SPOOK TRAIN [room one] – Curtains

SPOOK TRAIN [room one] – Curtains

[Music] [Applause] [Music] No I said yo you know Marik is you too busy visiting your mother all that time is not normal well since dad’s gone and now tourneys gone you’d be a bit vulnerable not to mention lonely don’t you agree if you’ve got the other boss like your brother did I’m gonna be very upset yeah I’m not like Tony don’t be so bloody dramatic I’ve just not met the right woman yet do you remember what the doctor said it worrisome didn’t feel finished said well he’s quite a nice way to leave this world rather than that sense aids don’t you agree he’s sketching lay take your pills I leave the rat one yes then take them bloody old sing oh what’d you call it old I’ll swing by tomorrow I don’t come back until you’ve found yourself a nice girlfriend anyone could be opening [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] she died peacefully in her sleep [Music] you

100 thoughts on “SPOOK TRAIN [room one] – Curtains

  1. This is scary but im addict to
    Gore claymation like this
    I guess im a weird tho..
    Please making more like this

  2. Well i think the grandma was homophobic so her punishment was to die by monsters,she said the guy who died that had the word pride with the rainbow said he was gonna get aids sooner or later

  3. 4:31 scared the living shit out of me, not the jumpscare as you would think no this fricking ugly face starring at the granny

  4. It makes you think just how terrifying it must be to be alone and vulnerable, many of your friends and family having gone, your only human contact being the television and the occasional visitor. God, old age can be grim.

  5. saw them watching on an fbe reacts, and had to come straight here. legitimately got me twice to jump. the guy at the window and the monster coming out of the floor. not a good death. not peaceful.

  6. Now I'm skeptical about when a doc tells me "they went out peacefully." Wondering too if this is what it will be like when we "start to go out."

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