Someone Stole My Art? And Got It Tattooed?! | Storytime| Creepshow Art

Someone Stole My Art? And Got It Tattooed?! | Storytime| Creepshow Art

Hey guys, it’s Shannon and today, I am going to be talking about the time someone got my art tattooed on their body Without asking me first now really quick I just want to say I just want to put a disclaimer out there that I am not upset with this person I’m not angry at them I’ve never really tried to contact them about this and Generally, I don’t know how I feel about this I’m sure the person who got my art tattooed on them did it with respect and did it because they really liked it and they just Were inspired by it But I’m guessing they didn’t think about if it would affect the person who actually created the art or if it would affect me at all and So for that reason it still kind of bothers me and so with that. They’re let’s get started So before I get started, I do have a confession to make I am essentially Nev from Catfish With how fucking good. I am at online stalking like I’m Amazing at it guys you have no idea Honestly a lot of people have tried to make me feel bad About how good I am at it, and I’m I don’t fucking care at this point like Being able to research someone online is So handy because one you can figure out like is this a person I want to actually hang out with and two, if you’re getting into a new relationship Or your friend is, you can actually figure out if that person’s a dick bag or not Because I’ve saved cuz I’ve saved numerous people from getting into bullshitty relationships with guys who, one, already had girlfriends and Two, would frequent the gone wild side of Reddit and just hit on girls constantly And I’m not just talking hit on I mean like they would give them their full phone numbers in the comments Like unsolicited, so yeah, I’m pretty fucking proud that I’m Nev from catfish But Some people do not like it like when I creep them out using their information and one of those people is my sister who I no longer talk to for a different reason but One day in order to get me to see how creepy and weird it is she asked me to research myself Which which honestly I was more than fine to do because that’s kind of interesting I Mean I’ve looked at what all these other people have online Maybe I put something out at one point that I’m not super proud of Which I mean? I think we all have done that plus I have the added benefit of knowing all my screen names that I’ve ever had ever So I took her up on the challenge I was like there’s probably not gonna be anything if there is all log in and delete it, but fine I will go through and cyberstalk myself So essentially I spent the next like 10 to 15 minutes, going through, typing in my old screen names, looking up shit and Then I found something on Pinterest. Now, I don’t use Pinterest ever. I don’t really like it. I don’t understand it it seems like the place where artsy fartsy people put like crafts and say don’t you wish you could be like me and then people save them all and Then say I’m going to do it and then they never do do it like it. Just seems really irrelevant to me I have Google and I can Google fun mason jar crafts, so I I don’t need Pinterest. That being said I found a link that said my old username Tattoo art on Pinterest and I was like I know for a fact I’ve never uploaded or put anything on fucking Pinterest. What the fuck is this? so I click on it and I’m taken to this page. That’s full of tattoo art like different themed tattoo art with My drawing in the top left corner, and I’m like that’s fucking weird. I uploaded that drawing like Probably three to four years before You know I looked it up And then I deleted the account like two years ago So here’s my art for my account. I deleted On Pinterest I Didn’t upload it it It Has my name in the credits, but it’s to an account that I no longer have So I’m looking at it, and I’m like weird But all around it’s fine like It’s not a finished drawing. It’s not really like I was gonna add words to it. It’s not my best work I’m kind of feeling mad over it But it’s fine but then I look at the picture next to it and right next to the picture of my drawing of a tattoo design Is a girl who has the tattoo I designed on her leg Yeah There are no changes. It is my tattoo on her leg If anything the only difference was that the lines were filled in because again, I didn’t Finish it the photo. I put up The finished drawing I put up on deviantART was in my scraps because it wasn’t finished and I had little notes written on it in pencil I had notes written on in pencil that clearly were not transferred onto her leg But it was just a finished complete version of the drawing I did and I just kind of sat there and stared at this girl’s thigh for three hours Literally I sat there right after finding this and just stared at some strangers thigh With my artwork on it for three fucking hours Because like I don’t I don’t know what you do with that, but like my mind can’t process that information because on the one hand I think that’s really fucking cool that someone liked my art enough to get it permanently inked on their body cuz art for me is about getting how you feel out into the world and Trying to relay that to the world around you and to the people around you and that’s not something I’m really great at doing in real life like out of everything I’m horrible at communication And so to know that someone looked at something I drew understood it And knew what I was getting at and liked that idea so much that they put it on their skin forever That is so cool Like They want that on their body for the rest of their lives They’re a living and breathing embodiment of the emotion I was feeling at that time And that is so cool And then on the other hand They took that from me Without asking Without credit and without anything and they just assumed they could do that And it’s it’s blatantly mine like if they had edited it Even a little bit I would have been sitting there like oh You know what now that someone else is they made editing choices they did this, but they didn’t? That’s my art on them on a stranger And I mean it just kind of sucks because I would have loved to hear about that and I would have loved to be a part of that process And I think if I had been asked about it I would have totally Like given them credit to do that. I would have said go for it that is amazing. I would probably have their thigh Weird as it is as the background to my phone Because that’s so fucking cool But.. God damn I don’t know guys. It’s just it’s just weird Well needless to say my sister kind of got what she wanted I Was made to feel uncomfortable was something that I found online about myself but unlike Most people it wasn’t something that I put up myself. It was something that Turns out someone was taking from me Like I said, I really don’t know how to feel about it to this day I’ve never tried reaching out to her I actually looked into it while filming this video and found that the thigh picture with the tattoo on it has been removed, but my art hasn’t So it’s still on Pinterest under an old username which fucking sucks but Yeah, I mean If you could tell me how you guys feel about this and if I’m overreacting I Really really do want your perspectives, please leave them down in the comments below Good bad you agree with me you disagree with me. Just let me know Cuz’ I really do think we live in a day and age where art is so easily accessible That most people don’t realize that when they Download it and then re-upload it somewhere else it does affect the person who made the art It’s just very strange. we live in a strange world I guess So with that I am Done Thank you guys so much for making it this far. If you haven’t already please hit that subscribe button I am generally new here on YouTube so every subscriber helps I’m gonna be putting out new videos very very soon and with that I am out. Hope you have a great day Upbeat music starts

