STRANGE Art Supplies You Can Find Online | PART 1

STRANGE Art Supplies You Can Find Online | PART 1

Hello there! So I was in a bookshop the
other day looking at all of the books, kind of like you do… in the bookshop, and
I came across some art magazines and I was just kind of flicking through them
seeing if it was of any interest to me and I turned over the back of one of
them and it had this advertisement for these weird like, art tool supply things
and my first thought was that is strange and bizarre and weird and I’ve never
seen that before so I better get home and order it right away, so guess what? I did.
And today we are going to open it and see what it actually is, so let’s go. Okay,
so this is the website, they basically say they’re helpful because you’re able
to sort of see how light and form works because you’re able to like, hold them in
your hand and then, I don’t know, put your phone lighting on it or something. So as
you can see you get five in a set which is very nice.
We’ve got Randy. He looks friendly. Then there’s Jess, which as you can see, she
looks a bit terrifying. Then we’ve got Andy. Andy basically is making the face
that I made when I initially saw this website. *laughs* I love it! So I’ve got all of these
nice-looking humans and then we’ve got… Skully. I was tempted to get this one
because… you know, why not. This one’s me me when I wake up in the morning and
see myself in the mirror. Then we have Tom and last but not least we have Gwen.
So this set of weird faces costs forty dollars plus shipping. I think shipping
was five dollars, I forget. So this is what it arrived in, a nice little
priority box. Yes I have opened it because curiosity got the better of me!
So it’s wrapped up quite well, and it’s in this like, sunglass case,
which is interesting. Are you ready, ready… boom! Oh, oops.
I got this one cause she kinda looks semi-normal. They look so strangely
bizarre and odd and creepy but also cool at the same time! This one kind of amuses
me, she looks a little bit like she’s constipated or something, she- yeah, she
definitely needs to blow her nose though. The only thing I will say is it’s flat
on the back. I think it might have been neater if it had like, the skull shape
behind at least, but I think the point of it is just for like, expressions and
stuff. So what’s quite cool about this is you can, because it’s 3d and it’s
not just a photo, you can actually use light to really enhance parts of the
face. So then we’ve got this one. She looks more like a Karen to me. Do you
think so, like a Karen complain to the manager type? Here we go, this is the
Karen complain to the manager type. Look at that.
She’s got some damn good eyebrows, I will give her that. Like who do you see
to get your eyebrows looking like that because mine never looked that good! So
if you’re trying to like, get someone lying down, you can just like hold it
like that and- *pause* You know what would be quite amusing? If you actually just like, stuck
these randomly around your house and just creeped everyone out. Not sure what
these are made of, they’re kind of like clay, but they’re
not clay. Something along those lines, some sort of… sorry Karen. Before I’ve
eaten… after I’ve eaten. I love how even though she’s actually
happy she looks really damn creepy. “I’m coming to eat all of the food in your
fridge.” Sorry Karen. “I’ve been constipated for three weeks!!” This one
looks like Mr. Krank off Christmas with the Kranks after he’s had Botox in his
face and this one just looks like me when I realize there’s no chocolate left
in the house. I think these are such a cool idea, I mean I did just spend like
45 dollars on some creepy little faces BUT they’re quite neat, aren’t they? What do
you think? Would you buy them? So we’ve got sad Karen,
We’ve got angry, “let me speak to the manager” Karen, we’ve got sadistic face
cookie-eating Karen, then we’ve got plastic facelift Karen and last but not
least we’ve got… constipated Karen! Okay so I’ve got this little sketch book here.
I bought in Hobby Lobby a few days ago, it was on clearance for like a dollar
seventy four, something like that so not sure how great the paper’s gonna be but
if you’ve got a Hobby Lobby near you they’ve got a lot of clearance at the
moment, so definitely check it out. Also, I’ve been thinking a lot about these
faces and the more I think about them the more I realize what a cool idea they
are, and the reason I say this- go away. So I think these faces are actually even
more beneficial than I initially thought they would be, and the reason I say this
is because you can kind of draw on them. You’re able to draw kind of, a semi
central line straight down the face like that, and then what you can do is if you
want to draw it from a slight angle you can tilt it and see the way the sort of,
central line sits on the face, if that makes sense. So I’m just going to kind of
draw a more stylized version of this face straight on, um, and… I’m gonna need some
luck drawing this circle. Okay that is a somewhat… somewhat okay circle. Typical
circles we artists make. And I’m gonna do a central line straight down the middle
and then one horizontal and this is like where the brows will go, the eyebrows, and
then slightly under that make a line for the eyes, and then we’re gonna make a
line about here for the start of the hairline and then the equal amount line
from there to there to go about here and that will be the bottom of the nose. If
