"Stubb's Clubhouse" (Re-Written) by Anonymous (+ Literary Review)

"Stubb's Clubhouse" (Re-Written) by Anonymous (+ Literary Review)

[Applause] I had an awesome childhood growing up in the late 80s in the early 90s as a young boy in Slidell Louisiana I didn't really watch real kiddie shows like Barney and or mr. mr. Rogers my TV schedule mostly consisted of action and horror movies and shows if I were to watch a kid show I'd watch pee-wee's Playhouse or this one show that wasn't very popular whatsoever the show was entitled Stubbs Clubhouse it was about a clown named Stubb who lived in a massive Clubhouse which strangely looked like a normal house probably due to it being a low-budget TV show the theme song was sung by a woman who sounded half asleep in that matter and the background music displayed a xylophone music with maybe a bit of drumming I don't remember every detail the show all I remember was that Stubb wore a yellow clown suit with green blue red and orange spots he wore a black top hat and a red belt full of pink and white stars he wore grey shoes with the blue puffs on it and he had black makeup around his eyes and spawned a red painted smile that extended from ear to ear the show aired on an obscure channel called channel Bebo which aired shows for nearly four only three years until it was taken down due to reasons revealed to law enforcement but never reveals with the public a former officer Daniel Brinson officer Branson retired when I was only 12 years and age I was recently talking to my mom about when I was a child mom said mom told me Nathan do you remember that show you used to watch at one time I wound up telling her that I didn't really know what she was talking about Oh Nate don't be so silly it was Stubbs clubhouse do you remember that was what my mother had told me oh you mean that dingy cheap-ass show I said mom my mom ultimately he said yeah I was going to go through that I wanted to see those cha episodes again and dive into my childhood the MA my mom ultimately said that she had a couple of VHS tapes locked in the basement now let me describe my basement it's an unfinished basement with an outdoor entrance with two green doors that when you open it it basically leads to the stairs and on a metal door that leads you to the basement I went down there and then proceeded to look for any of the tapes I couldn't find any of the tapes I literally spent 15 minutes trying to find the things my basement wasn't even that big whatsoever it was a literally one room what a couple of shelves and closets filled with baby stuff and other outfits that you don't even really fit my mom or dad anymore I live in Slidell Louisiana only I live in the countryside we had four-wheelers and dirt bikes I lived the life I was a redneck since I couldn't find the tapes anywhere in my basement I went to Blockbuster Video where it was still in bit when it was still in business I found three tapes of stubs Clubhouse and one of the aisles in the store I went to the woman to the net to the checkout stand and she was a pretty cute women woman brown hair white tank top and shorts I honestly just kept on looking at her and everything kind of being a little bit suit kind of being a little bit excited as well honestly she was pretty nice to say the least she said you sure you want this you're a little bit old to be played to be watching these kind of shows aren't ya she wore a fake smile on her face trying to hide something I told her yes and then proceeded to go about my day when I got home I popped the tapes into the VCR and pushed play my sister Emily came into the living room Barbies in hand my sister Emily was 5 at the time only 2 months away from being 6 she asked if she could watch it and I said yes so we watched together stubb wind up coming up on the screen and said hey kids you want to go on an adventure with me to the park emily is excited piped up and said yes stub stub wind up saying alrighty oh well let's go kiddies Emily asked me if we could go to the park and play with stubb I told her that this was filmed the kids in the episode looked like some people I knew that weren't missing and were never found when I saw that the video had faded I popped it out of the VCR and the next day watched it for that during that night until the next day I clicked on part-2 Stubb said his lines from his first part which were apparently damaged her something Stubb went around the park humming a tune when he saw the kids and the kid saw him the kids gave him hugs and started talking about playing hide and seek Emily had forgotten about Stubbs Clubhouse and kept playing it with their Barbies it displayed a bit of glitching and fuzzing on the tape as Stubb kept searching from the kids only the part when Stubb found out one of the kids which was a small girl it got a bit disturbed disturbing Stubb grabbed her by the foot and placed her in a shed or something hiding her in the back when Stubb found the other kids he kept placing them in that sketchy-looking abandon farm looking house type place the tape ended with silent static with text reading part 3 on next tape and big red font I put in the next tape and the theme song was playing but it was just showing Stubb getting prepared for something it cut to black for 15 seconds until Stubb went on screen and sat in a recliner and spoke out the words Stubb said this there are so many different questions why why is that a certain human must be punished in the most painful ways imaginable how do I know what certain must be painfully erased from this planet I see through the eyes of those who come across and I decided if they should stay or go it's my job to get rid of those who are ignorant I just have to find a way to killed all them all off I have to lower those who deserve pain and agony I should I should have stopped the tape right there but that feeling that feeling I had burned into my everliving existance that very speech burned into my ears the video was burned in my