100 thoughts on “Someone Stole My Art? And Got It Tattooed?! | Storytime| Creepshow Art

  1. I wouldn't call this art, it's a drawing but not art. It bothers me that everybody that makes this kind of cartoon or doodles of hairy armpits on tumblr is talking about their "art" nowadays, if everything is art then nothing is. Art is excellent, it goes beyond everything that has been produced at that point. Look at Michelangelo, Sargent, or Bouguereau and compare it with this, this is mediocre at best. You should be grateful that someone put a tattoo with your ugly drawing on her skin, it seems to me that the fact that someone tattoo your drawing went up to your head and you couldn't wait to tell everybody. Also, you put something on the internet and you should be aware that someone could just use it, if you don't want to take this risk then exhibit somewhere else. Also, people will put anything on their skin nowadays (obviously)

  2. i think it isnt a hue deal but asking an artist's permission to use their art should be done as that artist put effort int their work

  3. as someone who uses pinterest, let me explain what pinterest mainly is for.

    It's I like it database, or I want to make it database, or moodboard database. I for one pin a lot of pictures with costumes I might consider to cosplay one day. I loose stuff on pc all the time and/ or like to send a link to someone asking to co-cosplay.

    super useful thing ;p

  4. Honestly I think I would feel the same way. One the one hand flattered, on the other violated. I would be honored for someone to wear my art forever, but not to steal it!

  5. The point people seem to be missing is that they didn't ask permission. They didn't even reach out. It's one thing to get like, am official art of Pikachu tattooed on you. But someone spent hours on this design and these people didn't ask permission. And a lot of non-artist consumers don't seem to understand that they can't just take stuff and use it without credit. It's extremely rude and it hurts both the artist and others who see the image because they(viewers) don't know who actually drew it. And those saying "oh they wouldn't pay extra for the tattoo design"- Tattoo designs are /not cheap/- the fact the tattoo artist just used someone else's art without checking if they had permission- albiet at the client's request, is just… Unprofessional, especially as a fellow artist.

  6. Honestly the tattoo artist should have made sure it wasn't theft too, cuz how would they have felt if someone stole their art?

  7. I don't know why here are so many people saying you shouldn't be bothered about it, because first of all it's something you created and you should at the very least have the say on whether that piece can be reproduced in any way, and also be credited for it, and I'm pretty sure that most people who said that haven't gotten their art stolen but it really sucks that something you made is just out there? Without your permission, and had you not done that research, without your knowledge?? I don't know, it would make me feel pretty uncomfortable and I'd be upset too.