anyone can hear kids playing outside, I do apologize. I have told them
to shut up but they haven’t listened to me because I shouted through a window
and they couldn’t hear me in the first place, but you know, just to let you know
if you hear them, I did- I did tell them to stop. Okay so we’ve got our face here, and
I am by no means someone that’s great at facial anatomy, this is just what I’ve learned
in my time of trying to learn facial anatomy. *laughs* Are there monkeys outside? What
the hell is that? “Whoo!” Yeah, bugger off. Do excuse the mess,
I’m sure I have many comments telling me I’m doing things wrong but whatever, I am
trying! Okay so now I have somewhat angry eyebrows as you can see, we’re gonna
add a couple little lines in the forehead like she’s got two little lines
here, so if we get my blending tortillion, I’m going to just
make a little triangle for her nose. Once we’ve got – this is looking like a man
than a woman, but oh well – notice how her mouth is like, face down. Like, a normal
mouth is kind of like, a flat M, like, like imagine an M that’s been sat on but
because she’s angry it’s more – like that. Like *growling noise* her teeth,
yeah like that. Blending tortillion again, these are actually really great
for this type of stuff. And usually the corners of the mouth will sort of go up
to around this part of the iris, so we’re just gonna mark them out. Something I
know and have learnt, the top lip usually will be darker than the bottom lip
because the bottom- the top lip kind of faces downwards towards the floor. I made
her mouth way too big, I’ve just realized that, that is way too
big. Let’s start again. So because she is angry, the lips are actually closer to
the nose, like if you think about like doing a snarling like, “rrrr” face to
show the teeth, your top lip needs to sort of go up a little bit, so it’s gonna
be slightly closer to the nose then say, this one is. As you can see, the top lip’s
slightly closer to the nose on this one. She’s got some big teeth. Okay, there we
go. Her mouth is still way too big but
that’s totally fine. Okay now we’re bringing in the sides of the face. There
we go – dodgy face shape but this is just a very
quick experimental sketch but it’ll do for now. And then this is kind of where
her hairline should be, so kind of like that. *laughs* I’m gonna give her a more dainty
neck, like that. She’s got a cute pixie haircut apparently. I’ve probably made
her eyes a little bit too wide but if I just sort of add that glaringness there she
can look angry. Like that! There we go, so again it’s not perfect, it’s very very
rough. I’m at a funny angle, I really need to have it like this so I can actually see
what I’m doing but because I’m recording I cannot see that. She’s got a very weird
nose. If I was to spend a bit more time on this it would look less odd, I’m sure, but
I’m going to go on to the next one now. And again,
I really can’t draw circles. Looking at this, how her eyeballs are like popping out.
You know someone’s wide-eyed when you can see more of the iris and the white
of the eye so I’m trying to achieve that. And the eyebrows are actually gonna be
higher than this brow… line, but we’re gonna just say it’s the brow bone. I really
need to work on my facial expressions because this is the one thing that I really
have never done before, so I think this is gonna be a work in progress! There we
go, she’s surprised, there we go! Perfect. We’re done. So again, this flattened M is
kind of like a pushed up M now, you see what I mean? it’s kind of like an N, but
like… That’s it, look at that! That’s a surprised face. Gonna give her some nice
forehead wrinkles, just what every lady wants. That’s how she looks *snickers* So we’ve got
our “where’s the manager” lady and we’ve got our “I’m constipated” lady. I’ve really messed the hair up but that’s fine. I’m not focusing on the hair right now! So I didn’t draw a
side profile, like I mentioned about putting lines on the face and then you
can have it to the side and then “ooh look,” the guide lines kind of somewhat
help to visualize where everything is. It is going to be kind of helpful to me having
these guide lines like that, and you have like, a circle here and then cause she’s sort of straight on… I’m gonna kind of have her… looking there. *Music* Okay, so she’s not perfect.
Her lips need a bit of work but that’s kind of what I mean by these lines
making it to the side like that. It kind of helps in a way, working alongside
guide lines on the face. That’s everything! So thank you so incredibly much for
watching, I hope that this video was somewhat helpful. Let me know the
comments down below if you think you would try these out, this- again, this is
the name of it. Again, I bought these myself, they’re not
sponsored and I don’t have any coupon codes, I’m afraid. But yeah, there’s the
website if anyone wants to check it out. So yeah, there we go! Let me know what you
think, if there’s any products similar to this you’d like to see me try out next
time and yes, thank you so incredibly much for watching, I hope that you enjoyed the
video, take care of yourselves and I will see you in the next video. *Music*

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  16. I never knew such a thing existed. I was thinking about just putting magnets on them and sticking it to a metal bookend or something to shine a light on. Then you could either photograph it for reference or leave it set up and draw from there.

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