Step Inside the World of Frida Kahlo “The Two Fridas” | Art Attack Master Works

Step Inside the World of Frida Kahlo “The Two Fridas” | Art Attack Master Works

(Spanish guitar music) – [Narrator] Hi my name’s Estella. I painted Dos Fridas today by Frida Kahlo. I used the mirror tool in tilt brush so I drew one figure on one side and it was mirrored on
the other side as well. So I started with a wire frame
to get the placement right. I spent a lot of time on her faces. A lot of detail and like
intricacies between colors and just the detailings of how
her lips are kind of pursed and how her, of course
how her eyebrow is shaped. That was really important, these key landmarks of the Frida look. I needed to make sure
those were all right first before I moved on to anything else. I used the flat brush
that’s affected by light and I did swirlies on them
so that the light would hit in a certain way where it
doesn’t hit the wire brush. Painting human figures in VR has been one of my biggest challenges. Like her arms should be a
little bit more in front of her, and it shouldn’t be aligned
completely with her torso ’cause that’s not how we sit. I used the color picker
to select the colors off of the original painting. The under painting for the
white dress is a wire brush. It’s a very light lime
green kind of color. Within a few seconds if your
strokes don’t look right, the figure looks really bizarre. It’s cool ’cause I can leave
a cavity where her heart was and I left that empty for a little while knowing that I would go back in and put the heart in there a little bit more indented in the piece. Frida painted the self-portrait of herself I think shortly after her
divorce with Diego Rivera and it was a piece that kind
of represents her European self from her dad’s side and
her Spanish Mexican self on the right side, and it’s kind of like the duality between her two cultures. (Spanish guitar music) Because it was mirrored,
there are some parts where they actually meet,
where the hands meet. That connection between the two sides, it felt more real and
apparent as I was drawing the relationships between the two. It was fun to paint the heart, and also it was really
fun to paint the arteries and like the bloodlines
that connected the two. (upbeat music) ♫ SoulPancake (electronic music)

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  1. Can someone tell me why Frida is such an amazing woman?…I honestly don't know why
    Edit: like her story lol what she did

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