eyes I snapped out of reality and snapped out of my real life reaction is this guy right are those people who disgrace am i next to be erased from this world or am i innocent i will never really know what's on stubs mind was this really real was that happy clown I knew from my very childhood or was the video hacked it still had me stuck I was still frozen an everlasting delicious fear I was in the state of shock what was i watching I felt very afraid of my childhood now I felt an outset of embarrassment for a stupid kid show that was terrifying me I was left with numerous questions racing throughout my mind at this moment I was an extreme disbelief I couldn't believe that what I was seeing if it were those lines that terrified me sound like the words of a psycho I tried to brush it off but I couldn't my fear of stub only got worse I popped in the second tape and boomed just like that it got worse stub was in a room of some sort stuff said hi and introduced himself and so on still picked up the camera and show the kids tied up I'm not kidding people tied up with chairs it was horribly disturbing in so many ways stubbed them wind up going over to somebody and then stabbed him in the throat leaving everybody to scream in agony at this point I had to vomit I knew I liked to watch horror movies and stuff but this was weird no joke I watched him go up to each and every single person in there and gut them as they wailed in pain at this point the episode was over and on the other hand couldn't sleep for two weeks I went on the internet to see if there was anything good on YouTube when the news came on the news lady was talking about some murders that happened years ago that are still happening today at first I wasn't all that interested but when it displayed the pictures of the kids I glanced up I recognized those kids they were none other than kids from the episode of Stubbs Clubhouse only that episode was a snuffie film this is what the lady said we recently got reports of an unexpected murders happening in Slidell Louisiana parents are now devastated at this point some people claim to have seen those kids disappeared in abandoned building with somebody in a clown outfit they say he has a yellow suit with polka-dots black hair slicked back black hat and also appears to be 6 3 slim lean build if you see anyone that goes by that appearance please contact the police it's been four years since I saw those snuff films as of stubb kidnapping and killing those poor people I found the woman working at Blockbuster I asked if she knew about stuff and she said yes it turned into an interview I wanted to find out what the law is not telling us the lady's name is Lisa by the way me so do you have any kids Lisa yes I have two boys well I used to me why do you say used to Lisa well they went missing on my youngest seventh birthday so did his friends me who took them Lisa that clown me Oh okay calm down calm down okay I could tell she was getting upset at this point me what clown Lisa that flipping butt of a show stub me did he wear yellow suit with polka-dots Lisa yeah I decided to wrap up the interview knowing that she didn't know his real name or the actor's name or whatever I decided to interview the guy on the internet who said he knows what would that clown really is me are you really comfortable with doing this interviewer mine the man's name is John by the way John yeah sure me okay let's get on with this John okay me what's the Khans real name John his name's Sebastian Owen Isaac he had a show called Stubbs Clubhouse yeah I know about the show one of the shows I grew up with John do you really want to know who Stubb is he snarled me yeah that's what I'm here for Sebastian was born in September 10th 1953 he loved clowns but his father Banat bashed him for it he bashed Sebastian for everything basically the man came on to him like he was like a pair of dead meat slippers Sebastian went through horrible things as a young child and then he turned 6 and started doing things things no man should perform he started carving frogs rats birds and even cutting dead things he ran away from home he got caught and labeled as a runaway his mom woke up one night to go to the bathroom only to see Sebastian pour bleach on him she yelled at him and Sebastian did was laugh maniacally he got sent to a mental asylum the his time he drew a clown he named him stub stub was Sebastian's imaginary friend he acted like Stubb was the best friend he ever had he had no real friends that's no surprise he found Stubb to be his real friend even though it was all in his imagination he was a mess woman he took all those stuff he became obsessed with hurting people he had the urge to hurt an innocent person that comes to mind he searched the screech of horrible pain of his victims will let out when they slowly tortures and kills him the year is 1970 and he turned 16 he broke into a sadistic maniacae the doctors said they found him laughing while sitting facing in a corner when the doctor called his name through I'm Sebastian slowly turned his head to reveal blood all over him the doctor looked behind him and saw all the patients and doctors gruesomely murdered after that Sebastian killed the doctor and stuff was out there killing he found his father and mother and slaughtered them the remains were spreading the guy didn't think of stuff as a friend he decided that he was going to be Stubb so he started his killing spree in parks and parties he started murdering people he ate policemen he killed anybody I was a police officer during this I retired two years ago I shouldn't tell you anything but screw it just don't tell the law ok I said ok I knew he could get in trouble for telling me about this so I didn't say anything I know stuff still out there I know he's looking for more I was sound asleep one night I woke up to footsteps coming from my basement I slowly went down there I saw half of a shadow I knew it couldn't be mine the shadow looked lank his