  8. the only art that should be allowed to be tatted on people should be the tattoo artist's art or the original artist should give consent

  9. as a tattoo enthusiast who draws, taking someone s piece and litterally copying it is never ok, the tattoo artist who agreed either didnt know the girl wasnt the owner of the piece or simply didnt care which is worse…
    besides idk if you can say she understood the piece, cause if she did, she would ve made it more personal not copied it bit by bit…

  10. Overreacting most likely, If it was a tattoo artist that was selling your design that would be a different story, but it wasn't..rather a person who was inspired by your design to have it imprinted on their skin and paid a tattoo artist to do it which is pretty common for those looking for custom tattoos people see on the internet and whatnot~

  11. "I wouldn't call this art, it's a drawing but not art. It bothers me that everybody that makes this kind of cartoon or doodles of hairy armpits on tumblr is talking about their "art" nowadays, if everything is art then nothing is. Art is excellent, it goes beyond everything that has been produced at that point. Look at Michelangelo, Sargent, or Bouguereau and compare it with this, this is mediocre at best. You should be grateful that someone put a tattoo with your ugly drawing on her skin, it seems to me that the fact that someone tattoo your drawing went up to your head and you couldn't wait to tell everybody. Also, you put something on the internet and you should be aware that someone could just use it, if you don't want to take this risk then exhibit somewhere else. Also, people will put anything on their skin nowadays (obviously)"

    Bitch 2018-

  12. Oof….Shannon, I’m not gonna pick either side, because…haters and all. I just wanna say hi. So hi 🙂

  13. I can see y this would bug u but I would be flattered if someone tattooed one of my pieces of art on there body :3

    Even if it wasn't the best, it just means they love it! Nobody SMART gets a tattoo of something they dislike in that present time so they must have loved the drawing 😀

    And, hey, think of it as them advertising it art! When they look u up they will be even happier to see ur improvements

  14. I think this issue comes down to the artist himself/herself. I've had plenty of people ink their skin based on my art. For myself, so long as they're not making money off my art or claiming the design as theirs, and it's for INDIVIDUAL USE ONLY, I'm fine with it. However, they can't ask me to customize the art to suit their needs, not unless they commission me to modify it for them. They're also stuck with the low-res crappy online version of my art. If they want the high-res version to give to the tattoo artist for reference then they're gonna have to pay me to have access to it. I think this is a fair trade. I'm able to maintain a healthy relationship with my audience while being mindful of my fellow artists and those who've commissioned me to have access to my art files.

  15. I wanna subscribe to you, and i wil, i love your art and you have the right to be mad becsuse if youre uncomfortable with your art on someone without them asking which makes sense just when you talk you are really extra and sound really exasperated

  16. As an fellow artist that has had people get my art tattooed on them, I don't really have a problem with it. Honestly, I'm flattered. It's a huge honor to have someone look at one of my paintings and decide to make that a permanent part of themselves. Sure, I didn't get compensated, but I don't really care about that. My art made someone feel so strongly that they had it etched into their skin, that's fucking awesome in my opinion. To be fair though, I agree with you that it would have been nice to know ahead of time, but it was still really cool nonetheless.

  17. I agree with a lot of what you say anf I don't want this to come off as hate. This person who tattooed that on herself, I assume isnt a big name person. Generally people who aren't constantly being critiqued by the public will not necessarily ask permission for every tattoo idea they find from the internet. Not only is that odd and tedious, if someone was to ask permission there's only a small chance that artist would even see it. I understand wanting credit and you daserve that but this situation I don't feel is one you can say "my art was taken from me "

  18. 8:30 you said that they gave you credit, now your saying they didn’t. I think your making this into a bigger issue than it needs to be tbh, I think you should take it as a compliment instead of an insult.

  19. //legit just watchin a lot of your videos haha
    Ive had somethin similar happen to me. My friend texted me a picture i drew and said "Hey, im getting this on my shoulder soon."
    I had texted her back "no, youre not. I never gave you permission to use my work."
    She flipped out on me over that and after i explained that it was considered theft when i never gave her permission, she had the nerve to just go "well, can i use it?"
    noooo you maaayy nottt not after how you blew up at me over tellin you not to use it.
    she never used it.

