Spongebob Lost Episode: "Wormy" (Alternate Episode) by Anonymous (+ Literary Review)

Spongebob Lost Episode: "Wormy" (Alternate Episode) by Anonymous (+ Literary Review)

[Applause] if you've watched a lot of spongebob you may have came across an episode entitled wormy this episode may be ridiculous and goofy like all the other ones but it has a gruesome secret when the final version was first aired on the 17th of February in 2001 you would see the title card wormy followed by the credits the episode begins with sponge up and Patrick inside the treedome scenes sandy the squirrel out the door they start to play around with one of her pets which was a common worm after a few scenes of this they decide that it's time to leave for the day sponge up and friends sadly walked to their homes and retire for the night the next morning they returned to find that wormy has undergone metamorphosis and being gullible as they are believe that this butterfly form had eaten wormy they managed to trap it in a bubble but it escapes outside of the tree dome they follow it to the Krusty Krab where mr. Krabs is posing for a shot afraid that I would eat mr. Krabs and Squidward SpongeBob and Patrick tackle the both of them and they've all toppled into the cash registers boat after explaining about the quote-unquote monster they peek over at the rim of the boats and Squidward chastises them and then grabs a bubble containing wormy he and mr. Krabs look closer only to see the close-up shot of what appears to be a fly's head they scream in fright at the sight of the many eyes and dash out of the building spongebob previously cowering in the boat sees that they had left their underwear and assumed that worm he had eaten them they decide to warn the town about war me and puts up posters depicting the giant butterfly soon the town is in complete chaos in the background is blood-red buildings up chunks torn out of them and some are completely decimated much later sandy returns from her trip she discovers a town in ruins it assumes that a tornado came through were me still in the bubble flies up to her and lands in her hand she greets her pet and the priest proceeds to trap it in a jar as if she had defeated the terrible monster the citizens of Bikini Bottom pop out and cheer for her it's fun job saying sandy caught the monster the show ends with sandy being carried away by a cheering crowd this is where the real story begins if you look closely at Patrick at that last shot you can see that his face is poorly drawn at first and a little distorted and stretched then it disappears altogether sure it's just a slip-up by the artist no big deal you may say nothing could be further from the truth before the final release of this episode they reviewed it as they would every other everything was normal from the beginning to where sponge off visit the Krusty Krab at one point his arm became deformed and bent itself in itself after a few seconds of screen twitched and it was back to normal a few seconds afterward when he thought mr. Krabs and scoobert had been eaten the blue and his eyes vanished and were placed with a black tar-like color his mouth moved as if he was continuing the frightening dialogue about wormy except there was no sound upon observing his lip movements you may notice that he appears to say I'll kill you nothing else happens until sandy arrived in a bus the same scenario plays where she traps wormy in a jar nothing happens for about three minutes after that and sandy just stands still like a statue the sky is still blood-red then slowly heads belonging to the citizens emerge from behind the buildings instead of being delighted at the capture of wormy their faces reveal no emotion whatsoever they stare blankly at sandy before stepping slowly towards her they posture her about five feet from her and form a circle SpongeBob's eyes are black again suddenly one of the fish starts to scream the rest follow and soon all you can hear screeching much like razors on a chalkboard they grab the jar containing more me and smash it at the very center on the kradin ridden Road they proceeded to stomp on him in an unnatural amount of blood spurts out a lone figure appears on the horizon and begins to advance towards the mob as it approaches it's found to be Patrick with no face he picks sandy up and shakes her above its head and then throws her down cracking her helmet water pours in she begins to suffocate the rest of the mob follows Patrick who carries her away her innards are being thrown like in fethiye she disappears over the horizon the intersection now looks like a war zone smoldering craters fires destroying buildings and that blood red sky nothing is left in the smoking road except for a very distorted spongebob the episode ends with him staring directly at the camera and speaking in raspy voice misses the screen cuts to static and then goes black the team that watched this was very horrified and they did a half-baked job at fixing it before it was released they took the shot of sponge up saying I'll kill you and instead left it as the painting of the underwear on the Krusty Krabs floor they never showed sponge up at that moment instead using a sound clip of him saying it ate them and there it goes as for the horrid finale they changed the scene of Sandy being carried away and mauled and replaced the mobs faces to be joyful they didn't follow the mob out