hands were bald and fists he looked like he was holding something in his right hand I saw whatever he was stepping to view I couldn't believe it I was in a state of shock it was the one and only stub he started running at me I ran up the stairs only to have my foot grab by stub I kicked him in the face and continued to sprint away I grabbed my phone and a knife for protection I hid under my bed and saw stub enter the room he was humming a random tune I saw his feet and walked around looking for me I waited until step left and I called the police he told me to stay on the phone and that he's gonna send an officer on here the police arrived shortly after and came up with nothing nothing but the my hunting knives blood-stained I saw my family being carried on stretchers they luckily survived but have multiple stab wounds my family is fine today if they have scars that are yield I hope this man got captured I didn't the killer is the one that started call it stuffs Clubhouse to earn kids trust it was like a snuff film to us about like a comedy to him and like how insane he was I see him in my dreams every night I might as well let him watch me and stalk me to protect my family from that piece of poop and that my little shadows with Stubbs Clubhouse rewritten a Stubbs clubhouse creepypasta my final thoughts on the story alright I think it's kind of obvious from a lot of people likely chances who are listening to this that this is gonna be a very negative review I have to be honest here where do I begin this story people might I think my brain slightly melted no no I think my entire body doesn't really know how to take any of this at this point and I'm just gonna start this entire review off by saying that this is worse than the original Stubbs Clubhouse I didn't think that there would ever be anything a lot worse then Stubbs clubhouse but guess what this rewrite was down right awful of course I can't sit there and say that without providing proper evidence and reasoning as to why so let's start off at the very start up of this creepypasta basically we already have a big problem here with the very start up it starts off with I had an awesome child of growing up in a late 80s Early 90s as a young boy in Slidell Louisiana okay for one there needs to be a comma placed there needs to be a comma placed but that hmm hang on hang on there needs to be a comma placed before after the night after the 90s that way I can take a breather now it just can kind of continues on and we already have another problem and this is a major problem with the story this the fact of the matter that this entire pasta not only is the Senate structuring not good due to lack of proper punctuation marks but the eyes in this cream pasta many of them numerous times over and over again our lowercased don't do that people another genuine issue is that the names of the characters have literally been lower cased I have said it once I will say it again and I will never cease to say this you always capitalize a noun you always capitalize the name of a person or place or a thing for example my name is John you capitalize the word John I went to eat at all of garden Olive Garden the name of a restaurant that is a place this is a plant specifically grass grass some time actually ok this is a petunia petunia that is the name of a specific thing you capitalize those that is the basic element of English grammar that everyone is taught at the very earliest age of kindergarten the basics that people should know but in this story it doesn't seem that there's really a whole lot of effort put into this story and look I'm gonna really be hard with the story and I want to let everybody know as a disclaimer right now I am NOT doing this to attack the author I am not I don't have any beef against the author at all but I have to give my 100% honest thoughts and reviews on the story whether it be through better or through or for worse so let's keep on going obviously with the very first startup of this it actually didn't really have a whole lot that brought me into the story itself specifically there was no proper hook to the story it just said I had an awesome childhood growing up at the 80s and 90s a young boy in Slidell Louisiana oh and don't forget to mention that Slidell Louisiana isn't capitalized despite the fact that that's a name of a town and the name of a state how could how do you mess that up so easily I mean already at the very start up we have a problem with that I mean I I know I've already made a couple of other mentions but still that right there was already a bit of a red flag for me with the story but continuing on with the you know rest of the paragraph quote-unquote and this is another issue too this thing is literally one giant paragraph there is no separation of any remote paragraph there is no proper separation with any of it I don't even know where exactly I have to sit there and I don't even know where exactly this thing starts and the thing ends except for the very beginning and the very end the rest of it as you guys could probably have tell you know told during my narration I had to know I had a very very big big problem actually reading the darn thing because of the fact of the matter that the entirety of the story itself just it's not properly structured I mean it's like it's not properly structured there's no proper body to the story it's like it's just like somebody packed stacked up a giant thing and dominoes and then attempted to try and knock them all that's not a good example but I'm trying to figure out some kind of example here people I mean getting back to the rest of this we have another problem that Barney isn't capitalized despite the fact that is a name of a person as well as a name of a show you always capitalize that that's our that's another mark continuing on with it let's see there's also another issue too is that the punctuation in the story is awful for example it says I don't really watch real kiddie shows like