I don’t like to sleep in on Saturdays
unless I really need to, but my early morning activities before I head out for
the day are usually pretty house bound: chores, reading, playing video games… stuff like that Last Saturday, though, I decided I should
get out while the sun was still low in the morning sky and do some drawing in nature. The last time I did nature studies –
mainly these clouds – it was really lovely and I decided that I should do them way
more often. That was a year ago. Almost exactly a year ago, actually. I was at a
beach with friends and drawing clouds and it just felt right at the time, it was
great. I learned a lot, and though nature and backgrounds are not my forte — but you know WHY they’re not my forte?! It’s because I never draw them! That’s why I should be
studying them more!!! By the way, every like on this video will lessen the time
between now and the dubious next time I do a nature study by a whole day, so
please like this video share with your friends so they can like, too. Help me be a
better artist! Anyway, one of the reasons I don’t study them is because I’ve
always been more interested in drawing people. I somehow got it into my head
since I was a kid that drawing nature is boring. Once I actually get into it,
though, it’s really fun, just as much as drawing a person. But I still have this
block in my head telling me that I’ll be bored at it, and that I just shouldn’t bother. So this morning I packed up my filming
and drawing gear and headed to a local park where there’s a lovely little
seating area overlooking a river. I thought maybe I would go down these step
things and get closer to the water but… [Live Hannah] Okay, I’ve decided I’m going to draw at
the top of the hill because this isn’t… imPOSsible to get down, but the mud is a
little bit slick today and I just don’t want to deal with that while carrying
camera equipment, so someday I’ll come down and I’ll do some like close-up
water things ,but for now we’re just gonna stay where it’s safe. (dog sounds and owners apologizing} That’s all right… have you been having
fun? I learned and re-learned a few
things during this session, and considering I was only drawing for about
an hour, that’s a great return on investment. I had a lot of reminders
during the session that colors are relative, so their hue and brightness can
look different depending on what’s surrounding them.
For example this (right) green and this (left) green are the same but because this (right) green is
sitting on top of a much darker color, it looks relatively brighter than this (left)
green. I also remembered why it’s good to paint the background, then the middle
ground, then the foreground. I wanted this drawing to be on a single
layer like a real painting, so when I painted the foreground first it became a
little harder to paint the background since I had to go around or redo things. if you liked this video early on when I asked, THANK YOU! You’ve lessened the gap
between now and whenever I do my next nature study by a whole day!! Now what
should I study? Leave me a comment to let me know what kind of natural landscape
or subject I should learn how to do next and until next time make every day an
awesome one. See ya!

8 thoughts on “SPEED PAINTING at a river

  1. Hi Hannah,
    I like the blog feel to the painting. I always like plain air painting as its so much more challenging. Hope to see more painting soon. If you guys are looking for more paintings, check my channel at ShawNshawN. Thanks for sharing Hannah.

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