Studio 99 melds art and science

Studio 99 melds art and science

James George is a new media artists and creative coder he's from New York City he's been here with us at Microsoft Research and he's also studio 99 s first artists in residence the first week I was here I really had no plan and I was just meeting as many people as I could so I met Charles loop and was excited to see was working on a system that was a way of capturing people in three dimensions and I had a reaction to it when I saw it so I wanted to work with it to make a new piece so I took his software and the the way he'd worked with these cameras and I worked out the engineering side of it to how it would work at a larger scale then worked directly with him to adapt his software to scale it from a five-foot ring into a 20-foot ring to capture actually to two individuals at once one of the nice things about James project is that he's after sort of the aesthetic of the of the form and not so much the full on realism which is what we're after so the end result I think is going to be pretty interesting they'll be connects monitoring sort of the whole perimeter and if somebody approaches it it'll trigger the whole sequence to unfold it's very short sequence of maybe five seconds max of these people following and then they'll be replaced by the same people but in a different pose so it's kind of like they're contained within the call you

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  1. I'd into 3D myself, how do we submit projects to MS?
    Looking for sponsorship for a high end cultural event in Montreal :
    Printemps Numérique 2014.
    Auto-stereoscopic video wall, paying tribute to 3D content productions
    outside of cinematography.

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