Spider-Tribal Body Paint With Me! - My Body ART -

Spider-Tribal Body Paint With Me! – My Body ART –

hey guys and now so I'm gonna be doing a tribal design today now it's been a while since I've done this design and I'm gonna kind of do it a little bit differently and I'm gonna start off by painting the tape a nude color so I don't necessarily have to worry about working around my studies so yeah you're gonna see just how much this paint is gonna hide this tape especially when it dries so the look I'm going for today kind of require that things be hidden so I can do the design over but if I just did the design over this tape it would look weird because you'd see the color of the tape underneath so that's not what I want so this is only gonna take me like 15 20 minutes extra so I figure why not so that is actually pretty cool I don't think this one needs another coat that I am gonna go ahead and kind of blend it into the surrounding area because it's a little bit off shade it dries a little bit more pink than my skin tone is I think I'm gonna take my finger as here well I hadn't even started painting the bottom tape nude and the tape fell off I don't have my normal electrical tape I have this kind of duct tape it doesn't work as well so I'm gonna have to do something different and just use some bottoms and just try to work around that so stuff happens and okay so I'm already started this final design but I have plan so far is to use this string as a guide line but I kind of want it to like come up on my hips yeah so something like that so I have done a trial top design and I honestly don't like this and I think I'm going to dry it paint over it and start again but I'm totally feeling at the bottom I think they're pretty badass and yeah I'm just gonna redo this because I don't really like it that's pretty simple however I think it's gonna need now I'm doing like a top piece I almost think I'm gonna leave the business there's nothing I kind of like that so I've got the bottom just about done and the top is I think it looks pretty cool with the bottom and also as for the back I didn't really do much as you can see it's just really simple so here is pretty much where we are standing I think it turned out pretty good I really like the simplicity of having nothing on the boobs I actually really like that I think it's really nice so really quick I actually think I'm going to add another one of these on this side just start painting on yeah you guys couldn't see that okay yeah I probably should entrust my foot there because the camera is on like a moveable chair sorry but I kind of have to rest my foot in order to do it but I'm going to actually take off these tapes tapes is awesome for taking off paint that you don't like instead of rubbing yourself and getting yourself already see how simple this is boom off it's great so this is it I hope you guys enjoyed the design today

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  1. eres un ermoso angel kaido del sielo corazo😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘💗💗💗❤❤❤❤❤💞💞💞💞💞

  2. Hello Hailey, I´m James Arthur from Mexico. I really loved your eyes, they're the must beautiful part of your being! I liked your body art, you have a very good technique for apply it on yourself !!! blessings for you and I wish you the best… ♪♫♪

  3. Do you have more than one Instagram account? I'm asking because I recieved a follow request from "you" for me to follow your "private account." Please let me know asap so I can report it if it isn't you. Thank you!😘

  4. Saludos gracias por sus videos, eres una musa e inspiración e más por dejarnos admirar tu Belleza con todo el respeto que te mereces Gracias desde México saludos, tu admiador #1 eres una Diosa e Muy Hermosa 😘😋😍🤩🤗😘

  5. Por instantes imagino nossos corpos juntos, sendo felizes, compartilhando um prazer inenarravel…

  6. Round 2!! Lol.. amazing talent and gorgeous physique!! Just the fact alone that you can DIY is badass! Love your videos 🥰

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