SPOILER: IT’S REALLY BLUE! | Painting Some Portraits with Acrylic Paint | ArtSnacks+ Unboxing

SPOILER: IT’S REALLY BLUE! | Painting Some Portraits with Acrylic Paint | ArtSnacks+ Unboxing

Hello, welcome to the video. Today we’re gonna be having some fun with the November Art Snacks Plus box. Let’s open it up, find out what’s inside, And then make some art with it. ♪ It looks like we got some kinda paint. Gotta love the little bubble wrap bag. Oh, these are two different things. This one is the Liquitex Professional Soft Body Acrylic, Ultramarine blue… Green shade. Then you have your little technical specs [Laughs] Why is there so much lid? Look at this ratio! Oh, there’s a little hole in it. Wait is it like a pump? Doesn’t feel like much. Show me t,he pigment! Wowsers, look at that shiny, shiny paint goodness. This is some Liquitex Professional Flow Aid because
I’m gonna make your acrylic paints more watery. We have the two menus. This one is for the Art Snacks Plus Box. And this one’s for the regular Art Snacks Box. We have the snack. Okay. I gotta admit – Op./ Oh my gosh! [Sniggers] It’s a palette knife! Literally like a week ago, I got my first palette knife. Wow, they look eerily similar. You know except for the blade. The width is nearly full tang of the blade. Oh. [Metal clanking together] Anyway definitely need to get in the habit of using these things to mix my paint. Probably
prolong the life expectancy of some of my brushes. [Laughs] [Clank] Alright, now the little goodies. Usually my favorite part. Jeez, I am doing wonders on this tissue paper. Alright. We got the Art Snacks sticker. Kinda
reminds me of like a Thanksgiving sweater pattern. Oh wait, now that I’m looking at it. It’s actually a bunch of little leaves. That’s cute. Also in there, we have a Faber Castell… Eco Pigment in the size 0.7. Does it draw in red I wonder? [Gasps] It does! What makes it an Eco Pigment.? It’s actually made out of unused automobile plastic. Unused, do they mean reused or like it was meant to be an automobile and then they’re like now we’re not gonna make that, here make a pen? [Laughs] That’s unclear. Anyway, though. We’ll have to swatch that one. The Zebra Brush Pen. [Pen cap clicks off] Is it glittery? I can’t tell. [Gasps] Metallic! I don’t know if you can see that but Look at the shiny shimmer! It matches my nails actually. How funny. And finally, a nice little paint brush, the flat shader, Princeton Velvet Touch Enjoy that lasts. You will not always look that pure. And finally we have the paper. Oh, yeah, it is paper. I thought it might be like a block. The White White drawing paper. Ooh that stuff’s thick! [Paper wobbling] That has a nice deep sound. ♪ I’ve yet to figure out why this has such a lid. Maybe it’s just make it more ergonomic and easy to unscrew. [Gasps] Ahh! I mean, I knew something was up. Very
handy, you could probably even try drawing with this I’ve learned my lesson and we’re gonna use the type of paper that we plan on making the final illustration with for swatching. We have the pigment pen and the brush pen Try and get some variety in the lines. So those are our two pens and we have a paintbrush. It looks like the three things that came in the plus… We’re the knife, the flow aid and then the paper. Try some of the paint. without any flow aid. The flow aid’s supposed to add transparency and also make brushstrokes a little less visible. See what happens if we just brush right over that with the knife. Oooh! Intriguing. Definitely learning to use this as like a tool, not
only for mixing paint, which I need to remember to do, but also, for actually like trying to make art with it. Oh, it’s kind of like puttying a ceiling. So those are the three colors we have. I don’t know what I’m gonna do with these. Definitely
gonna have to take advantage of the white paper and use that for contrast because we don’t have white paint to mix with the blue paint to get different shades And also I need to go follow this recipe. [Laughs] One part flow aid to twenty parts of water, then add up to 25% of diluted flow aid your acrylic paint. Okay ♪ Mix that all up. Much science. Okay then you can add this… To the paint. I guess we could go to paper plate route. I appreciate this nozzle. It’s cute. Sorry for making fun of you before. Now, how do I get this to that? I’m just gonna drop it. Here we go. Don’t want too much. Only up to 25%. Ew, how weird. Is that what it’s supposed to do? Okay, it’s becoming a little bit more even and less crusty. It looks a little bit like jello before it hardens. [Palette knife scraping on the paper] Let’s try it with a paintbrush. I don’t know if I like that better. I’ll have to see when that would be useful. I’m a little stumped. How am I gonna use these together? You know what,
