Sketch With Me // + how to feel good about your art

Sketch With Me // + how to feel good about your art

hello everyone welcome back to another video and today I'm doing it another sketch with me video you guys seem to love the last one I have been getting requests to do another one since I posted the last one and so here it is I'm gonna be filling in another double spread in my sketchbook today and today I'm using my favorite castel 0.7 millimeter mechanical pencil so it's a different mechanical pencil that I used last time I've got this mechanical pencil like a month ago and I am absolutely obsessed with it I saw drawing with waffles use it in one of her videos and I immediately got it I was so captivated by it and I do honestly recommend it a lot so yeah I'm just basically drawing out a bunch of faces and plants and good stuff like that using references from my best friend Pinterest if you guys ever wonder where I get my reference pictures from or wanting to see them for yourself they're always on my Pinterest I always leave a link down in the description and you'll find them there in my boards so I thought today I would have a little chat to you guys about feeling good about art and it's gonna be a very laid-back chitchat because I have nothing really planned for today's voiceover I just kind of wanted to have a little talk about it you guys have been asking me for voiceover about you know feeling more confident in your own work and you know critiquing it properly and I think I've got you know some things that can share with you guys I guess I from experience I think that I've only started getting really confident in my work and like really appreciating my own work a maybe like a year or two ago maybe less not very sure actually not even a year ago a couple of months ago I think I started getting really confident in my work where I wouldn't feel like threatened or not threatened but shy to you know show my sketchbooks to people or have my friends flip through my sketchbooks I'd be kind of like do you have to and yeah I did show him on YouTube and everything but the fact is I I show stuff on YouTube because it's a way for me to log my process as well and my progress as a developing artist as we all are and so I don't know I just feel like having your friends and family look at your work is a lot more pressure added to it than showing your stuff on the internet because you know you don't know people on the internet personally and some might say that that's scarier but for me honestly I take the judgment from people that I care about a lot more to heart then random people on the internet that I don't know which is why I don't really care much for hate and everything and I just don't really care my mother taught me to not care what people think about your work especially when you don't know them she says it's uh it's just not worth your time and that's just something I you know was raised to think about so that kind of transpires in the in my artwork and how I share it as well so even when I knew that my work wasn't up to you know any standard or at all great or I always know that there's people out there they're obviously obviously a lot more talented and a lot better at art than me there's always gonna be someone better but I think it's a journey to get to a place where you are comfortable knowing that this is the best that you can put out right now and the thing that I always try to think of is that you know we're always progressing we're always improving with every drawing you get better every single drawing and that's something that I always keep in mind so yeah the drawing you're making at this moment in time it's probably the best thing you can do right now but you have no idea what you can do in a year's time and you just gotta think that you just got to love every piece of art you make because whether or not you like how they look they are a part of your progress and you should be proud of them three years ago the three years ago version of yourself would probably look at this drawing you've made and be like blown away you know what I mean I I always think about like Oh what would 2012 Piper think about this drawing that I'm just made she'd probably be mind blown that I made this I'd be like really proud of myself so I try to always think of my works in the mindset of what 13 year old me with sync which i think is a very good mindset because uh you know it's it's all about the progress it's all about remembering where you came from and knowing how much you've improved and if you are just a beginner at this point in time I get a lot of comments from people that want me to talk more about beginner stuff and I'm working on some videos about that I just really have to dig into a time of my life where I can't remember much so I'm sorry if it's taking ages for that but it they will be coming but yeah if you're a beginner honestly do not feel discouraged about your work because everyone's been there okay like you can go see some of the works I did in my beginner stages when I was eleven twelve I have a video on that and you will see like uh everyone has had a beginner stage no one just randomly starts you know drawing out hyper-realistic old oil paintings at ten okay like yeah there are prodigies but there were you know the special case I am a huge believer in practice and development and prop in progress people ask me a lot you know if I if I do believe people without the quote-unquote talent can develop and yeah I'm a huge believer in that because it's just like learning a sport and I've never been good at sports but I still learned how to play them and I played them pretty good at the end because you know I learned in my practice and then I was pretty much not bad at them and I passed the peas yeah it's just like any other skill I'm pretty sure and I think it's it's it's a bit harder to train your brain to become an artist than it is to do something else probably but it's it's all it's all you know mental strengths I think but then again this is how I was raised to think that you know everything the only thing stopping you from doing anything is yourself again wise words for my mother so I mean that I feel like that's why I'm not a very scared person in terms of starting new things or trying out new things because I will grew up in in such a mindset around my parents yeah I'm just trying to kind of send out that message to you guys that makes any sense you should look at your every single piece of work you make with a humble heart of course but also pride because something that I always think about for some reason is that every single drawing out there is completely unique like unless you even if you somehow trace someone's work it will be somewhat different like a very small detail that obviously don't trace people's work that's that's not good do you not see that but it's an example every single person's artwork is completely different so even if you personally are like yeah I can definitely do better than this or you really discourage after doing a