of the shot they tidied up and quickly gave Patrick a face it was lacking in quality being a little jiggly however being distressed they left a few frames of him without it if you don't believe me just watch the video yourself and that my little shadows was wormies predecessor a spongebob lost episode creepypasta my final thoughts on this story a pretty good read to be 100% honest with all of you I found it to be a relatively enjoyable creepypasta however there were a couple of issues that I did have with a story that I think need to be made a mention of now given the fact that there aren't any comments any whereas this is on deviantART I might add I think it's probably necessary that I start off with the very beginning of it which I will admit the very start up of this creepy pasta actually was a pretty decent start up you know the whole thing about making a mention of the episode were me now anybody who's watched Punjab in the past would know that were me is probably one of the that one of the top episodes that a lot of people really enjoy I personally have found it to be one of the best to be honest however though with that said there are still a couple of relatively weird moments in that entire episode itself which I honestly think kind of adds a lot more to the episode I mean in the actual episode itself I mean it's a fun episode that's pretty much all I'm trying to say but this creepypasta actually relatively started off pretty good and I really loved the fact that you know there was a good amount of detail put into the very start up with a story specifically going along the lines and giving a good description about what went on throughout the episode itself and you know again relatively good before finally getting into the part where of course you know we're you know we finally get to the actual main episode where the main alternate episode as well which again I actually found to be relatively good you know it was a good amount of pacing and storytelling and things like that you know worked out fine now another thing too I can also say that I liked was the fact that all right anybody who's actually watched spongebob in the past well actually I already just said that my mistake um but at the last scene the story is a hundred percent correct on the idea that's book that Patrick doesn't have a face I mean I personally have watched that episode numerous times and I've always wondered why exactly Patrick's face isn't exactly there at the end I mean sure enough you could possibly say that it was covered up by the rest of the town folk but looking at the actual trajectory and the distance and everything that Patrick's head is where Patrick's head's is at there's no honest reason and why exactly there would be no face there and if you actually look close you know in the actual footage itself frame by frame you will see Patrick's face disappear and let me tell you all that is some creepy stuff right there that that was that's really unnerving when you look at it I mean the idea of Patrick having a really weird and distorted face before finally having no face at all I'm it's pretty creepy but I have to say the idea of this being inspired by that simple few frames and that one episode of Spongebob Squarepants was really good actually really great and this is the reason I say take inspiration from the littlest things even something like this could be inspiration to create a wonderfully made creepypasta you know however this is kind of where of the episode the this is where the alternate episode itself kind of took a little bit of a few nosedives where am I getting at with this well for one let's get to the part where there's actually the description of the episode itself and it gets to the part where it says SpongeBob's eyes are black okay why exactly would sponge upsize be a hundred percent black it doesn't exactly make a whole lot of sense to be honest with all of you I mean you know what a cutter reminds me of it reminds me of those YouTube poops pinched bill episodes and anybody who's ever seen them would know that a common trope in those YouTube poops is that son drives eyes are completely and utterly blacked out I mean did you show like a creepy version of Spawn job you know in that kind of manner and you know to me personally I think that the whole inclusion of black eyes wasn't exactly necessary I mean I don't even see why exactly the writers if they actually made something like this would do anything to SpongeBob's eyes I mean this is supposed to be an alternate ending not a youtube poop and then you know we continued on more or less you know with everything going around and like a couple of different you know and I actually have to be a hundred percent honest the actual alternate episode itself isn't really that long which I actually have to say is a pretty good inclusion to be honest I mean it doesn't need to be very long but still and there were also parts in this curry pasta that I will admit were really cliched especially around the ending of the actual alternate episode and this is kind of where you know that this is kind of where we get to the part where things just get yeah I mean I guess specifically with you know the jar containing were me being smashed and then you know stomped on and then you know an unrealistic amount of blood coming out I mean of course there had to be blood incorporated in this episode I mean