SPRAY PAINT Art on Leaf – Planets 3D

SPRAY PAINT Art on Leaf – Planets 3D

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100 thoughts on “SPRAY PAINT Art on Leaf – Planets 3D

  1. Skech .. i tried making few spray paints. But my spray can gives out too much of paint .. do you change your nosels for less spray .. please help me out !

  2. Great job! Maybe on your channel you could do a series where you take in peoples phones and do really cool designs on them like you did with the iPhone X and your other phone

  3. My Asian mom: art isn't gonna get you any money! Be a doctor or something! Be rich!
    Me: naw Imma do this and sell art, because my dream job is related to art.

  4. I love your videos can you make a video about the basic things you need to get started with spray painting and things you should and shouldn't do

  5. Hey, Sketch. I'm not sure if anyone has ever asked you these questions before, but what does the fire do when it comes to spray paint art? Also, has anyone ever mistook your spray paint for graffiti? What is the difference between street art and graffiti (besides one is legal and the other isn't)?

  6. well this think outside box out in yard. kept think going put plants inside leaf shape put space and astrodes out line leaf but put plants on the leaf. so think going have frame the leaf and seed with this painting. so have leaf hang wall next painting. that cool see. well if do this think time tried folk art own twist. find norm arbram this old house or roy under hill. see if old worn out saw blad or hand saw. paint galley painting on those tools. make sure not collectors item or there favorite saw. but some ok hang on wall. folk art normal depicts country land scapses like milk cows pasture or apple trees. one favorite paints my mom has is of amish orange farm with milk truck drive buy. seem odd to me as young boy that amish have orange tree farm. amish not relistley drawn looked like almost kids rag doll. lot going on in that painting.

  7. can I ask…
    from where do you bring your mask because I tried to skech by spray paint but the smell was near to kill me so pls…😚👌

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