Studying Drama and English Literature: Kristi from Norway - Part 1 | Oxford Brookes University

Studying Drama and English Literature: Kristi from Norway – Part 1 | Oxford Brookes University

Christie Langley i am from norway and i'm doing a joint honours undergrad in english and drama and now we're in the drama studio which we use for drama lectures performances rehearsals and we want to learn more about taking light sound this is where we are it's also where we meet meet outside if we have someone we have to meet before rehearsals just to regroup it's more like the center of our degree really in Oxford with some lucky that we have quite a lot of small theaters and theatre companies and we have some big ones melly also to play house we have a new seizure but we also have the old fire station which do scratch nights which are small snippets of a person's performance and then audience give feedback on them because there are so many small independent theatre groups and we get audition for them we also built connections within the theatre community with actors producers directors the teaching style and drama english are quite different in english we have lectures and then we have seminars where we discuss the books we are ready for that week in drama we have lectures and we have a practical seminar where we have workshops we have independent work and we use the drama studio when we get to perform an act out what we were talking about in the lecture so it's more of a energetic part of the university really and we don't sit very much we do run around and we play and we have fun and we learn by doing so in English we all always have a good discussion about the book and the teacher always tries to make us really think about what we've been reading and we do often connect it to other literature other books or society there's a lot of history there's so much more history nor thought it would be and it's fantastic I like history so in English I've been using lot of the skills that I have from drama because in drama we are on stage and we do talk a lot in front of people it has helped with my skills in my performances all the talks that you have in English because you do have presentations and you do have to stand up and talk to people and so my confidence has been built up quite a lot in drama and then that has transferred into how I do in my English course

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