Statue  de Guru Rimpoché – H: 14 cm – Résine blanche – STREB001 – Art du Népal

Statue de Guru Rimpoché – H: 14 cm – Résine blanche – STREB001 – Art du Népal

THE-DHARMA-STORE.COM present Statue of Guru Rinpoche
H: 14 cm – white resin – STREB001 Resin statues have two great qualities: a moderate price along with the respect
of Buddhists statutory canon. It represents an excellent alternative
to more expensive metal statues while still a beautiful practice support. This represents Guru Rimpoche, the founder of Buddhism in Tibet, “born of the lotus”. He is also known as Padmasambhava. The symbolism of his body
as represented in this statue is explained as follows: one face: the absolute truth is one; his eyes wide open: he always remains in absolute nature; two legs: equality of samsara and nirvana; sitting in the posture of “royal ease”: the whole manifestation obeys him. Its hat has the following meaning: its general form is that of a five-petalled lotus,
meaning that Padmasambhava belongs to
the lotus family; the three vulture feathers planted at the top symbolize the Dzokchen, the peak of education and achievement in the Nyingmapa tradition; on the front there is also a sun and a moon, symbols of the two bodhichittas, ultimate and relative. He wears three types of clothes: the monastic clothes represent
the small vehicle, his blue garment: the big vehicle, his brocade cape: the diamond vehicle. In the right hand, he holds a vajra (symbol of the transformation of poisons into wisdoms) at the same time that he makes the mudra of the threat, showing that he subdues the negative forces. With the left hand, in the mudra of meditation, Padmasambhava carries a cranial cup containing a long-life vase filled
with the nectar of immortality, testifying its achievement of the state beyond death. The khatvanga, a type of trident that he holds on the left side, symbolizes his consort, Mandarava. Thank you for watching THE-DHARMA-STORE.COM Ethical material
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