Spider-man CIVIL WAR | Pencil Drawing Time-lapse

Spider-man CIVIL WAR | Pencil Drawing Time-lapse

Hey guys, welcome back to another apisode I’m so excited to announce that
my channel recently got reviewed by youtube and the monetization has been
re-enabled on all of my videos and now i can officially get some
revenue out of the hardwork i put in this channel Anyways i made this drawing of spiderman
from the movie Captian America Civil war but the step-by-step video is still in editing phase So enjoy this time-lapse video and i’ll see you
on saturday with the complete tutorial

29 thoughts on “Spider-man CIVIL WAR | Pencil Drawing Time-lapse

  1. It will be helpful if you give a link for the reference along with the video too!
    And please make a video on how to use 2b,4b,6b pencils for the shades obtained by using b,3b,5b,7b pencils!
    It will help me a lot๐Ÿ˜Š

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    Here's the link: https://bit.ly/2ODzsnw

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