  20. So the opposite happened to me.
    I was in art college and made this friend. Her and I, after a couple months went to get friend tattoos that she supposedly drew for us. It was of some colorful tribal-looking arrows.
    So we got the tattoos, and went on with life.
    Fast forward a few years later (lost touch with said friend) but I was browsing pinterest for tattoo ideas, and up pops the picture she claimed she had drawn of these arrows. So I followed it back to the original deviantart creator and it wasn't her. As an artist myself I was so upset that she stole someone else's art, claimed it as hers, then convinced me to get it as a friendship tattoo! I did message the original artist, explaining what happened, I never did hear back from them though.
    So I have "stolen" art tattooed on my body. 😱

  21. I feel like it's not art theft if it's on their own body and they don't post the tattoo saying they designed it. If the tattoo artist pretend they designed it and told the person getting the tattoo they designed it that's wrong. But I think it shouldn't be put in the same category as people post others art as their own

  22. Right off the bat you felt icky that tells you enough. I applaud you for taking time to think about it, most people would tear the person apart. I would feel almost the same, I probably would feel anger more personally, but really there’s not much you can do, and it is flattering, man it’s so hard to say.

  23. most tattoo artists recognise the fact that they can’t just steal other people’s designs and copy them, so the person that tattooed it really needs to be told that they can’t do that, it’s really unprofessional.

  24. It just depends on the situation. I mean, someone could get a tattoo of someone’s art with their permission, it’s perfectly fine, also, if the couldn’t contact or didn’t know how to contact the artist or something (y’all know what I mean, right?), it depends on the artist.

  25. I actually hate it, when people take pictures from an artist get them tattooed. Unless someone pays you to design the tattoo and then pays a tattoo artist to tattoo it on them it is straight up art theft. A person puts time and effort into creating something, then a tattoo artist gets paid while the original creator is left with nothing. Any tattoo artist who does it is extremely unethical.

  26. Personally, I've never had the exact experience you've had (I've no idea how I'd react if I did), but I've had people take my art of my characters and try to rename them and claim the art as their own. That's a bit of a different ball game, I guess, but it still sucks nonetheless. You've got someone running around with something you worked hard on and they just completely disregard that. Now, I can 100% get why it'd be super cool to have someone get your art tattooed on them, I've had people commission me for tattoo art (no clue if they ever went through with the tattoos, sadly) and it's a fantastic feeling to know someone likes what I do enough to want it permanently etched into their skin. But there's a huge difference between commissioning someone for a tattoo design and just taking their drawing you found on DA or something and deciding it's your next tattoo without trying to either contact them or at least credit them somehow.
    Hell, as someone with tattoos I can say I've taken inspiration from the designs of others, but I still find a way to edit them and make them my own so that it isn't just blatantly taking someone else's art and embedding it into my arm or something. Idk if I just took a drawing from someone else without asking and got it tattooed on me, I'd feel kinda icky about it myself. I'd feel the same if someone did that with my art.

  27. And if I message you if I can use a certain drawing of yours as a T-shirt or tattoo design? Is it different? Because I love your art and I know you did them, and I ask your permission? 😁

  28. I've had this happen to me too of art I drew for myself for MY tattoo and it's weird someone else copied it for their tattoo. It's not as special and I wonder if they tell people they designed it (the tattoo artist seemed to be proud of "her" design). It just sucks. Track the artist down and ask. It doesn't hurt to ask

  29. I think I’d be frustrated too that neither of them actually contacted me.
    Especially because if they had it maybe could have been this super cool thing about your art being a tattoo. Rather than a weird, uncomfortable thing.

    It’s almost comparable to someone making a T-shirt with your art. Even if they aren’t selling them, it’s a design you worked on.

  30. My tattoo experiences I’ve ever had was being asked to draw an image for a tattoo they wanted and another time drawing one and actually getting paid for it.

  31. You're overreacting. If you didn't want someone to use it you shouldn't have put it on the internet.You getting mad at the tattoo artist is like an artist getting mad at a cover band. Sure they took your original idea, but it took skill to replicate the image.

  32. In the beginning of my getting tattooed, I admit I did this. I found a picture on google or pinterest, dunno which, it was some years ago, and got it tattooed. That was a noob mistake and a dumb move, and one I haven't repeated. I've gotten more tattoos, but I've asked the artist and gotten their permission before even talking to a tattoo artist about it first. So hopefully it was a noob thing on the girl's part and they've learned better.

