Steinway & Sons Visual Artist in Residence: Lynx

Steinway & Sons Visual Artist in Residence: Lynx

I remember the first time I came in, it was
very intimidating because the canvas was the most expensive and beautiful canvas I had
ever worked on in my life. I think I probably stood there for 10 minutes
before I could actually put a mark on the piano. When the paint began to melt into the lacquer,
the adrenaline starting pumping. It was just magic. The music is so important. It tells you what
to paint. What colors. What shapes. It's soft or it's dynamic. Stravinsky vs.
Debussy. Can I paint what he plays? The idea of working on a piano, not only with
the history of pianos and the way they've influenced civilization period, the texture
of the canvas, the shape of piano itself changes everything. Each Steinway is handcrafted, so it already
starts off as the most unique piano in the world. I make every effort to be a conduit to the
visual relationship between the client and that piano. It's a very personal experience. I encourage
clients to bring me their thoughts, their emotions, their music. The emotion behind what they feel about that
piece can totally reorchestrate the way that I'll approach that piece. Very simply, every pattern is like a fingerprint.
It's totally unique. Totally different. One of a kind. I'm a method painter. I might suddenly switch
into a character from a play to become that piece of music. I want it to move, stir, reach, touch. I want
it to move people.

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  1. so nice to run into Linx at the Modern Art Museum in Fort Worth today. Stella was wonderful, but your tie was a very close second!

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