this would work really well for this sort of thing. [Metal clinking together] I just feel like my colors are so random. [Laughs] Let me try, I’m gonna grab a pencil. I’m gonna outline a character here. Gonna start with just a portrait, ‘Cause I want to see if this like idea actually works. Quickly sketch that in. We gotta do the eyes because that’s my favorite part. Fun eyebrows and some pupils would probably be nice. Just a little bit of hair and then you can try doing something with the paints and like obviously the other ones too. I think the mistake a lot of people make when they’re drawing hair, is they forget foreheads I know I do. Especially when you’re doing like short hair. Show a little love to some foreheads. Everybody has one. Earrings, I never draw enough earrings. Anyway, it doesn’t really matter what we’re drawing. The point is we want to try out something here. I’m gonna start with straight acrylic. Fill in around the character, block them out. Try not to go inside the lines like I just did and then mix in a little bit of our flow aid version. Kind of help mix the entire thing. Anywhere where I’m seeing too many strokes, that’s what it’s supposed to do. [Laughs] It might be a double layer thing, gonna make a little bit more transparent which is going to, in effect get look less fully covered. So multiple layers might be the trick. I’m gonna also paint over her shirt with this. I think the hope for this idea… Would be to have a fun monochromatic… illustration. Add on another layer. Oh yeah, look at that second layer action. Okay. Let that dry a little. Let’s take some of that and go over these areas. I wanna just test it to see how much coverage I can get. Right now, I’m still seeing some streaks. I don’t think it wait for that to dry enough. Whoops. Kinda
thinking about grabbing some white acrylic paint though All I have this cheap stuff. Mixing it with my Liquitex kind of feels like a crime. I’ll just get some out and if I happen to use it, I happen to use it, you know, no big deal. I mean, I just want to test this palette knife and see if it mixes well, right? [Laughs] and I have to use this paint before it dries because
acrylic paint dries so fast I might as well you know, put it on the drawing someplace and the hair seems like as good a place as any. Mix in a little bit add it to the darker areas. Yeah add a little shading in the face. Can’t hurt right? Darken up the cheeks. Pulling that out a little. I’m going
a little bit more crazy on this stuff than I anticipated. It’s drying pretty fast but I need to figure out how to use some of these other supplies with it obviously. I can’t just
get away with using half of my own art supplies. Right? Right, I don’t know what I’m doing [Laughs] I feel like I haven’t been saying anything. I’ve just been like oooh! [Laughs] What is it called? It’s just Flow Aid. Fluid medium. Okay. The
fluid medium is really changing how I do acrylic paints. I feel like
it gives you a lot more time to like blend out your colors and I like the transparent effect it gives when you’re layering. It’s actually really cool. I’m impressed. So, that’s acrylic paint. [Laughs] Anyway, we should probably – [Tapping] Use some of these other supplies. I want to use definitely the metallic brush pen Jewelry is like the basic way to use it, but I definitely wanna use way more than that. I had a necklace but I think this is still wet. I gotta wait like two more minutes but while I wait … Just
go with a starburst shape coming from behind them Random little specks and polka dots too while we’re at it. For a little extra sheen. Well, the other thing we haven’t used is the red pen. Which I feel like is what gets us… in a strange place regarding our hues and our color scheme, but I’m just gonna go over it and see what happens. I’m hoping… It’ll blend a little and look purple. But I’m not seeing that. Actually it doesn’t look that bad. Kinda like it. Let me do the whole thing first, though. [Laughs] And then we’ll know. I like the pop of color because the rest is so um… The rest of the colors are so analogous, that I think this pop of red actually works! I think that has a lot to do with me adding white to the mixture and adding more tones of blue Which also helps sell it Oh, I am surprised how well that works. It makes
me excited to move on to another piece of paper. I didn’t wait for it to fully dry, so I can’t really add the line art in certain places. Oh no, it added bumpiness to the rest Oh no. Oh, no.