  33. First of all i wonder who would want to tattoo your art on their body because there are so many flaws to this drawing that is so unreal , the neck is way to long so it makes the head off balanced second the face is to thin so it makes the face look out of proportion and no this isn't a hate commet I'm just someone who is giving you criticism and i hope you take this and try to improve at least

  34. In my opinion, if I was in your shoes, I would feel the exact same way. I would be so amazed that someone could love something of mine so much to get it permanently tattooed on their skin, but, I also agree with you it feels odd. That would have been an amazing experience to be asked and have them talk about what it means to them with you and them not doing that is really weird. I've been more aware of having tattoo's that are exactly the same style as I found them lately and it makes sense. Like I don't want to say what not to tattoo on your body but there are just somethings that are unspoken rules, you know? Idk. Just the way you talked about it was really nice and relatable. I really don't know the answer to this one. I don't think you are overreacting tho. Like at all. I agree 100% with what you are saying.

  35. I really want proof of this. Cause i cant fucking believe someone would be dumb enough to get it. She could just be lying and trying to sound like someone over 18 likes her shitty art.

  36. I totally get where you are coming from. I've never had someone steal my art to make a tattoo, but I've seen something of mine used in a way I never wanted. It's really tearing between flattery and ferocity.

    I wish I had a canned simple answer… I really do. But art as a vehicle of emotional expression had a funny tendency to defy logic. I probably would be in the same boat of being over the moon at the woman but whomever gave her that tattoo I'd be spitting mad at.

    You're still awesome,
    Thanks for the likes on Instagram


  37. If it were me I’d honestly think it would be kinda cool ig. Unless it was a peice I really hated. But I think of it in a more general standpoint. People get tattoos of things like superhero’s (from scenes in comic books or the movies) and those are others artworks too and I’ve never seen companies like dc or marvel get angry with it. But that’s only my personal opinion. I feel that way when people get mad when someone draws their original characters even if they credit them. Because those same people will draw superhero’s or anime characters which are all other people’s original characters too. But hey if not anything else, it’s free advertisement.

  38. I really like your content, haha i usually don't comment but i will do an exception for this, i am myself an artist and i sometimes do tattoo designs (besides I am doing illustrations, characters designs) stealing other people art should not be accepted or in any way or justified, it is not different from shoplifting and should be treated like this …. especially when it comes to tattoo designs….and for example i make tattoo design and imagining situation when my client tattoo that design and sb else steals it and tattoo on them….(even though it may have some meaning behind for the client a and it was a full custom made piece (and even if it doesn't . ) my client have trust in me that it will be only for them, unique design….but sb else stolen it. that's horrible and i can't be any different with any other situation simmilar to this…even if it is sth small or whatever a doodle ….if you have no permission from the actual artist, don't copy (of you can get inspiration or take actual drawing you like and ask your tattoo artist if he can do sth inspired by it) …that should be clear but for some reason it happens so often. such situations make us artists ask if we should post the art anyway…. it is just unbelievable….and some ppl like to say "oh just don't put it on net bc everybody can take it and it is not their fault " I just wonder from where they pull this answer from bc i guess ass is the source TM, if artists won't put out their art on internet most o us wouldn't be able to earn money form it, and also you won't run into store and steal some stuff but you would be able to go and steal sb design and wear it proudly like it was yours… I mean that's the same thing and sometimes it even hurt more than one person. I am glad you actually talked about this bc it is not ok that that person took it…a lot of people are not aware that is totally wrong even alot of tattoo artists copy other artists work and they don't see the problem. I think we should explain to people why it is wrong and what damage it may cause, I am sorry that comment is so long …i just wanted to add up my thoughts on this bc I myself love tattoos and i am concidering becoming a tattoo artist. I really hope you have a nice day and that you will continue on creating content.

  39. I don’t get why see would have to ask that is kinda stupid. I’d be proud that someone would put that permanently on their body. I mean there are 7 billon people on the earth.

  40. i think it's like…i love making art and when i'm proud of it i put it out there…but if someone got it put on them i'd just feel bad because i don't think i'll ever look back and think my old art is good enough to be tattooed. So even if i thought it was good when i made and posted it, when they get it put on them i'd be like, "Fuck fam…you went and put that trash on you?" and my shitty art would be forever out there. Like my cringy old spideypool art i really wish i never posted

  41. I respect you fully but you put that art out there you can’t expect people to find out who you are and acknowledge you for it . It’s possible this girl randomly saw your art liked it and didn’t bother finding out who you were because that’s simply not something she has to worry about. So ok she put it on her thigh. It’s hers . She’s not stating that the art is hers, she just didn’t tell you about it .