piece that didn't turn out the way you wanted it to just think like that no one else has put that that image or that idea that's that that part work onto paper ever until then like no one's done that before and I think that that's what's so beautiful about art and like different people who have different styles and different ideas about our and different stages of learning of art as well as because you get to see so much new stuff that you probably would never think about and would probably never see ever I don't know if I'm making any sense here I ramble a lot I'm sorry this is what happens when you don't have a plan but I just think it's so important too kind of see the uniqueness in your work just kind of keep that in mind you know because it's not always it's not always going to be beautiful that's you know the beauty of art ironically but it's never know it's not very always going to be perfect and beautiful and exactly how you wanted to try to turn out because let's be real that doesn't really happen in a in a real world but everything is unique and I think that just goes to show that it really doesn't matter if if you are a perfect quote-unquote artist or if you have achieved peak talent which by the way doesn't exist and just well I think what really matters is putting out something that you love that you care about and that and that means something to you and I think as long as as long as you're doing work that means something to you you will always love your work and that's something I recently been you know finding out in my own journey as an artist in the past two years because I've been focusing my art mainly and solely on things that I love and that means something to me rather than doing something that I think will you know get likes which has never really been something I've done besides when I did fine art but then again it was something like that I loved doing at the time but yeah doing something that means something to you and that makes your life a little bit better that's that is already going to like create a connection between you and your art piece it's already gonna you're already gonna love it you know it's it's it's like it's like you're a little baby it's like you baby you're gonna love it either way so I think that's also another thing to keep in consideration is that the purpose of what you're making because if you're just drawing something for the purpose of like whatever getting likes and whatnot you're not be probably not gonna like it that much as opposed to I don't know doing it drawing a bow like a character that you've developed that kind of represents a side of you or a friend of yours or I don't know something that you've put a lot of thought and heart into I think it's it's two completely opposing dynamics you know you're really not gonna have the same connection with an artwork that you made just to get social acceptance from social media as opposed to something that you did for yourself and I've also been practicing not you know not showing everything that I draw on my social media because I used to also not I also so not draw as much as I do now I I do draw a lot more now so I do have a like a bit too much if I were to post everything I draw I would have to like post like 4 times a day and I don't want to do that because I've I've been recently taking the time to select which pieces I want to show and put out in the world and which pieces I want to keep for myself because they're you know more personal and more just for me or for my family or for my friends you know and that has also helped me get into the mindset of you know doing works for me for my personal well-being and this also came a lot in to practice when I was doing a lot of therapeutic art so when I went got into my depression two years ago which wasn't the first time I had depression but it was definitely the worst one I've had so far in my life and I started to obviously using art as an output or an outlet I don't really know what work to use that but as a creative outlet and I was using art to kind of forget about the bad stuff and trying to get my mind out of my my mind I was trying to basically numb myself with art so you know just to make life a bit better and I think once you start using art therapeutically like that it starts to become a lot more important to you and start loving the works you make a lot more as well because it's like it's like loving your doctor who's healing you you know what I mean I feel like I've gone on a tangent here I'm sorry but I feel like that's also like if you are you know someone who puts all of your frustrations and all of your stress and you know negative thoughts into your art and that helps you out of you know a slum or a hole in life Congrats I mean you're this that's the best thing that you can do with your art I think is to is to to treat yourself and help heal your soul because to me that's what art means I think that's why I I love my works a lot more now because yeah not only do I see them as just you know things that could one day possibly give me profit and be a career but also but more of a this is very important to me in my mental health and by the way could lead to something career you know orientated which is you know okay but and I think I've kind of addressed all the points I have on the subject I I kind of got a bit bored of drawing faces then well not bored but I kind of ran out of spaces so in this little corner in the bottom that you see right here I was just drawing out some little mushrooms because it is autumn it is it is time for this it is amazing I love autumn and oh speaking of by the time I'm posting this video it is stuck in the middle of inktober so I hope inktober is going well for everyone I am currently starting inktober as well by the time that I'm recording this and I am dead excited can I just say I probably won't have the same opinion in like two weeks time but right now I'm so excited and I hope you guys have been enjoying the the inktober videos I've been putting out or inktober video I'm not sure I am very organized as you can see and I I'm gonna try and and broaden the kind of subject matter of my drawings a lot in inktober so a little bit less faces a little bit more everything else so let's see how that turns out and yeah I I guess I guess that's all I've got to say I hope you guys enjoyed this video I tried to to make it quite long cuz I know how you guys like the long rambles in the long videos I I personally love those too and I also didn't speed up any other Clips because you guys always say how you love seeing the the lifetime drawing and so yeah sorry if it's very long but at least there's no sped up clips see ya guys um I think that's all I've got to say on the matter thanks for listening if you're still here I hope you enjoyed what I said I hope you enjoyed watching me sketch I hope you sketched along with me and yeah on that note I'm gonna say bye bye and keep keep on having a great inktober and october guys and yeah i'll see you guys in the next video bye bye

