Spellcrow Miniatures – Kujo Painting [Review]

Spellcrow Miniatures – Kujo Painting [Review]

What’s up guys? Welcome back! I got sent a bunch of free stuff from Spellcrow
Miniatures, a miniature company based in Poland. They have a lot of cool models, I really like
their selection of character miniatures, they have a very old school vibe about them and
their prices are very reasonable. They seem to be mostly around the 8 Euro mark, that’s
what, 7 pounds? What’s not to like? One of the good things about the site is they
let you buy individual body parts that are perfect for conversions. Like these tabards, they’re really nicely
done, the chainmail is well detailed, it would be easy to paint. I’m not sure if this is
cloth or skin but I’m quite taken with the little faces sculpted into the surface. These would be really good as capes for some
lizardmen. And you could probably swap these shields in for some stromcast eternals to
give a bit of a different look. Not so keen on the sculpted text on the scrolls but you
could greenstuff over that pretty easily if you wanted to do your own scroll work. I’m liking the amount of details on these
nurglely headpieces too. Incidentally the casting on all the bits is really good, I’ve
been over everything and I could only find a couple of tiny bubbles. Nothing a bit of
green stuff couldn’t fix. Pretty impressive for resin. I haven’t painted much Nurgle but these nurgle
marines are tempting me. Sadly they didn’t send me the arms for them or I would have
built them up and painted a couple. Look at the amount of detail on those shoulderpads,
fantastic! These would be great as proxy parts for spaces
wolves. I really like the old school look of the backpacks, and again, look at these
shoulder pads! Those ones with the wolf heads on them are brilliant! Great amount of character
on the faces too. I think someone needs to stick these bad boys
on top of a couple of Terminators for a laugh! Few more heads for good meaure, their heads
are excellent, they’ve crammed so much detail into them. Now these are really something special, I
fucking love these Orks! Just look at them! Again, I didn’t get any arms or I’d be painting
the crap out of these right now, I have a bunch of commissions to finish so it’s probably
just as well! I love all the little bionic bits peaking out under the ripped flesh, great
stuff! And look at these heads! Holy crap, I love everything about them. This little
guy here with the hat is probably my favourite. They would look amazing as proxy Nobz. I might
use a few of these in a tutorial for painting Ork heads, we’ll see! They also sent these chunky terrain pieces
along aswell. Again, everything is really well sculpted, the wood looks especially good,
they have a tonne of woodgrain across the surface. I’ve added a little marine so you
can see the scale. So yeah, definiately worth checking out spellcrow
miniatures if you’re looking for some proxy pieces. I’ve had a look over their range and
the Ork and Dwarf models are awesome. I’ve left links to their website in the description
below if you want to check them out. Thanks for watching, take it easy, guys. Bye
for now…

10 thoughts on “Spellcrow Miniatures – Kujo Painting [Review]

  1. The problem with reviews of provided product is that you're getting cherry picked samples (unless they're really silly people) so it doesn't really tell us about the quality of the casting in general.
    The video's good though, the lazy susan shows everything off really clearly.

  2. As a massive Ork fan. I have several of the Ork bits/Heads from S.C – I agree they are a cool set! 😉

  3. I just ordered a bunch of Ork stuff from Spellcrow to mix in with my 40k army for Variety. They make excellent products.

  4. Not seen or heard a bad thing about their stuff, everything I have had has been top class. Nice vid fella

  5. these look nice , only problem for me is like to play at warhammer world and wonder if non GW pieces would be a problem ..

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