Stop Doing Free Sessions that Don’t Sell [TRY THIS INSTEAD]

Stop Doing Free Sessions that Don’t Sell [TRY THIS INSTEAD]

when you are first getting started you hear all these terms being tossed around like assessment consultation and sales conversation and I all seem like the same thing but today we're going to reveal the most powerful way to be able to get parents saying yes to your services and you won't want to miss one single moment so put away those devices get a pen and pad a paper to take notes because I am gonna share how I stopped giving away free sessions and get clients to take that next step and hire me hey there my name is Joanne Kaminski and when I got started tutoring reading online people were skeptical about doing online tutoring I mean at least that's what I thought and some would ask questions that seemed like they only wanted in-person tutoring and today I hear people that hear the same things even though people have been doing in this for over a decade because of the skepticism I thought I would offer something above and beyond what anybody else was offering so I gave everyone a free assessment and two free sessions and then after the second free session I would have to have a sales conversation and I did this for a full year before changing my system and I'm gonna share the big guys that I had from this process but first let's take a look at what a free assessment is what the purpose is and some examples of assessments that you can use so a free assessment is where you have your student go through tasks related to the area that you tutor to find out what their level is and where his or her gaps are assessments are typically used in schools but are extremely ineffective because by the time the teachers get the results from the standardized tests and Kobes six months later there's a new teacher now teaching the student and how do you close the gap when students struggle in all the areas amongst your entire class it's frustrating and no one teaches you what to do next in fact most teachers don't even analyze this data look at it or do anything with it and this is the most useless type of assessment however the assessment that we use in tutoring is the most powerful assessment in existence it shows exactly where the gaps are for the child so that you can actually create an individualized plan for each student so what is interesting to me is that most of your state that they create these individualized players but many of them never assess to find out were the exact gap is now I use this process and reading and use the QR I five assessment this allows you to listen to a student reading and know exactly what they are struggling with if you're trained to spot the gaps now after I give one of these assessments I know whether my student is struggling with phonics for the awareness fluency vocabulary comprehension or even if dyslexia is a possibility for the child now in math you can use an assessment like the atom assessment I love this assessment because it allows you to be able to again be able to see exactly where the gaps are is it in geometry is it in algebra basic facts you're able to take a look at where they are functioning grade level wise and then be able to come up with grade level appropriate content to help move them to the next level after I give the assessment I now give the free consultation and it's where I give feedback about how the assessment went and then I move directly into the sales conversation this has been really powerful for me because I get an answer after doing the assessment if the parent is willing to move forward with the tutoring now most people make their decisions based off of feelings and not off of logic and once they see like the data that actually goes with where their child is at they want to move forward with you because they realize okay so now I know exactly where my child was at I know where they need to go they feel like they have a plan and they want to move forward it does take though a lot of tutors think that they need to sell themselves and that's not what the sales conversation is actually about the sales conversation is all about being able to take a look at what is it that the child needs listening so if you are listening to the parrot you are going to get so much further than trying to sell yourself and tell them how much experience you have why they should hire you why they should pay the amount that you want to have them pay you all of these are useless tasks when it comes to them hiring you what they care about is that you're listening to them now some people because of the age of their child they do not need to go with a pre-assessment right let's say you've got a college level student well your consultation might be based off a piece of writing that they have given you beforehand that you could take a look at and you can give information that will help them move to the next level so you have to take a look at what the needs of your specific client are and decide is a free consultation gonna be a mess next best step or free assessment because both of these are going to lead to then hiring you now the sales conversations not as difficult as you would think it to be like I mentioned before the entire sales conversation is all about that I have created a free download for you guys that will go over the sales conversation and you'll be able to download this document now the sales conversation has five parts the first one is where you want to find out more about the specific child now don't ask any questions that you've already asked that's going to make it seem like you're not listening and these don't have to go in order really the important thing here is that you are listening to them more than you are talking after that you can share the results of the assessment you can send them a final version of all of your thoughts and ideas about the assessment the next day however I find that they still want some kind of feedback so I go through my notes and I give them the feedback that I feel is going to be most useful at this point in time for them to move forward and then the next thing you want to do is tell what you can do as a tutor like where is the hope for them with this entire process do you feel like you can help them they need to hear you say that and then you ask if they are ready to get started and then after that you ask which day of the week is going to work the best now I personally have my students fill out a registration form and on that registration form they have the ability to tell me which days and times work so that by the time I get to that final conversation I already have checked my calendar to see which days work on my calendar and theirs and I can suggest a time that will work for both of us and so I can say something like so I know dif that five o'clock on Wednesdays works for you and it also works for me would this be a good time to meet on a regular basis and sometimes at that point they're gonna start to ask some questions or they'll just say yes and then I tell them that the next day I'm gonna send them more information about the assessment so the biggest difference between that assessment and the consultation is what I am doing in that process so with the free assessment I am listing out I am actually testing them to find out where the gaps are with the consultation I am listening to them about what they are struggling with and seeing how committed they are to moving forward and then the sales conversation is where I get the amazing opportunity to move forward with them so that's the basic difference between all three of these now if you've liked this content please hit like and that subscribe button this kind of information you know I think it's really helpful for tutors when they are getting started because when I got started you guys like I said I was giving away two free sessions and giving away a free session is no longer something that needs to be done you don't need to give your time away for free during free sessions there are some air to drawing where the students will go from free session to free session to free session with other tutors and so by giving away the free session you're allowing that opportunity to happen and this particularly will help happen in the ESL community but you know that you have the opportunity to still move forward with them by going through the systemized process of being a litigator client to say yes to your services now I have gone over the entire sales funnel of what does it look like when you're going through this sales process and creating a perfect system that moves them from point A to point B so if you are interested in learning more about that then click on that next video and you'll get more details on that thanks for joining me you guys

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  1. Thanks so much Mrs. Kaminski, you are so abundantly helpful. Re. assessments: I teach writing and PHP – 8th grade through adult. I noticed university level writing assessments are mostly about the student's expecations, and a kind of self-evaluation – NOT actual "fact or understanding" type questions. Mrs. Kaminski addressed the issue of "college level writing" – and YES, an example of their writing is the BEST way to do this.
    I'd be interested in hearing about what writing teachers and programming teachers do for assessments.

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