29 thoughts on “Sketch With Me // + how to feel good about your art

  1. i want to draw better but i can’t wrap my finger around doing it.., it’s like a straight line it’s good the there that bump in it and i can’t stick with it..i get practice but i wanna draw realism like urs but idk thank you tho your art is so amazing and i hope i can get as good as you😪☺️

  2. How you where talking about your depression and all and you said "you know what I mean" I know EXACTLY how you feel. I was and still am the same

  3. Thats so weird! I was drawing faces and then i got bored and drew a mushroom before i even heard or saw that you drew a mushroom too!

  4. This made me cry so much and appreciate my work alot more thank you so much of opening up my eyes to the wonders of art once again

  5. ilysm pypah, you give me so much inspiration to draw. i watch your sketch with me videos before i go to sleep, they're so chill. i love your channel style too! you give me inspiration for artworks the next day. I'm struggling with severe anxiety atm, i can get really stressed at night over the next day and your videos really help me. keep doing what you're doing, you're my favourite artist on YouTube 💞

  6. I remember when i started drawing when i was seven my sister inspired me , i used to draw anime eyes and stuff like that when i grew and became 9 I discovered alot and put more details into my drawings and started doing tge method face thing you know and now i am 14 actually im 13 im gonna turn 14 on August 25 , i started to learn alot and tried to draw some new styles and that. I have always been in love with drawing and sketching i was born to be a drawer. So for the people out there who dont know where to start drawing, GET UP and do some research and buy a sketchbook and discover some pencils and try new styles for drawing, dont give up on your hobbies

  7. 8:30 great point about uniqueness, of being the first person to put that idea onto paper. Sometimes that’s just a victory in and of itself! …and making work that means something to you personally. 👍🏽

  8. I love you and your art so much but you putting your glass so close to your laptop lowkey scares me sksksks

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