I thought this was more like a pad for mixed-media. I was wrong. I think I destroyed it. But mm-hmm [Tapping] That’s just what we do here. Something must’ve actually made it through the paper. Oh, I love that shine. Ooh, shimmer, shimmer! This time, I’m going to remove the paper. [Paper tears off] Move this all the way to protect what I can. What hasn’t been destroyed. Grab some masking tape and tape this guy down and hopefully that’ll stop it from wibbly-wobbling. It’s already got a little bit of a wobble in it. So this might not work perfectly, but it should improve [Masking tape ripping] and avoid any future problems. So hopefully
we’ll have a really cool border when we remove this. I didn’t make that straight. I’m sorry. [Laughs] It doesn’t
bother me, but I know it’s gonna bother somebody. Here, we’ll hide it. It’s just a little bit of artistic chaos. I mean, yeah, it’s not straight but [crazy noise] Deal with it. Alright, I love the portrait. I do have a
smaller paintbrush that I was using to get those details So I don’t think I have to do a portrait because it worked pretty well, and I drew pretty small. But I’m probably gonna draw a portrait, let’s be honest. I’m gonna try and add a little bit more flow to it though, instead of it just being a portrait that
looks like a bit of a student ID with a little extra pizzazz This time I want to have like some flow to it. So let me just get everything out of the way here. Really really go to town! Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. I said I wanted to have more flow and I just go ahead and drawing in a head That’s the easiest way to make your art was real stiff. [Pencil scratching on paper] Okay, a face. Neck. Shoulders maybe like hunched up a little bit like they’re laughing Ears. Finding the orientation of the face. This would be funny if I keep with a happy theme, but I’m drawing in blue. It’s kind of like a contradiction ‘Cause like blue is considered like sad, melancholy color but here we’re drawing a very happy character, I kind of like that juxtaposition I don’t know how big I want the eyes to be. [Pencil scratching on paper] Let’s see for clothes and hair. What do we want to do? More importantly with you why I want to do, [Laughs] Since the decision rests on my shoulders. The face looks a little discombobulated. Let’s see, measure this out a little bit better. [Pencil scratching on paper] I want to include a hand here, but I did not leave room for that. Unless I just like throw one up like pffffft. Like they’re laughing at a joke. Could include the hand, but it’s a little goofy, but I kind of wanna paint a hand. I’m gonna make it a little bigger though because look how big the head is to the hand ratio Whereas if you take your hand and you kind of (Muffled speech) stick it over your face It’s a little bit similar in size to the face, so. That’s technically how big the hand should be. If we were trying to be accurate [Pencil scratching on paper] How do you? Oh you. What does that even look like? oh you! Wait, it’s the other hand. Oh you! [Short laugh] How does that look? Whoo, hey! Little reference and the thumb is actually coming out this way. Whoa! [Balalala] We got a hand! we got a hand. The very beginnings of a hand [Pencil scratching on paper] Kinda stylized the ears a little bit more than I usually do. I do like that. It’s kind of cool. I just pointed off some of the edges. Got to keep that earring theme going Inspired by that metallic brush pen. The sketch is going really. really well. I’m a little nervous about adding color. [Laughs] But that’s a good sign. Since I’m heading in the right direction And I may or may not have forgotten that I’m coloring this with paints and you’re not gonna see the sketch I wanna give her one of those like really short bangs. Haircuts and then the curls. Kinda block out where I want it to be more shaded. I’m including a forehead. To give my character a little bit more… space for the brain I don’t know. [Laughs] I used to draw characters like with no forehead and like, I was always like why is the face look weird? It’s ’cause
the hair is just coming out of the top of their eyebrows. You know, you need a little space there. We have brain cavities, you know? [Laughs] I’m picturing this hair being like neon green but that’s not a color we have. So just figure out where the eyebrows are one last time and then I’m gonna start going in with the paint! Aaahhh! Not entirely sure what’s lip and what’s teeth but I think we’ll figure it out along the way, you know. Have a little bit of adventure. [Laughs] I’m just gonna add a really simple t-shirt because I didn’t put thought into this. What she was actually going to be wearing. Woot, woot, woot! Paint! Paint! I think I’m gonna start without any – Whoops, oohh, not like that. Just start without any of the Fluid medium and
just color in the background with solid ultramarine blue. Need to start on the top left so i don’t put my wrist in it. Gonna probably gonna need a couple coats. So let me just quickly try and color this in. Try and be very thin with it. Like I’m painting a wall. Really get up to the edges. So I don’t end up with all that white space like I did with the thumbnail. Color in between these fingies. Try and get right on top of the pencil sketch, if I can. Is this is dry already? Geesh. Okay, next layer. Forgot how fast acrylic paint dries. That’s also what thin layers will do for ya’ The older I get the more I enjoy painting. It’s really starting to kind of like mesh with my art style a little better. It doesn’t quite feel like a fight as much as it is a dance. There we go We slowly learn what works, what doesn’t. You’re not stepping on people’s feet anymore.[Short laugh] So we’re gonna mix white and blue. Lots of white. A little bit of blue. At least the first layer of it. I expect
