So easy! Use dashes and line tips to create art. Affinity Photo tutorial. Works with Affinity Design

So easy! Use dashes and line tips to create art. Affinity Photo tutorial. Works with Affinity Design

rich pizanno here would digitally feel this and today we're gonna play with dashes and dot's and a little bit of end symbols so let's get started okay so let's open a new file I just chose photos the generic I just left it whatever it was and let's bring that up just so we have more room over here and the first thing I'll do is house an output layer new fill layer and I want to give it a dark navy so I'll double click here pick a blue and go really like kind of a dark color and say ok and now I'll go to the shape tool well the first one will try as a triangle and I will create a triangle I'm not holding shift I'm just whatever shape you want I'm trying to get almost an equilateral triangle but it doesn't have to be and I don't want any fill and I think I'm going to use like a lime kind of a lime green color and just a tiny stroke but what I'll do with that stroke is I'm gonna turn it into dashes maybe I can't see it let me get a close-up and I have dashes but I don't have dashes with the straight square dashes I'm using a rounded cap Stash's and on the bottom where it says dashes the first number is the size of the dash and the second number is the spacing and you can do different sizes along the way but if you just use the first two it's the same all along so it'll be a size of dash and spacing size of – spacing so I want more spacing let me try 4 I don't know how that's going to look though I think that works so so that's our first triangle and I am going to keep a copy of that on the side because I want to use it later for different different ways of using it so the first thing I'll try to do is I'll change the center origin point so you click here up top to view the origin point and it's in the center and if you have snapping turned on you could drag that right to there and I'm going to pull out a little bit so you can see now what I'll do is you have to do this and this is a one of my tutorials in the past I showed you how to do this you do ctrl or command J and without doing anything else you can CH you can turn it to as much as you want and shrink it a little and as long as you don't click another tool if you keep hitting ctrl or command J again like I'll just hold down the command key and keep clicking J it will repeat and it'll give you some really cool looking effect and I think that one's good so and we'll do something with those later so let me group that and that's the first one and if at any point you think the dots are too big we'll want to be changed you go back to the two click here and you can go right in and change the dots at that point so even a little smaller maybe point five is pretty good to me that's the first one and since we're doing 0.5 I'll do the same thing here bring it down to 0.5 and we'll see how that looks so the second one I'm taking is a triangle again and I'll move that one over here and this time I will leave and leave it in the center and I will just do nothing except rotate it so first you do ctrl or command J oops I'm sorry see now I didn't I because I used it before I have to touch some other tool and then go back to that so now I will do ctrl or command J duplicates and then I will rotate it a little bit and then I'll keep doing it I'll just hold down my command or control key and just click J and that gives you this type of look which i think is pretty cool in itself and you can keep going like if you want the center to really be dark they'll look darker you go and so that's how you get that one I'm grabbing at all and grouping that one and if you want you can change the color so you can just do I don't know a red or yellow I don't know an orange let's let's do red I'll just leave bread and that'll be that one so let's move that out of the way and then I can take another what was that that was a I never know which one I use last that was a triangle I could use square and I'll make that a perfect square and I'll leave the center point where it is and I'll do controller command J actually I don't want to do that I first wanted to copy this over so I have the original square I'm using the Alt key and moving it down so now here I'll do controller command J and I'll move it a little bit and then I'll keep hitting I'll just holding down the J key and that gives you an outer circle which is kind of nice so it's amazing the kind of things you can do and we're talking dashes but wait I'm going to change those later because I'm going to put tips on them so don't leave yet until the end of the tutorial I want to go back to the green I don't like that other color so there we go and let me pull out a little so let's see what we have we have that one that one and that one nice bright one here okay and also you can combine them by the way you can do things like this and Center things so here I'll take the square now and I'll move that one up and I'll take the Centrepointe remember to show the Centrepointe you have to click up here and I will move the center point to the corner and now I'll do ctrl or command J and move it and maybe even shrink it a little and now I'll keep doing ctrl or command J which gives a whole different look I don't like it as much but you never know what you're gonna get until you try it right so the less another thing I can do is add ends to these so I'm gonna keep the tutorial pretty short so we don't need the triangle anymore so what I wanted to try here let's get it closed up is now affinity photo 1.7 has where you can take the stroke and add arrows and things to them so for example let me see what I can add here some interesting kind of looks and it's hard to see them right now let's say I'm adding this circle to the first row but if I increase it look at that how cool is that I mean you can think of things you can create this way and you didn't like I always thought oh you know you need if you're using the lines you have to have arrows and circles because you're doing it for architecture but you don't have to use it for that you can use if anything you want you could find creative ways to use this other things you can do or I don't know what's gonna look like let's say we took the bottom one and did it – I don't know if that's gonna work and increase the size of that where would that be oh it's bringing it right next to it so that could be look at that that's a double if you wanted to go double you could probably even go higher I'm not sure what number you can add to it you might be able to type it in but I don't really like it so I'm just gonna take that one off and say none but I like the first one so I can try at Rose I can change the size don't forget I can change all different sizes look at that effect how cool is that so there's different kinds of effects you can actually take one for example is a vortex in the middle right so let's say we change the color of this one back to a green and then we take make sure we have this one selected and then we do a selection here and kind of make a circle in the center not a perfect circle but it's close enough and we could create a mask and now now we're using the two together with different colors and then we can also take that and duplicate it let's just control a command J and then rotate it but make sure the center is right there and if we rotate it you can kind of get some cool effects there so you can combine all different kinds of shapes and you can combine this I don't know what this will look like we can try adding points to this one I don't know where the points will end up but we could try it so let's try what else squares and choice squares and we can increase like I said we can increase the size or decrease the size it's weird that it's only on the first part because back back here that's the end of the triangle so we might have to put it on both and I don't know what that will affect what that will what effect it'll be I'm sorry and let's try that and see it will add some squares that gives it now they're only on the other end so that won't work that way I don't like that so let's take them off another one I found that I liked up here is I think there was a circle that was like a double circle let me say well that's pretty good I can just go down the line look at this I can just slide down the line and that's the origin points I like that it's a double if you put fill nothing will happen you won't see any of this because you're pretty much gonna cover everything but you could what you could do I just thought about it let's do no fill again which is kind of interesting you can duplicate so let's control a command J we duplicated that and then the underneath one we could put a fill so if we gave it a fill of blue all right and then maybe the top one the top one we can give it a fill of black well not black let's try which one was that I don't even know what the top one is let's find out there we go instead of black let's give it a different color that'll show up let's see I don't know that's let's try one of these there we go so you can fill it at the same time so you can create some interesting maybe you're creating I don't know a town a cartoon town or part of a game and these can be your building so you can create buildings out of all dashes and circles and Goths also by the way we did circle we did round it if you want to do square you go like that and just squares them out a little bit but I still like the rounded I think it has a better effect so I hope you found this tutorial useful figure out your own creative ways on how to use this and if you liked it please click like and subscribe and have a good day

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  1. Enjoy you videos. Could you make a Affinity Photo video outlining specific ways to remove dark shadows from photos (faces) and how to remove unintentional reflections from glass. Thank you.

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