  42. "Oh you got a tattoo of my art? I wasnt very happy with that piece, could you have maybe used one of my good pieces at least??"

  43. I think as an artist I would be bothered by the fact that a tattoo artist had to have plagiarized you in some way? Maybe they aren’t claiming it as their own technically but most tattoo artists wouldn’t tattoo a whole piece that was blatantly done by someone else. I’ve even been turned away by artists when asking them to tattoo something I drew myself.

  44. stealing another persons art or custom tattoo and getting tattooed on themselves is never ok, not asking permission and paying some kind of compensation if the owner asks, is never ok.

  45. Even when you give permission, if you didn't tattoo it yourself, its always kind of jarring and flattering to see your work on someones skin. I sold some flash art to a tattoo parlor and the first time i saw my work on some rando's hand my stomach jumped into my mouth XD
    If it werent a public peice though I would be a little miffed. People pay good money for designs :/ its a tough one

  46. But like she didn’t steal your work cause she hadn’t taken credit and gave you credit for it, it’s also her body so I feel like she shouldn’t have to have ur permission

  47. You’re not overacting at all. You put a lot of time into the piece, and your feelings. And someone came and took it and used it for their own means without asking you. It’s like you said…you feel like you missed out on something cause the person didn’t ask you first. And that’s a completely normal thing to feel.

  48. @CreepShow Art I don’t understand why people keep saying they hate your style. I think it’s beautiful. 🙂 I know you’d probably prefer a critique, but I just wanted to encourage you today. In my opinion, your stuff is lovely and I enjoy your vids.

  49. I disagree. If the person likes your art enough to get it tattooed they’re obviously a fan of YOU and want the stamp of your work on them. If people ask them about it they’re gonna go ‘oh thanks! It’s a piece by this artist she’s so great you should go check her out’ especially if they credited you in the comments. If people ask about the tattoo artist they’re then asking in terms of skill of application and linework, and even if they ask about the artist first the person would most definitely say ‘but they didn’t design it, it was this artist. Yes it’s yours, but the reason you said you had a problem with them ‘taking’ it was that you weren’t credited. No tattoos are credited. Nobody assumes it’s yours but nobody assumes it’s anyone else’s. It’s a tattoo showing that person liked that design, that’s all any tattoo shows that a person likes an image or idea, the credit comes when people ask about it and if you were credited in the Pinterest board for it they definitely credit you in real life. Also maybe they didn’t think they could ask you about it and you’d see it or respond, maybe they DID try to ask on your old account. At the end of the day if you let that content be seen for free people are gonna wanna see it…for free. As much as they want. Would you be offended if someone printed out your art and stuck it on your wall? I’d understand if it was a monotones piece say on patreon or posters you produce and you’d lost profit off this person but essentially you just got the cool someone wants that on their body thing. They didn’t not ask to sneak around you and avoid credit, they clearly wanted to credit you and do, so they most likely decided to not ask cause they just didn’t think you’d care or even notice.

  50. As an artist I don't mind tattoos that much. But on the other hand if the tattoo artist is holding on to that design and is recycling it on other people for money passing it off as their own work then that's not ok. I guess what really makes me mad is people not giving me credit. So many artist are trying to get discovered or noticed, to me I can't be picky about where my art ends up just enjoy it! But at least give me credit and at least know that this is my work you have on your body and know my name.

  51. If this happened to me i would be honoured that somebody loved my art so much that they made it a piece of themselves

  52. I can see her point but I think it is okay that this person tattoed it because they aren't profiting off of it they just got a tattoo

  53. My art was printed on fake Pokemon cards and I was the first person to find out about it when I saw it on vacation in some store on Mallorca.

    And this is the story how I bought my own art.

  54. I had art taken from me. It's a weird feeling. On the one hand, if they hadn't liked it so much, they wouldn't have taken it, but on the other, they didn't tell you that they wanted it, and art, even when it doesn't look like it's personal, is 100% personal. I can't even let most of the people close to me flip through my sketchbooks. Anyway, what happened to me was, I entered a contest (and I'm sure there was fine print on the bottom of the entry form saying that they could take your work and not give you anything) where you were to design three Christmas ornaments for this alternative clothing company. Since I shopped there all the time, I really wanted the grand prize, which was a $100 gift certificate to the store. So I make my designs, email them to the appropriate place, and I hear nothing from them. Obviously, I didn't win. HOWEVER, the following Christmas, they had an ornament that was completely ripped from one of my designs. Again, I'm sure there was something in the fine print on the contest form allowing them to do that without giving me anything, but gosh damn! For using one of my designs to make them money – it would have been nice if they could've offered me a $25 gift certificate or something! Recently, I was on pintrest pinning comic book art, and found that someone had done a drawing that was a copy of something I had done years ago only done in their style. It was a very specific pose, and like I said, done with the same characters – the only edit, as I said, was that they used their own drawing style. Kinda not sure how I feel about that one.