we’re going to be doing some shading afterwards. We have to block out all the colors. This will probably need a couple layers too. I probably should colored – Well, we’ll go over that spot a lot. [Laughs] The bangs,
I’m gonna want a color and skin underneath that. Yeah, you know, it a process. [Laughs] I am slowly, slowly learning. [Gasps] When did this happen?! Luckily, these are paints and you can build any color on top of anything. But yikes! I didn’t realize that was even happening. I can add a little bit more blue to this. To dark it up when I get close to this edge. Add in some eyebrows too, I suppose. It don’t really matter when. I might end up going over these with the skin tone, because I’m pretty lazy when I color in skin, I kind of just want to go over everything. Although no, I don’t really lose where the eyebrows are because
I put a lot of time and effort into figuring that out. Alright. I think the skin might be the next thing I want to color [batcha’shew’shew’shew *thinking sounds] So yeah, let’s add even more white to this mixture. White Start light and then we’re gonna add probably some of this mid-tone if it’s not completely dry for blush and stuff, which will darken up the face and then go on in. Get right up on the edge. Try
to eliminate as much pencil as possible in this first layer Thank goodness for opaque paint, right? [Laughs] Mix a little bit to mark where that line was above the eyelid which will probably end up getting blended out. First layer of blush! Oh, it’s gonna look so crazy! Getting used to that. Doesn’t she look crazy? [Short laugh] Luckily I am not close to being done yet. [Laughs] Or I’d be nervous. Lighten it up above here ’cause more light would probably be hitting this part of the hand. Let that dry while I figure out what to do next. I think I need to switch the smaller paintbrush after I paint in the background. Go right up along the edge there. A couple layers of this. Alright, switch to the smaller paintbrush methinks. Clean this one off and then I want to work on blending out the face. So we’re gonna need some more paint. Oh, I just grabbed the bigger paintbrush again. Okay, fine, we’ll start there. And dip it in a little bit of that medium. Gonna try and blend that out. I’m gonna make a little bit more transparent. This could be a slow process of just blending the different colors. It worked really well on the thumbnail, s o I am hopeful that this will turn out as well Oops I put way too much paint. Where’s the undo button? Maybe I could just scrape it off a little bit. See if I can reveal what was underneath. Start larger and then blend it out a little bit like I did with the oil paints maybe. Except, obviously you gotta work a lot faster. Need a little bit of a darker color on the brush maybe. Can’t keep leaving this nose hanging, can I? I probably should figure out what that looks like. I can’t really remember what the sketch looked like. Or maybe we want it darker on the underside. Kind of like draw a 3D triangle. Hmm. Yeah, I think I see something. Blend out… The edges. Seems like I want the ears to look like ears too. Ears are something I’ve just – Painting them’s been tricky. So this time I really like broke it down into shapes. So I’m hoping that helps. I’m gonna actually, that’s more that liquid medium Blend that one out. It’s taking a little bit more shape here. I’m impressed The paint’s I mean, not me. [Laughs] Painting monochromatic is definitely helpful ’cause you have to put the paint right where you want it and if I was doing colors, I’d find this way more difficult I’m lacking a little bit of contrast. I wonder if there’s a way to pop that up. Bump that up a little. I’m
gonna add a transparent layer of that really dark color. Like that and then I also want to use this this – So this is that medium mixed acrylic, and kind of darken up behind the hair. Then try to blend that out. So I’m gonna dry the brush, well, clean the brush Dry it, add the fluid medium and try to blend that. Oooh, hey, it’s working! Because I don’t want to get this dark color too close to the rest of the dark color. There’s the background Alright do the same thing on the other side! You can kind of do that with water and acrylics, but I feel like this… Works a little easier. It doesn’t lose as much pigmentation. I’m kind of like waiting for it to dry and I’ll go back to other bits. I think I want the fluid medium and then kinda lighten up under these eyes a little. and here a little. Blend some of this out. I know line art will help the nose, but I want to like just try figure it out myself, you know! [Laughs] Add some eyelashes. That always makes me feel better. [Laughs] I wish I could rotate the canvas at this point, that’d be helpful, but I’ll just have to rotate my body instead Oh, went a little crazy on the wing there. An eyebrow! Do one on this side. Just feel as I’ve not done anything with the mouth either. I think I’m gonna start with coloring in the teeth ‘Cause that’s gonna be white and it’s not gonna like require a lot of extra effort but I want that to be dry when I add on the lips on top Let me grab some white paint. Just color those in to remove like the pencil sketch. Probably take a couple layers. I just want to be there to be as minimum pencil sketch as possible. The mouth. This dark… Dark… Blue. And then lips. I think I’ll follow the color scheme of that one. And color those in the dark blue too. Do that first layer and just