Stephanie Poetri - I Love You 3000 (Lyric)

Stephanie Poetri – I Love You 3000 (Lyric)

e a e i o n 듀 뱅 말 쇼 봐야 응찰 ohto 앙 매입에 있자 의 개최 a10 쌓아 or seasonal e 최후의 나사 a 으 delete well no you de we do 유한한 [음악] 먹는 거 8 8 knc 햄릿 i be there we see more [음악] wow 수맥 슘 아 now 회유 하하 매입 ei wie 쇼와 예 were 매 every episode severe 수 so we [음악] won mlb of love seoul tei wrote 으 쉬운 ok 비소유 we were to fame 2 there was a temporary server error [음악] we meet here is our hope we 팔아라 we were [음악] we wow maybe i owe you a tolerance route 큐앤아이 owa [음악] her once i 슈 overall 음 4 wer be there to see under a [음악] 으 으 으 으 으 be [음악]

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