cause I had really good grades. And I was like “I don’t know mom.” And I literally didn’t tell her until the date after they had all let out and I was like, “Yeah, I never wrote it.” and she’s like, “You’re literally kidding.” But at that point, we had already like discussed moving to LA, she kinda knew. But it was just like the nice-
-She didn’t want it. Yeah.
-Yeah she didn’t want to really believe it. But it was a nice moment for me to be like, yeah, Like I’m really doing this. And it like took like a while for them to really understand that like I had faith in myself and that like I had a dream that I was going to make it work It really took me those first few like big paychecks for them to be like, “okay, maybe he does have this in the bag.” -Right. I think it’s a really cool world that I’m so thankful for but it’s definitely a new… a new reality for a lot of people so it was so crazy for me to be able to like…
-oh, absolutely. indulge in it. I don’t know, I want you to move to LA, I wish we could hang out more often, sister. Alright sisters, we’ve been playing for a really really long time now and we definitely are getting into concentrate mode here -Yes
-We have a lot to do today, so I’m going to go ahead and finish the other eye off camera, and sister Nikkie is gonna add her finishing touches to her solar eclipse, and we’ll be right back with the finished look. Alright guys! We’re back with our completed style swapped looks! I’m so proud of ourselves! I am too! Yours literally looks so good, it looks…literally I think even better -Aww, stop.
-than my original, no seriously! It is so different, but what I love about it is that I started off and I was so scared
-Yeah. and nervous and I didn’t know what to do but also because of you, you were like, “you got this,” just– you know? like, “keep going.” and that truly is a part of makeup that I, a lot of people, and even myself forget that in the end, it’s gonna pull through
-Yeah. But it just takes a loooong time
– a loooonng time
-Before you’re there. Yeah! I think that’s like one thing that I’ve learned while doing those types of looks, is like, In the beginning, it usually looks a little bit wonky, -Yeah.
-Until you really– Like until that last step. What do you think about my sister Nikkie look?
-I think you did ama- I love that you pulled the wing out way farther than I would do and it made it so much more fierce.
And that blend of the glitter? Ughhh Honeeyy iiierrr!!!
[gasp] Honeyyy! Thank you sister! I like this!
I normally never work with glitter. I really really hate glitter.
It’s like one of those things where it’s like I’m a neat freak, and I like being clean, so as soon as you use glitter once, it’s in your life for the next like six months. -So perfect. I think everything in this look, aside from the forehead situation is like so good. I definitely am so excited by a lot of these products I definitely will be picking up the Huda Beauty foundation I NEED that Mac’s like, cover up concealer
-mhm. to do my brows.
-mhm. And I definitely want to try out this eye style again! and maybe- MAYBE
-What? You’ll see some glitter on my channel.
-[gasp] Maybe.
-Probably, for sure, you’ll see more creative stuff on my Instagram like this.
-Yes! It’s so fun you look so bad ass, ugh! We inspired each other so much!
-We did! Yaayy Oh my god, well I had so much fun making this video today. -I’m honored to be here.
-I hope you did too!
-What?! Ugh! -Lesson learned: Don’t give up!
-It’s fun to do creative makeup -Never give up
-I think it looks so good. If you guys did enjoy this little style swap video, PLEASE Don’t forget to give a big thumbs up down below and subscribe if you haven’t already, join the sisterhood, click the little bell icon so you can be notified every time I upload a brand new video. I really hope you guys enjoyed this brand new series I think it’s so much fun to kind of talk to other influencers and really get their take on their techniques their styles, and their different experience in the makeup community ’cause it’s a crazy world out there and we definitely all have very unique and different stories. If you haven’t already, don’t forget to click that big red subscribe button down below and click that bell icon so that you can be notified everytime that I upload a brand new video come join the sisterhood, we just hit 2.5 million subscribers Thank you guys so so SO much
-Thank the galaxy. Also don’t forget to check out sister Nikkietutorials’ channel if you’re not already subscribed to her, I don’t know why you wouldn’t be, – -aww.
But just in case, go subscribe to her go check out her videos We also just did a video on her channel
-It’s really funny We did makeup roulette
-It’s a lot less creative like this. It really is, but it’s equally as intense, that is for sure. If you’d like to follow me on my makeup journey, you can follow me on instagram and twitter they are both just ‘jamescharles’ and my snapchat for more behind the scenes type stuff is ‘jamescharless’ with an extra s after charles. -whoa, whoa, whoa! that was so fast! If you’d like to follow living legend, Nikkietutorials, her thing is just ‘nikkietutorials’ everywhere. This week’s sister shoutout goes to sister Carrie thank you so much for supporting you know I love you so so so much and if you’d like to be the next video’s sister shoutout make sure you always retweet and leave a like on twitter. alright sisters thank you so much for watching this video we really really hope you enjoyed and we’ll see you in the next one. [together]: bye!

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    I talk a lot & I talk fast. Welcome to to my channel.

    When I made the comment about Nikkie and I being two of the only beauty gurus to make it to the top with creative makeup, I meant just that. There are thousands of creative ARTISTS out there, and there are only a handful of big BEAUTY GURUS. Nikkie and I are two of the only INFLUENCERS who do a mix of both glam looks like beauty gurus do, but also creative, intense makeup, like artists do. I didn’t say we the only creative ones or the only talented ones. Creativity does not necessarily equal talent. I simply wanted to do this video with Nikkie because I feel as though our makeup styles and capabilities compliment each other nicely.

    I said “good luck at your 9-5” to people in MY personal life that laughed in my face & said “good luck being a youtuber”. I was not shaming people that work 9-5s. Hard work is hard work. I was shaming the people who belittled me for wanting success and opportunities through a different route. Believe in and support your friends & family, even if they want to do something that’s out of the norm. You never know where it may take them.

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