  55. No credit, that would make me go ballistic. It's sweet they liked the art that much but god damn. Lack of credit is why indie artists lose money.

  56. @ everyone who says CreepShows Art isn't art:

    Now I ain't tryna be a bish or even THAT bish but ya know…

    ART: (noun)
    "The expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power."
    "the various branches of creative activity, such as painting, music, literature, and dance."

    saying something isn't art just because you don't like it just doesn't make sense to me… I completely respect your opinions, don't get me wrong on that. But at least know what the term means before you accuse someone of mislabeling their work. And you could just say you didn't like it!

    And now @ the great CreepShow Art, you're honestly one of my favorite artists (NGL) and I am, for some wonderful reason, in love with your art style, it is unique, beautiful, creative and it gives me this strange sense of not being depresso, so ye. I also really enjoy just sitting down after a long day and just listen to you talk and watching the process of you creating. So thank you for being such a wonderful being and blessing me with life energy and a will to live (lmahoe).

    Simcerely (no… I purposely misspelled this) – ya local man 304
    (apologies for the longness… It happens without me noticing sometimes)

  57. I mean. I’d be fine If someone took my scraps and used it. One mans trash is another mans treasure right? If I didn’t finish something and let it go, then saw someone with it tattooed on them, I’d be so fucking happy! Because I know, that even if I wasn’t feeling it, someone else out there was. I wouldn’t be mad or expect something from them… stay humble In art, otherwise it’ll all go to your head. There are so many assholes on YouTube who are either charging 100s for a small 10×8 drawing. Or think that their art is better than others. Don’t be like that. Grow off of good actions, and less about what has your signature on it. 🍻

  58. Lol my boyfriend did that stalker shit to me when we first meant and told me about my entire past about all the places I’ve lived and shit

  59. I'm gonna be honest. I have another artist's fan art tattoo'd on my arm without asking. I don't think it's harmful to the artist. I'm not a model or anything, so I'm not making money off of it. And in my eyes, it was meant as a compliment to the artist. I like their art so much I want it on my body for the rest of my life.

  60. Honestly I’m an optimist and my opinion is like congrats man, you are like permanately a super important part of someone’s life now and I also understand the fact that you’re upset that they didn’t even contact you about it, they kinda just did it so, I see where you’re coming from

  61. take it as a compliment. its not like she was selling your art. i think once an image is out there its fair game [unless its being reproduced to be sold]. maybe put a copyright? and practice some pointillism.

  62. I mean,, maybe she saved the photo and recently got it tattooed?? Ive saved art from people and never did anything with it for months and then forgot the original artist.
    Idk but i think that there is maybe an explanation as to why someone did something like that.
    Im not saying you are overreacting,, just that maybe it wasnt done with ill intent?

  63. How do I put this. I'm sorry that someone "stole" your art, but I'm also sorry that they had your art tattooed. Your style it's pretty much generic Tumblr stuff, I have been watching you for a while deciding if I like you or your art, turns out I don't. Somehow you believe to be better than you are, and most of your videos are Clickbaits.

  64. Anyone saying this isn't a big deal clearly has know idea what it's like to work your ass of to make something you're proud of then have it taken from you without any credit…you pay a tattoo artist to tattoo…so why would you think it's okay to steal someone else's art? All you have to do is give them credit or ask, it's really not that hard and the people complaining about that are just showing how lazy and disrespectful they are. As an artist myself and someone who loves tattoos and designs her own, I would be absolutely livid if someone felt like they could just rip off my stuff. I designed it for me, not you. If you want something, ask and pay me. If you're not willing to pay extra to have someone draw you a tattoo, get your tattooer to make you something. That's what they're fucking there for.

    Also tattooers who steal art are fucking trash and don't deserve to be in the business. Part of your job is to make the art, you cant just steal from others and pass it off as your own work. It truly boggles my mind that this has to be said. It should be common sense.