I gotta be honest here I don't I don't really see much of a purpose in including blood unless there's a reasoning for it I mean to me it just doesn't exactly seem to work out and then you know Patrick's sitting there and attacking sandy and things you know and then finally everybody you know just dragging her away ripping out our intestines and throwing it like confetti is it's a little bit it's a darkly humored I'll admit but I don't think it really works out too well with this episode I mean I will admit though the town folk being really angry at Sandy for what happened you know I have to admit that right there would have actually been better you know maybe the town folks sitting there and finding sandy and then running her out of town or maybe even capturing her and beating her up or something like that would have been a little bit more believable you know compared to all of them just having you know no remote kind of phases or whatever and then next thing you know they're sitting there and they're killing sandy because of everything that went on and you know I don't really have too much of a problem for the most part about you know I have no problem with the alternate episode including you know maybe like a bit of a violent scene or something but it just doesn't make a whole lot of sense you know to sit there and just have that I kind of wish it there was a little bit more of a realistic tone with this alternate episode I mean cuz to me they're just doesn't exactly seem to be a whole lot of it in it I mean from the black eyes to the blood to the gore cliche incorporated in the story I just don't exactly think it really worked out too well I mean yeah but I will admit though while the alternate episodes description wasn't exactly too great and the whole you know this is you and kind of deal being incorporated into the story I just didn't find it to be that good however I will say that the ending itself like the explanation of everything that kind of went on was believable you know something that the creators and the writers and animators would most likely have done as a way to sit there and well I don't know just change everything up and the ending of it was just amazing I loved the fact of the matter that it just said you know if you don't believe me just watch the video and you will see it which in retrospect you know would have really really would have helped out a lot more with the believability of the story had the actual alternate episode itself been a little bit more realistic in a sense I mean granite this was written around the time of cliches being I guess probably like maybe in the middle ground or something where cliches were starting to be seen I mean do I really think this entire episode was really scary no but it was definitely a very enjoyable read and I have to give and I have to give that it's a good concept and it's a good storyline but it definitely could have used a little bit more work I guess but that's just me though and like I always say with these creepy pasta readings and like what I always will continue to say this is simply my own personal opinion and if you disagree with it that's perfectly fine too we're all entitled to our own opinions in regards to these creepy pastas and this assembly my own personal thoughts my final rating and the story would have to be a hmm I'm gonna be generous and give this one a 6 out of 10 it's a relatively enjoyable curry pasta and it was a little bit unnerving but I but the blood the gore the black eyes and things like that those cliches I think really took away from the story's believability to be honest but the very beginning startup of it the amount of detail that was put into you know explaining everything before it got into the alternate episode itself and the ending as well and the explanation for everything that went on afterwards was very much believable I really genuinely believe that this is one of those stories that have a great start up a great beginning start and a great ending but not so good not so good middle ground if you know the cliches and everything that would be where to be completely removed and something a little bit more believable would have been included then I would actually give this story a 10 out of 10 but honestly there's not really much I can say except just that but even then though it still deserves a good 6 out of 10 just for the fact of the matter that it's a very enjoyable story the grammar is really good and I really enjoy the start and the end of the storyline but what did you guys think about this creamy pasta did you guys enjoy it did you guys not also what would you have personally done to help make the story a lot better let me know your thoughts down the comment section below I'm the shadow reader thanks again for watching today's episode and if you're brand new here to this channel make sure to like comment and subscribe because I make brand new videos every single day and of course like always roll the outro because I'm out as your eyes widen your mouth comes through my breath II tried you try to scream your – toothy no – you woke up you test me the 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  6. Watched the episode, the closeup scene of Wormy was scary that most Nickelodeon studios locations decided to cut the scene because it was deemed "2 spoopy 4 kids"

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