SPONGEBOB (SquarePants) – Polymer Clay Tutorial

SPONGEBOB (SquarePants) – Polymer Clay Tutorial

Hey guys this is Simon from Clay Claim. Welcome to my next tutorial! Today we are going to create SpongeBob SquarePants! Before we talk
about the creation there’s a story behind this tutorial. There was one guy
on my channel and he wrote nearly under each video in the comments he wrote: Please make SpongeBob, when will you make SpongeBob, will you make SpongeBob this month?? I won’t say any names, Brandon! But this tutorial is for you and of course for all of you SpongeBob fans! Ok let’s talk about the creation. As you may have noticed we need some yellow clay and we start with the block, a square and I added some dents to the edges. Ok just make some tiny holes and we will fill these holes with a mixture of yellow, just a little bit of brown and just a little bit of green. And it gives that nice SpongeBob pattern which is widely known After we have finished the square the first
thing we will start about the character are the eyes. So just make some dents for the
eyeballs cut away just some tiny pieces so that the eyes don’t pop out that much. The next step is creating the iris. For the iris we need some bright blue clay. Just make two tiny balls
and of course black dots right in the middle. And later we will finish that
with transparent polish. The cheeks are very important for Spongebob and very
characteristic as well and of course, the nose right in the position. A few days ago I talked with a friend of
mine and he’s such a big SpongeBob Squarepants’ fan and he told me that seven main characters from this serial refer to the seven deadly sins from the Bible. And, well I’m not that familiar with
SpongeBob but this funny fact made me very curious about these seven deadly sins and the
characters for what’s that about. So I did some internet research and I
found a list. First slothful Patrick Sloth is the sin of laziness or unwillingness
to act and well there’s only one character which fits perfectly to this sin, Patrick. Before talking about the other sins let’s go back to the
creation. I have just edited the tongue. I really messed on the mouth as I completely
left out the teeth. I will add them later. But if you want you can add them right now. Both ways work. Just for the eyelids Placing the tiny hairs. Three on each side. And really try to make them as thin as possible. For the arms well normally I use a very thick
aluminum wire but as the arms and legs of SpongeBob are very thin, we have to take even thinner wire. As one rope is not strong enough to hold the clay in position I used two and I tried to
bend them together. And that worked fine. OK, back to the seven deadly sins. Number two wrath. Wrath involves feelings of hatred and anger and there’s one character which
perfectly fits. It’s Squidward! He hates his life, he usually hates SpongeBob and he’s pretty much very angry. Most of the time. Number three greed. Who is is greedy? It’s Mr Krabs of course. He actually sings about the power of greed in selling out. There’s one episode,
I haven’t seen it, but my friend told me about that. Let’s step back to the
creation. I’ve just edited the hands. This was pretty difficult as the hands are so tiny. The other hand will even be more difficult, as my creation, my SpongeBob will have a fishing net in his hand, to catch all these jellyfish. I think this part is the most tricky part of the whole tutorial. I wanted to make the arm
and also the fishing net right out of one piece, using one roll of aluminum wire, so that the whole structure is stable enough. Just adding the hand. And it looks pretty nice I think. OK, what about number four. Envious Plankton. Plankton is envious of Mr. Krabs because Krusty Krab is so successful while the Chum Bucket is a failure As his envy drives him to try to steal the
Krabby Patty secret formula. OK now the arms are in position and I decided to change the
fishing net again. So I will cut away the upper part where later we will put the net itself. I have a nice solution, I found a nice solution for the net. But you will see that in a minute. OK the arms are in position and finished. What is next? Next we will create all the details
on the front part of the shirt for example. And of course the characteristic red tie. Number five on our list of the seven deadly sins in SpongeBob
characters is gluttony. Gluttonous Gary. This one’s pretty funny as they always say in the show don’t forget to feed Gary or SpongeBob says I got to go to feed Gary. Don’t forget to make the belt. I’m just using very thin layer of black clay. And it goes all around, so don’t forget to make
the side and the back as well. OK what’s number 6? Proud Sandy. Well, Sandy takes a lot of pride in who she is and where she comes from. And this is the most obvious sin, I think. And number seven, I will talk about that in a minute. First let’s focus on the legs as
these are very difficult to create. I decided to put the whole creation the whole SpongeBob onto some kind of a stand. A green stand that looks like if SpongeBob is running in his
environment. Just creating the shoes. And I also decided to make the sole of these shoes out of grey clay. Just place them onto that very thin slice of clay and just cut away all the clay you won’t need. OK and now we have to put everything
together. OK what about number seven? It’s of course about SpongeBob and the last but not the least deadly sin we have forgotten so far is lust. Lastful SpongeBob It’s a bit weird and curious but let’s give it a thought. Lust in one definition is
excessive love of others. And when you think about it, Spongebob is that kind of person who
loves everyone around him, even those who don’t exactly love him back Yeah, that’s it. Now we got all of these seven deadly
sins. Let me know what you think about these and write in the comments. Let’s go back to our creation. We’re almost done. Right now we have to place everything onto the stand which will be pretty difficult until the clay isn’t hard enough. To be strong to keep
everything in position. So, I tried to build another stand for the back side. Well and that’s it. Now we are ready to go into the oven. Here we go! I used some toilet paper to fix the whole structure. And now we can make the finish. First let’s start using the transparent polish for the eyes. And it really makes the figure alive as the eyes are shining and glowing. Also some transparent polish for the tongue. After that you notice I did some scratches on the green stand And now let’s create the fish net. I used some parts of the old swimming trunks. If you don’t have one you, can
also use some bandage. It’s even more detailed from the net itself. Try to cut a round piece out of your old swimming trunks. And after that we will glue everything
onto the wooden part of the fishing net. Well it’s not that easy, but it’s worth it Almost done. I’m using a super glue for all
these gluing actions. It’s very fast drying and a perfect tool for all of these kind of works. OK, what is next? I bought some new pens. And the SpongeBob’s socks have these three coloured lines. There’s black, blue and red. Just be careful while painting. The other leg as well and the other sock. And last but not the least, the red pen which we will also use for.. ..the cheeks! I almost forgot these dots on the face OK, the teeth. I talked about that earlier I completely forgot them. And so we have to glue them right into position after SpongeBob was in the oven. OK, we are done! Yeah! We are done! I hope you enjoyed the tutorial for the SpongeBob SquarePants, especially you Brandon. I had a lot of fun creating this tiny detailed figure Please let me know what you think about it and write it in the comments. If you’re interested in another
underwater themed character.. This is Dory from Finding Dory. Just click here. OK, that’s it. Thanks a lot for watching. Subscribe to my channel and see you next time. Bye!

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