Star Wars Forces of Destiny | Art History | Disney

Star Wars Forces of Destiny | Art History | Disney

– Forces of Destiny.[dramatic music]– Better stay off
the main road. [filtered]
If we get caught, our mission will be over
before it begins.[suspenseful music]Come on, little brother. [filtered]
– [sighs] Ohh… How do you know
this place so well? [Sabine grunts] – Well, you were just a baby,
so you couldn’t come, but Father brought me here to see the statue of
Tarre Vizsla, the ancient
Mandalorian ruler. Huh. Amazing, right? So much history and hope
in one carving. [soft buzzing] That’s not all it has. Look. [buzzing, clicking] Stormtroopers. Come on.
We’re taking down that outpost. – What? We’re trying
notto get caught, remember? – So don’t get caught. But we can’t leave that there.
It’s disrespectful. – Sabine! You’d jeopardize
our mission to free Mandalore just to save
some old statue? – It’s not justsome statue.It’s important to Mandalore.[dark music]– [sighs]
I liked you better when you were off in space.[tense music]♪ ♪[thrums] – [grunts][suspenseful music]I’m so sorry.
We will have this off of you in no time. – Did you just apologize
to a statue? – Come on.
Let’s get to cover. [devices beeping][intense musical build-up][booming] [stormtroopers shouting] [thudding, clattering][hopeful music]♪ ♪– It looks…happy. – Tristan.
– Well, i-it’s not. It’s just a statue! I-I mean… We did the right thing. – For Mandalore? – For Mandalore.

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  1. I thought Sabine's brother was older than her. Guess I was wrong or missed in the Star Wars Rebels episode. Learn something new everyday. I like how Sabine holds up her people's honor? With keeping the Mandalorain history alive and protecting a symbol of peace.

  2. Another awesome episode. This series is getting so much better. How old is her brother if she can remember this place but he was just a baby?

  3. For Mandalore!!! It's great seeing Sabine Wren again, her and her brother make a good team. George

  4. I only meet Sabine Wren once and gave her the package she lost. She convinced me to help the Rebels and do the right thing.

  5. Animations getting better, I wonder if Forces of Destiny was the testing ground for Star Wars: Resistance?

  6. This is actually rather smart. That military outpost isn't just defacing a monument. It symbolicly sends the message: "Your warrior culture serves Us, or Our military might will crush it!"

  7. I love seeing anything new about the dark saber and Tarre Visla. Now we kind of know a little bit more of what he looked like.

  8. even statues have a history especially those that been around for so long or even took years to finish like the statue of liberty

  9. Kristian 1:17 esto me gano por tener una hermana rebelde,pero la sigues queriendo en las buenas y en las malas

  10. Glad we're seeing a bit more of Tarre Vizsla. Oi, I can't stand that we still don't know that much about him. It would be really interesting to hear his story. The Jedi and the Mandalorians have had their differences and their conflicts throughout history, but they do have a considerable amount in common. Their desire for self improvement, their feelings of tradition and brotherhood, and their codes of honor. I bet that in the old republic era, Tarre Vizsla served as a bridge between the two cultures.

  11. Interesting that Tarre is honored by the mandalorians despite being a jedi. I hope this means he bridged peace between Mandalore and the Jedi or something.

    …Calling it, Tarre is Revan, or at least a new version of Revan.

  12. "You were to young to come, but dar'buir brought me every year to see this statue." Why couldn't they use more mando'a in this episode? And what does "little brother" mean in mando'a?

  13. what do you know, another female being a boss. could they shove it down ur throat any harder?

  14. I actually really love these little shorts now! They jump around the whole series, from Prequel, clone wars to Rebels and OT plus a bit of sequels. Small stories that don’t matter much but add some more niche stuff back to canon!

  15. Locations are very important to SW, especially culture. When you have an alien race thats been around for allegedly 1000s of years with no religions or tradition its hard to imagine it as a real race of people. Trandoshians come from a long line of hunters, Wookies are obviously some kind of wood worker, or honorable warriors are displayed. As many as there are i want more artifacts or "art" history in Star Wars

  16. Am i the only one that thinks it would be awesome if thay did something with Boba Fett where he rekt some of the new mandos while doing a job for the empire as a way to kinda have the first mando created school the newer ones also because more Boba Fett …..and literaly all other mandalorian charachters including his father Jango are riding his original trilogy coattails and get most if not all of they're hype from Boba

  17. Disney really changed the tone and image of the Mandalorian culture, compared to that in Legends stories.

  18. So, at least on Mandalore it is good to have reverence for statues of historical significance. Hint, Hint, USA!

  19. Is nobody going to comment how this episode gives us a look at an ancient design of Mandalorian helmet?

  20. hu so that's tarre vizla !, nice to finally have a face to put to the legend but, are these shorts canon or are they like the lego stuff they've been doing for fun ?

  21. This was actually an awesome episode. Feel natural. I almost feel the Old Republic vibes. Do remember guys when we hate the Mandoes?

  22. Jedi's were not allowed to be rulers of a world right? They're supposed to pledge themselves to the republic and not ruling positions of power?

  23. This must've been sometime after Sabine decided to stay with her real family & before Ezra came to them for help against Thrawn's blockade. Also I always thought Tristen was Sabine's OLDER BRO but guess I was wrong about that!

  24. I like the concept, but if you want to add more to the Rebel's story, you should find a different way. This episode has good ideas, but is a fraction of what this story could be.

    -Why did the Empire take the statue hostage? Is it to build an outpost? or something deeper? Was it Thrawn or Tiber Saxon's Idea?
    -What was the Empire using the Outpost for?
    -Where are the Super Commandos?
    -Where are epic fight scenes we love?
    -What was their original mission? And did they go on to fulfill it?
    -To what effect have Sabine and Tristan bonded since we last saw them on Krownest? They obviously have disagreements about what to do. Sabine should explain why the statue is important to Mandalore.
    This could all be achieved through a 22 min episode, using rebel style art. What I described above is the content we deserve.
    I loved rebels, and watched it from the start, but this, is not rebels.

  25. 1:56
    Sabine: You set the thermal detonators on level 2, right?
    Tristan: Yeah. click
    (entire head of statue blows up)
    Tristan: …No.

  26. I may have just Known this, but How did the statue survive that grenade blast? It doesn't appear to be Beskar, but its certainly possible it is, given the Importance of this statue to its people, and how it wasn't destroyed by the empire.

  27. "So don't get caught." Not to worry, that's Anakin's specialty. He's the master at getting caught. Or at least he used to be. Before the dark times. Before the Empire. :-p

  28. I like to think that upon learning of this attack, Thrawn told the officer who delivered the report that the rebels succeeded only in saving him the effort of ordering the outpost's removal.

  29. I get a chuckle out of the reviewers who are commenting about how short Sabine is. She is. And there is probably a Mandelorian proverb that a young lady should always choose as her husband a man tall enough to shoot over her head.

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