  65. One time I posted on my now defunct Tumblr a personal tattoo design I creator for myself, I literally captioned it with something along the lines of "been working on a tattoo design that really speaks to me, finally happy with how its turned out!" or something, and a mutual reblogged it and literally commented "I love this so much!!! I'm going to get it on my arm"
    like there were no words, I deadass didn't know how to respond, god, such an uncomfortable situation.

  66. You say you don’t care, which I get
    But people should really ask you for your permission before getting your art tattooed on their bodies

  67. I really wish you would add photos/artworks that you are referencing in your videos so your viewers could piece everything together better. Its the only thing I dislike about your content

  68. My question is: if someone did want to put your art on their body, how would you want them to go about with it?… would you want them to ask you? Credit you? Or not get it at all?…
    I’m asking since I might, at some point, want to get someone’s beautiful art tattooed on me and I want to know how I would go about it ☺️

  69. Yeah i guess pinterest is stupid just cuz it's dumb, but i hate it because it's just a reeking cesspool of stolen art, it is just like the biggest enabler of art theft and it's gross as hell

  70. I understand being upset about the artist who was posting your images as design choices, but I wouldn’t really blame the consumer. Idk if I misunderstood the video but it seemed like you’re mostly upset at the person who got the tattoo. Whether they knew your work before hand or not doesn’t really matter (in my opinion). They just saw some wonderful art and wanted to have it with them forever. I think that’s a really nice sentiment.

  71. I'm going to make a whole ass new comment, because the pinned comment has 161 replies currently (of which I read at least 100, ngl) and I just felt the need to chime in.
    I didn't see the video you made on this person (I'm going to look for that next) and I'm actually relatively new to this channel (less than a year subbed) but I am a huge fan, so I'm probably a bit biased.
    I'm not very educated, I don't have a degree in the arts and I'm not that great at doing… art?… Drawing/painting/creating?… myself. I think Shannon's old and new pieces are all amazing in their own individual way. I may like some more than others. I may dislike a detail here and there, and love others, but overall I appreciate what she does and the time and effort that goes into it. I collect art books, I buy weird paintings at garage sales, I have creepy ass dolls on shelves just because I like how they look. For me, personally, art is all around us. I see art in the graffiti on the trains in Chicago. I see art in the old abandoned theme parks that are a few hours from my house. I see art in the drawing the little girl I used to babysit gave to me when she was 8. I see art every time I click on this channel.
    I may not be well read, or well traveled, or even well spoken. I do, however, know what art is to ME, and no pretentious, elitist, entitled douchebag can take that away from me. So when I say that Shannon is one of my favourite online ARTISTS, there is absolutely positively no room for debate.
    I'm sorry for coming into this so late, I was just so… upset/disappointed/enraged/awestruck by that horrible person's numerous comments, that I felt really compelled to say something. I can't imagine the amount of hurt they have been through to become such a bitter, mean-spirited individual, and I am genuinely embarrassed on their behalf.

  72. Sis you are acting like such a drama queen. Why would anyone want to ask you if they can have a tattoo ON THEIR FREAKING SKIN. Believe me, they don't give a shit who made it. It's not like they posted this picture on their blog saying "This is my art, do you like it?" No, they just liked a pic online and decided to get a tattoo of it. They did not in any way shape or form steal it as they did not try to sell it to anyone or claimed it was theirs. You are honestly overreacting and it seems like you are trying to bring attention to yourself.

  73. I know this is an old video. But I’ve also had someone tattoo my work on them. I don’t remember if they asked for permission or not, as the piece was already 3-4 years old at the point that they got it tattooed. And they did credit and tag me in their post.

    I was stoked! But it was incredibly surreal. I felt very odd about it for a few days, because it felt really weird that another artist took my work and copied it directly. Like, it was my art, but not really?

    It’s a very weird experience. And I think what you’re feeling is valid.

  74. Okay this is an interesting ask. I can empathize with your feels because those are totally valid.
    I personally think (and it should also be noted I am pretty passive. I let most things go because I'd just rather not be confrontational or make anyone uncomfortable. I r doormat.) that when I upload art now, there is the chance it could get taken at some point. Now I don't think my art is very good, but I know other people could potentially like it and do something with it. I can't imagine getting my own art tattooed on me 5ever but, it could be someone's cup of tea.

    Maybe reach out and tell her how much you loved the ink? Could be fun. Could be absolutely awful. 😅

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