Barney and mr. Rogers my TV schedule mostly consists of action and horror movies and shows okay big problem there where do you see that is a run-on sentence right there that is a full-on run-on sentence I mean not only did you and I've already made a mention on the Barney thing you have to capitalize that but if you're gonna sit there and have that you know at least have a period or something where it actually yeah yeah no no there definitely needs to be a period I didn't here's here's a better way of sitting there and actually wording this I didn't really watch other actually the entire sentence needs to be rewarded entirely I never really watched kiddie shows and the like like Barney and Friends and mr. Rogers neighborhood however my TV schedule actually no that doesn't even work these two sentences don't sit well I mean you just basically went from like you know I didn't watch real kitty shows like Barney and then you just go to my TV schedule mostly consisted of blank I mean I don't know why but for some reason just doesn't work too well with those two sentences being next to each other okay maybe a better way of wording it would be I never really watched kiddie shows like Barney and/or mr. Rogers neighborhood my TV schedule pretty much consisted of action and horror movies and the and the like and another issue too that I have here and this is a little bit of a nitpick but why exactly did you have to make a mention of like horror movie like shows like what exactly what specific shows are you talk about I mean yeah I mean I know what it says like you know my TV schedule mostly consisted of action horror movies and shows okay I mean horror movies and shows I mean can you be a little bit more you have to kind of specify and be a little bit specific with that in order like you know we I can understand what exactly is going on with it again we have another lower case I and of course we have yet another lower case name of a cartoon show like pee-wee's Playhouse that's another problem that honestly I'm not even gonna make a mention of it because there's literally it's there all over the place people they are it's all over the place this show was entitled Stubbs Clubhouse it was about a clown named Stubb lowercase Stubb needs to be capitalized who lived in a massive Clubhouse comma which strangely looked like a normal house okay for one the only reason you put a quote or something actually not not a quote but the only time you put words you know in between two commas is if it's something that you know can be like alright specifically I'm gonna read this as it is it was about a clown Nate Stubb who lived in a massive Clubhouse looked like a normal house do you not see that do you see the problem with that if you're going to incorporate that and this is a little bit of grammar a lesson for all of you here when it comes to English if you're going to sit there and include that kind of phrasing like that any time you have a double you have a double comma that separates a specific phrase you have to make sure of it that you know if that was removed the sentence works for example it would be more along the lines of it was about a clown named Stubb who lived in a massive clubhouse remove you know which strangely a massive clump house which looked like a normal house you see that's where the phrases the words need to be separated I mean it would have worked out a little bit better had it been something along the lines of it was about a clown named Stubb who lived in a massive Clubhouse that strangely actually the which strangely really didn't even need to be really included into it I mean or at least maybe not in that kind of structure probably it being that's another problem there doesn't need to be a comma there there should be a period that should be its own separate sentence probably due to it being a low-budget TV show that right there could have worked as its own sentence there is no reason for it to be capital that there's no reason for it to have another comma there again another run-on sentence that's a problem of course going into the detail about the actual description of the thing okay fine sort of speak and then you know we continue on getting into the main thing and again people it's mostly just a lot of run-on sentences in this creepy pasta but then we're gonna get into more and then you might have and the detail in the story really just look this is the problem again besides the lower case names besides the grammar not being too great and the fact that the punctuation is almost non-existent in the story the rest of this creepy pasta itself decides to just spew out a bunch of random unnecessary details that were included in this crea pasta for example in this one we get to the part where oh in a can get into that we have another major problem with the story there is no proper separation with a dialogue of the characters themselves I mean whenever I was reading the supposed dialogue of me to the character it literally just kind of came it literally just came like a giant punch to my face specifically with um let's see which which one was it and that's the problem it's so um hidden in the story it's difficult to read you always look especially if you're going to have like say mom brackets Nathan do you remember the show and by the way capitalized the names of the people capitalized the names of anybody the names of the protagonists I mean again that seriously driving me nuts I'm drinking coffee while I'm reviewing this people again in fact you know what I'm gonna go get my book real quickly I'm gonna give this as much of a detailed review as I possibly can all right people I got my guidebook seriously there are a lot of problems with this story let's say let's get let's get into the rest of this creep hasta but again if you're going to have a portal I character talking even if you have like you know just a mention of like say mom and then the brackets and then what the dialogue is you have to separate