try to cover up the pencil That might need a little tweaking. But that’s what I’m here for! [Laughs] Darken up the ear in a little bit. Alright, this is quite the process! Whoo, I like it. Also need to do this hand and I guess I’m just leaving the shirt white. ‘Cause, not sure I have a plan. I’ll also add stripes or something and then the hands too! Oh, yeah the hands! That’s what I was excited about wasn’t it? [Laughs] So first I need to grab this. Add some shadow. Grab the lighter color. Add the highlights in. Just slowly figure out the tones. Add more highlights. With our lightest blue that we mixed. Luckily nothing’s really dried out on me yet. ‘Cause I mixed such large amounts. I keep referencing my hand. I’m like, what does it look like? More highlights to the knuckles. [Laughs] Every time I look at the reference, I’m like, okay. Knuckles kind of seem obvious. But then after that I’m like, I don’t know. Blend it outwards a little more? Maybe some wrinkles will help. Okay, I think that might be it. I’m getting to the point where I’m like over rendering it. Which is something I do not want to do because I am not going to over render the face. That’s for sure I’m not interested in that scenario. Been there, done that. Back to this face. I’m starting to use a lot more of the fluid medium because I want it to be more transparent when I’m blending out things. Add a couple extra highlighty bits to the hair. Give it a little extra something. Could probably even go back here and add some too Its little squiggles make the hair look a little curlier and try to blend it out though when it reaches the end there Make it a little more transparent. Mm-hmm, okay. Anything else? More shadow in the knuckles, maybe. Oh, yeah. There we go. I like that. Just gonna dry brush. Blend out anything that’s still wet. There’s definitely more to be done, but I’m not sure I’m the one that could do it. [Laughs] Let’s try on these eyebrows. [Laughs] Go in with my metallic brush pen anddo the jewelry as I had previously planned Not sure if you can see that yet, but I want to pick it up. Should be pretty obvious. I’m gonna add a necklace. Which I actually never did with this! Wait here, we could practice. Ooh, got to be careful It’s a little thick for this character. Very thick jewelry So maybe a little thinner. Use the very tip of the brush. Add some kinda charm at the end of it Gonna move this pupil over a little with some white paint and while I’m here, cover up some of this pencil that’s still there and add a highlight. Woop! Aw that’s so cute and maybe some highlights to the cheeks. Even though there’s already a pretty big one there. [Laughs] Probably outline a character. That might be -Wooo! I didn’t even think about it. I just started doing it. I don’t really have any regrets Brush strokes. From
where I’m standing that looks like solid white [Laughs] Even next to white. I’ll leave it on just this side of the character for now but we’ll probably add a little more. Wouldn’t be a painting by me if I didn’t add some noise to the background. [Laughs, tapping] Now we could take this red pen and finish this shirt for once. [Short laugh] To make it look separate from the rest of the drawing I think it’ll be little fun contrast. I actually
really like the way the light blue looks next to the red Really glad I added white paint to this. I don’t know what I would have done. Well, I probably would have done the same thing, it just wanted turned out as well. I’m really glad I included a hand. I just really really wanted to paint one. I don’t know when I last tried to paint a hand, but I was literally just trying to draw hands earlier today I’m just gonna add line art to the whole thing. I didn’t on this one only because it was still wet. But this one is dry. I mean I checked to see if it left anything on me but uh, Like I’d be able to tell add some like details of the hair with this. Line arty section. With this, I really want to be able to turn the paper. So I think I’m gonna pick it up. So that means removing… Phhew, the tape’s ripping. Well, that’s useless. You’re ruining the moment! Wooo! [Tape peeling] I’m getting better at this! Makes me happy! Alright, last one! Woo, do, do. NO! What’s wrong with this tape? I’ve never had this problem before. Anything’s possible. Here we have my (painting) Let’s FINISH IT! Oh, what a little line art can do for a nose! [Laughs] Go
over it with this, I’m just gonna make a nice purpley red Shadow to the mouth here. Kind of regret that last line, but we’ll keep moving on. Wooo! I think I’m done. I’m finally seeing it from a different angle. It looks so different. Look at that! I love the way it like shines and it like disappears sometimes depending on the way the light hits it. [Laughs] That is fun! I really like the way the colors actually turned out I was all nervous there. Seeing them like this, like all separate, but once you start putting them together. they actually look kind of cute. I’m quite proud of by slowly improving painterly skills. [Excited squeal] I still want to get like a huge canvas and like really, really try to draw something big. Anyway I wanna thank you guys for watching. I hope you enjoyed coming along with me as I dive into the Art Snacks Plus box this month and made something with its contents. If you’re interested in getting your own Art Snacks box, I’ll have a link in the description where you can check out the two tiers see which one would work for you Thank you guys for watching. I’ll see you guys all next week and I hope you have a delicious evening full of waffles Bye! ♪

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