Sonogram Inspired Nail Art! | Unpolished

Sonogram Inspired Nail Art! | Unpolished

I can paint whatever
you want on your nail. So people ask for
the strangest things. When clients come in
and sit at my table, you never know what
they’re going to ask for. Obviously I’m– baby’s coming. So I wanted to do a
sonogram pic on my nails. Let me just show
you what I brought. Interesting. So a couple of options. It’s weird. What do you think? Girl or boy? It’s not like a
baby’s portrait, it’s like a black
and white blob. But she’s about
to go into labor. I can’t disappoint her. So I figure we
do, like, one pic of, like, the actual sonogram. And then we could do something
different with the other nails. OK. Color wise, do you want
to stick more neutral? I think, like,
it’ll be fun to do a little mix of the
blue and the pink because I don’t know
what I’m having. It’s going to be a surprise.
So– So maybe, like, add,
like, blue and pink with the black and the white
since, like, the sonogram is– Yeah.
Yeah. Yeah.
– Let’s get started. OK. It might have to be 20 times– That’s all right. –in the session. Just let me know when. The first thing I’m going
to do is this sonogram nail. It’s kind of tricky because
it’s kind of abstract, but it has to be detailed enough
where you can tell what it is. So I’m going to
paint the nail black. And then I’m going
to use my detail brush to go in with
the white and create the shape of the baby. It’s so tiny and detailed. One line out of place,
and the whole thing looks like a mishmosh. So I have to be very precise
when I’m painting my lines. This is, like,
perfect timing since I’m going to be on maternity leave. So now I can
actually have nails. You know, I got you. One of the best
parts of my job is that when people get their
nails done, it makes them happy. I’ve had clients who come in
who are unhappy with themselves, and just getting their nails
done makes them feel better. [MUSIC PLAYING]

29 thoughts on “Sonogram Inspired Nail Art! | Unpolished

  1. Great for her, she's using her talent to do what she loves and creates her own business, make money, and make her customer happy too with her nail art.

  2. Honestly I’m sick of spending money to get my nails done who the fuck wants to genuinely spend so much money for it not to last long when you can do them at home

  3. I can’t even draw a straight line & this lady can paint sonogram images on nails? I’m just saying, regardless if you like something like this or not, that’s talent.

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