it if you don't separate it it makes it extremely confusing to read another problem is that it's it's really difficult to read in that in that case I mean look had that properly been separate separated it wouldn't have been that big of a deal but it is a huge deal I mean the reactions and everything of the person themselves wasn't exactly too great and this is another genuine issue I have with this Korea pasta is that there is a lot of unnecessary include detailed inclusions that just come out of completely nowhere and provide nothing to the story I mean it literally goes into the protagonist sitting there and looking around in this basement trying to look for the tapes and the next thing you know he starts talking about how he's a redneck I mean how he's a redneck how he lives the country life has he a bunch of bikes what does that have to include with the creamy pasta nothing that could entire them could have easily been removed or better yet maybe you could have incorporated that kind of thing at the very beginning of the story if you're going to provide descriptions and details of the main protagonist or any of the characters don't sit there and have it just be randomly popping up at random parts of the story because it completely takes away distracts and removes itself from the actual kree pasta itself and by the way it actually completely ruins the flow of the story I mean this story has already been ruined enough by the bad grammar and everything the last thing I want to sit there and read is somebody sitting there and just going into random detail about a protagonist that genuinely speaking I'd really don't seem to care too much about I mean being 100% honest here and then you know we just keep on going and then more of more more lowercase eyes seriously come on people this could have easily been revised there's no excuse to have a lowercase I you know what I'm gonna I'm gonna make a little rhyme here for all of you if it can be revised capitalize your eyes actually know that that made no sense but still you you guys know what I'm talking about capitalizing your eyes is a number one main focal point every writer in every single story should do this looks like it's nothing more but a simple rough draft I mean to the author of this cream pasta could you have at least revised the story I mean come on look you you you could have revised it GoogleDocs can sit and you know this is actually is in Google Docs this is actually something that was linked via Google Docs yet the eyes were still not capitalized the names of the people were not capitalized how do you go about messing that up like genuinely speaking I I need an answer to that question how do you manage to mess that up so badly anyway continuing on we get into the whole thing with blockbuster again lowercased although I and then you know we get into some really um again more unnecessary detail about the um about the protagonist kind of Pervin over or like this hot woman or whatever that's in the thing and you know just and like being making a mention of like you know okay dude we get it she's hot don't get me wrong but did you really have to sit there and make a mention over the fact of the matter that you popped a while' right in the middle of a freaking blockbuster I mean that just took away any remote kind of seer I mean look I get it it's realistic to an extent but still but still there's no reason to incorporate that again more unnecessary details that we don't need to know and then more detail about Playboy another crap which granite I actually had to skip a good portion of that part because I don't want to get this video flagged seriously it just no and then we get into the whole thing where you go and this is another issue too and this really definitely goes with along the lines of proper paragraph structuring because it just gets from one point to another so quickly that I don't know what exactly is going on and that is a really major issue when it comes to this creep hasta I don't know what's going on I don't know what's happening next I don't know if a protagonist is still talking or not I mean would all do sincerity author you could have at least you know how to better flow with this story maybe and then we get to the part where it actually getting gets into the main episode and it's just know just know it's cliched completely nothing original nothing new and we just basically have you know read static cliche tape garbage continuing on over and over and over again my phone just went off but I don't care and then you know there's death and murder and other garbage that we really don't need to know about and honestly the reactions of the protagonist is so laughable that I I just don't know what to say I mean the reactions like are these people are disgraced like really are you seriously gonna you know get freaked out over a stupid line that a dumb clown said on a on an old obsolete VHS tape protagonist really are you that incompetent enough to actually have some remote kind of sense of reasoning in your brain I mean come on really this protagonist is not only a complete and utter dumb no not only I wish I could say it but I can't not only this as completely and utterly ignorant ly incompetent but the reaction is he's oh my god he's a he's a wuss he's a flat-out was this entire creep hasta has the protagonist being nothing else more but a wuss and that's a problem and then you know he picks up blades and then you know what I'm not even gonna review a whole lot more of this cuz people I'm sorry it's just terrible there's not much else and then we get to the review part no no I mean then we get to the interview part quote-unquote again poorly executed nothing relieved that provides anything to the plot and it just kind of ends with you know just oh okay thanks and that's it why that wasn't needed that was not necessary why would you interview somebody that that just works at a freakin blockbuster come on people come on author really