Studio Vlog: A book project, darkroom stuff, drawing and a hike!

Studio Vlog: A book project, darkroom stuff, drawing and a hike!

Hi guys! Today I’m going to try something
a little different. I think I’m gonna try to vlog a little, which is a bit strange!
I’ve never done it before. So bear with me if this is a little weird!
So, the first thing I’m gonna do today is to edit some pictures. I’m working on a
project right now which is … it has been a long time coming! I’ve been working on
this project for five years and I’ve already published some bits and pieces
in different publications like this one here for example. It’s “Let’s
Explore”. It’s really really good! It has such a nice design and great amazing
stories and great pictures and all of that. Right now I’m working on my own
book about it and I also went back to shoot some more pictures last year and
I’m still in the process of editing and it takes a long time, because I’m
very picky and – even to select it I need to make sure that the scans I
have are without blemishes and so on and so forth. I’m just very perfectionist in that way,
even though I’m not gonna use those scans in the first place, because I wanna
print them in the darkroom. So, here is a mock-up of the book. This is just a blurb thing, it’s
not very good yet. So, this is one of the darkroom prints here and it’s printed on
cool tone paper and these are also … some of them will be sort of final but with
some of the negatives from the first batch … I was shooting it on a Zorki
and that went all sorts of wrong and it tore the film and the negatives are a real mess.
I can’t use all of them just like that. So I will have to scan the prints too, so
I’m gonna … I’m editing the scans selecting what I want to print and then I’m printing
and then I’m gonna scan the prints and do some little adjustments, scratch removal and all
that on the scans, and then I’m going to put them in the book and design the book
in that way. So it’s a whole big thing! It has already taken me five years and
I still have to print lots and lots of pictures. And the new stuff, I haven’t even
selected what I want to print yet, because I I haven’t edited all the pictures. So what
I’m going to do now is to edit some more rolls. Hi guys, it’s the next day now and I’m just
about to start editing again. Yesterday I finished about one and a
half rolls which is not an awful lot but I try to aim for about one roll a day
because it’s very repetitive business to be dust spotting and all that. But I think
I’m making good progress here! So I’m gonna continue now and not sure how much
I’m going to show you of that, but maybe I’ll show you the outcome when I’m done. So, I’m done with all the editing and I
had some lunch and I just got a package in the mail and I’m excited about that
because it’s a new toy for me and I think I’m gonna show you a little bit of
an unboxing now and well, it’s super cool! I’m super excited about this! I’ve been playing with my stabiliser a bit and
filming all sorts of stuff around the flat, just trying things out. I think tomorrow I’m
gonna take it up to the mountain if I can manage. I’m very happy with it, it’s
really cool! I think I’m gonna have lots of fun with it!
Now it is quite late but I think I’m gonna still draw a little. I started a
drawing yesterday, last night, and I think I can finish it today.
I think afterwards I’m gonna go to bed and continue tomorrow! This was a sort of spontaneous drawing.
It kind of looks like I practiced dogs a lot before, but I wasn’t really
planning on making a dog character. I was just drawing dogs.
I suppose it was bound to happen though since this is my character drawing
sketchbook. There are bears and cats and also a raccoon I believe. Well many
different kinds of animals that I’m turning into characters. And they
actually aren’t quite random explorations either. The reason why I
started drawing again after a long break was that I wanted to work on a comic.
Watching this video you probably realized by now that I’m actually a
photographer and mainly a photographer. I wouldn’t say that I’m entirely new to
drawing, I drew a lot when I was a teenager. It’s just that I stopped at
some point, like most people do and I only started now again because of the
comic. I had an idea for one a while back like a couple years ago, and I at that
point didn’t really think that I would be able to get my skills up to that
level, and I’m still not there yet. What I’m exploring here with the animal
characters is something like an intermediate step, a different comic that
has come up since I’ve started drawing. Basically you can get away with a lot
more with animal characters, so I think what I lack in figure drawing skills at
the moment and where I couldn’t get away with drawing humans a lot, I think with
animal characters it works out fine. I’m still thinking of the right story for my
animal characters and while I’m pondering
those ideas I’m working on characters, just to see what I can do with them. My
goal is to make characters that suggest the stories to me, rather than that I
think of a story and then make a character for it. It already happens that
I make a character and put it up on Twitter for example and some of my
Twitter friends suggest some cool story for the guy. There was a bear recently
who was the owner of a tobacco shop and then there was another bear who had a
whole back story and a family and all sorts of stuff. It’s quite fun when this
happens! So, if you have any suggestions for this cool dog go right ahead and
leave them in the comments! I’m always curious to hear what you think of my
characters! I just noticed something while I was
editing pictures. I’m actually missing two rolls that I need for my project. I
know where they are, but I forgot to develop them apparently. So,
I actually have to sort out my darkroom! I need to clean my developing machine
and that sort of stuff, and I also want to have a look whether I can maybe get that
print washer to work that I bought a while back but haven’t really gotten
to work yet. So I’m gonna do that now! Wish me luck! So I’m done. Took me a while. It was in a
bit of a state. But I managed. So I cleaned the developing machine and I cleaned the whole place and I also got the print washer to work which is great! I thought it was broken but
I was just using it wrong so I managed it. But there was also a bit of an accident.
Yeah I’m clumsy! And I actually managed to hurt myself with the only really
questionable item in the whole house, which is the developing machine. It has
like weird chemicals and stuff. Not a good thing to hurt yourself on, but well …! It’s
typical for me. For this stuff to happen that’s really typical for me. Oh
well I hope I’m gonna live and if I happen to have only four fingers in
the next drawing you know why! Oh dear! But, yay! I managed! I’m glad about that
and now I can develop those rolls if I can find them. They must be in some bag
somewhere. But yeah instead of going up the mountain like I planned today I
was mainly cleaning the darkroom which I didn’t plan. But I hope I can manage
tomorrow to go up there. I really want to take the stabiliser up there. I think it’s
gonna be really fun! So now I’m going to relax a little because that was a lot of work. Likely dead. Boring! So as you can see, this is see-through
instead of black, so my developer is dead! How annoying!
Got another strip and another developer so I’m gonna try again! This is black so I can
use this developer! Done! Hi guys, I’m actually out in the wild!
I’m trying out my new stabiliser and so, it’s a super bright day out! It’s like 20
degrees and that’s even unusual for Spain, so I’m on my way up to the
mountain. Up there! And I’m taking a little break. I’m halfway up the stairs …
actually that’s not right! I’m on the first set of stairs and I’m already
faltering! But this is the first hike of the year so I am excused I think! I’ve
got two cameras, one is this one, the other one is in the bag, maybe you’ll
see it later. Okay, I think I’m gonna continue now. So I walked for a while and really
everyone and their mother is up here! It’s a bit difficult to find a moment to say
something without people staring at me! But it’s okay! Generally I like it a lot up here. it’s
super relaxing and I’m really a big fan of woods! I think I’m going to go up
there and show you one last thing and then I’m gonna put the stabiliser away and
finish the rolls I have in my cameras, because the light is sort of fading and
I at least wanted to get that out of the way. Right now I’m just practicing
walking stairs again because I haven’t done that in a while!
also the stabilizer gets a bit heavy! My arm is sort of falling off right now,
so I hope you don’t mind that I sign off now! And, yeah I’m gonna show you some
more stuff up there and then we’ll see! Okay! Bye!

4 thoughts on “Studio Vlog: A book project, darkroom stuff, drawing and a hike!

  1. Loved the VLOG. Nicely edited and gave us lots of looks into different parts of your days, rather than just one thing.

    I really like your characters. They really do have so much character!

    Keep up the good work.

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