Sophie Blackall and daughter Olive draw their week in India

Sophie Blackall and daughter Olive draw their week in India

(Hindi chanting) We are in India, in the city of Varanasi, where the sun rises around 5:30 over the Ganges river. This is really early for us, but by this time health workers have been up for hours. Here they are arriving at the hospital to prepare everything they need for the day’s measles catch-up campaign. This is a vaccine carrier. It’s incredibly hot here and there’s very
little electricity. Today it’s 105 degrees. Each carrier has to have four ice packs
to keep the vaccine cold. The carrier holds twenty vials, and each vial can vaccinate five kids. This campaign hopes to reach a hundred and thirty four million children across India. Six hundred and thirty thousand of those are here in Varanasi. The health workers load the vaccine carriers and themselves into auto-rickshaws and disperse to different communities. This is happening simultaneously
all across this vast area. Community mobilizers work hard in the days and
weeks before the campaign to make sure parents know when and where to
bring their kids. They tell them how important it is to
vaccinate against measles and how two doses can protect a child for life. The children’s pinky fingers are dyed purple so it’s easy to tell who has received the vaccine. The sheer number of children in India is
absolutely staggering. We met just a tiny bunch of them, but couldn’t help feeling that every child we saw vaccinated would have a better chance at life. A chance children everywhere deserve. It was just incredible to see the
campaign in person but you don’t have to travel to India
to make a difference in a child’s life. Measles vaccination costs only $1
a child. Here’s how you can help.

4 thoughts on “Sophie Blackall and daughter Olive draw their week in India

  1. Amazing, informational, awe-inspiring. I cannot believe the things going on in the world that we don't know about. Thank you for the taking the time to inform.

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  3. Jesus Christ that looks ridiculous. Give the poor people in India vaccines that costs $2.00 to produce instead of healthy nutritious food. While Americans squander $6 trillion on wars. wow. Clean water, nutritious food, and expensive clean conditions is what the people in slums need – not dirt cheap $2.00 vaccines.

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