look look I mean and then like the person talking to some random guy that I don't even know of that just comes out out of the blue entirely and then goes into the description like a crappy description I might add about what exactly was going on and I mean oh god you know and it makes like okay you know the guy's name is Sebastian okay fine I will admit Sebastian Owen Isaac is actually a pretty awesome name don't get me wrong I like that kudos author for coming up with at least a decent name but seriously this entire backstory is awful it reminds me of Jeff the killer if he was worse and I think we all know that Jeff the killer of the original story isn't really that great of a pasta to begin with I mean we have the bleach thing we have the usage of drugs and other garbage that by the way never do drugs people it's bad for you um and then and then to wrap this entire thing up stub goes and tries to kill the protagonist and then oh my god it just gets worse that's it that's all that there is I know I'm ranting I know I am and I'm trying to be as professional as I possibly can with the reviews that I do but people for a rewrite this is one of the worst rewrites I have read so far on this channel and you know what that just inspires me more to sit there and take this big old book that I this big ol grammar book that can sit there and you know provide you all provide you with something cuz apparently okay I'm calming down I'm not gonna I'm not gonna rant any more because I don't want to say something that I'm gonna regret but my root my honest thoughts is that this story was poorly executed not good in any former in any way the paragraph structuring was non-existent the sentencing was almost non-existent as well same thing with the paragraph same thing with the punctuation 's the storyline itself made no sense and had entire heavy amounts of leaps of logic unnecessary amount of details there was really no flow and whatever flow that was starting to actually come up quote-unquote more or less just kind of fell down and just smashed itself into a billion pieces repeatedly due to the fact that the storyline itself just went to random detail about a specific character or whatever the concept itself was not good at all and I can't believe I'm even saying that I prefer the original Stubbs clubhouse compared to this one I mean and the only a ridiculous detail and everything put into the story it's like what was this what was it author trying to do here what was this person trying to do it's not a funny pasta either you know it even if you know I don't know I don't know whether or not if this was supposed to be taken seriously or not judging by it probably not but I don't know I don't know people if I've said it once I've said it twice I've said it three times four or five six seven eight nine a billion times revise your work this was even submitted in Google Docs which honestly makes it all the more insulting I know I shouldn't get outraged over that and in retrospect I'm not I'm just more disappointed over the fact that this person couldn't have sat there and revised his mistakes despite that the dank Dave Bing and Google Docs come on people I mean you know you screwed up when you're in a program that's specifically meant to help fix any remote errors that you have any remote kind of errors that you sit there and you have and you don't even revise them in a program that is specifically meant to help you revise the story you know something I'm going to say right now to any potential creepypasta writers you need to go and download grammarly that is an app this is not a sponsored video I might add although it'd be kind of cool if it was but I don't even need a sponsorship every one of you any Cree buster writer any future writer whether you be good starting off bad or whatever down load grammarly download grammerly in Google Chrome and it will help you actually fix your mistakes that you have every time you go on Google Docs or any other thing online that way you don't have to sit there and submit horrible stories like this one please do so I know I'm being hard but you know what I do it because I care about you guys and I want to see every one of you succeed I genuinely want to see every one of you succeed in becoming an amazing writer honestly again there was nothing good about this career pasta it I don't even need to make a mention of it but like I always say and like what I always will continue to say there's assembly my own personal opinion and if you disagree with that that's perfectly fine too we're all entitled to our own opinions in regard to these creepy pastas and this is simply my own personal my final rating of the story zero out of ten enough said what did you guys think about this query basta did you guys enjoy it did you guys not what did you also think about this being like what did you guys think did you think it was a good rewrite did you guys think it wasn't did I happen to miss any kind of major plot points or something that needed to be mentioned or any of that kind of thing let me know your thoughts down the comment section below I'm the shadow reader thanks again for watching today's episode and if you're brand new here to this channel make sure to like comment and subscribe because I make brand new videos every single day and of course like always roll the outro because I'm out you try to stream your bike thanks to these new to your computer screen the killer's a slash the tapes my head crash the cartridge you bought well being your final heart the regions of meat will suit your mate the tears will be from my finger people Trenton marriage fulfilled terrorising faithful burning violent rage inducing knife slashing blood splattering tightly eat I will tell if you will escape this song by your horror build-up sessions will come with its own regressions your pathetic screams will not be in any way because your nightmares will come at any day

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