Spinosaurus fishes for prey | Planet Dinosaur | BBC

Spinosaurus fishes for prey | Planet Dinosaur | BBC

Spinosaurus is a predator but one that hunts in water it's xef agus a fish eater this is uncle priestess an 8 metre long giant saw fish similar to those alive today the so like rostrum is lined with lethal Barb's and is in itself up to two and a half metres in length it's thought they migrated into freshwater rivers to breed where the young may be safer but the adults are exposed to new threats with their breeding season at its height these rivers are filled with anka priestess it's the perfect hunting opportunity for Spinosaurus Spinosaurus is conical teeth evolved to grip prey rather than tear off flesh for that it needs powerful arms and claws we've pray plentiful spinosaurus can afford to be wasteful fact which other dinosaurs take full advantage of Brueghel's an 8 meter carnivore anywhere else it might dominate but here it is dwarfed by Spinosaurus Spinosaurus is unique with long narrow jaws and nostrils set high on its head its teeth were straight and conical they gave us a clue as to how it killed more evidence came in 2008 when Spinosaurus skull was put through a CT scanner it revealed a curious pattern of holes and sinuses in the snout that looked just like those of crocodiles it's thought these contain pressure sensors sensors that like a crocodile can detect prey making it perfectly adapted to hunting in water this discovery gives us our best evidence of exactly how it hunted able to hold its snout in the water because of its high nostrils they can strike without even seeing its prey

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  1. Jurassic Park 3. Steven Spielberg's fav dinosaur . Still remember the fight scene between T Rex and Spinosaurus. Epic !!

  2. 1:29 Onchopristis: Oh God, let all of this end! Let me suffer for one last time before I meet this fate! Oh Spinosaurus, what did I do for you to eat me? Is it that you’re hungry? Or my future will kill you for revenge of my friends?
    Spinosaurus: Come on Onchopristis, it’s time for the sacrifice. *throws Onchopristis to the ground*
    Onchopristis: You better not hold me down just for a human that doesn’t deserve to have you as a guard. Next time, when I turn into a Megalodon the whole world will bow down to ME! *gets held down*
    Spinosaurus: Sorry Onchopristis. If you turn into a Megalodon I would be long dead by then. *kills Onchopristis* No one messes with the Emperor. *devours Onchopristis*

    2:17 Rugops: Oh hi there, your Majesty…
    Spinosaurus: What is it?
    Rugops: All the dinosaurs I tried to hunt ran away from my sight… I want to consider having a bite of that Onchopristis you killed as a sacrifice for Lady Mary Audrey Brown. I’m starving…
    Spinosaurus: Alright then, we’re brothers after all.
    Rugops: May God bless your kindness.
    Spinosaurus: Glad you like it, bro. There’s plenty of which where it came from.
    Rugops: No, I just need one piece of that… *eats a part of Onchopristis and walks away*

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