Sk8 or Die Wood Cutout Skateboard Art – Lowbrow Art – Sign Painting

Sk8 or Die Wood Cutout Skateboard Art – Lowbrow Art – Sign Painting

Hi everyone, thank you for being here. You are watching the Iron Gordon Channel, and I just finished up this Sk8 or Die wood cutout, and I’m going to show you how I made it in just one second, but real quick if you are new here, please hit that subscribe button, leave me a thumbs up let me know what you think in the comment section below. It helps me out a ton… Now with all that being said, Let’s get into the project Some have asked what tools I use to cut out my drawings the answer… …ancient magic… sooo many dark spirits where released to roam the earth to torment souls for all eternity, all so I could make silly paintings that are cut to shape… totally worth it just kidding I use a band saw for the skull’s eyes and nose I used a scroll saw. however if the ancient magic thing ever came up I would take it. still waiting on that sponsorship from Rust-oleum though listen, they make a good reliable product in a large variety of colors for a reasonable price buuuut if Krylon were to come around offering deals I could be persuaded to make the switch… just saying wow there’s two things I’ve sold-out to in one video… dark spirit lords, and Krylon spray paint… totally worth it Maybe the dark spirit lords run Krylon? think about it… have you ever seen them photographed together? conspiracy confirmed what were we doing again? oh right, umm medium brown 1shot, and a number 2 Kafka script liner brush The #2 Kafka is pretty versitile I did both theses out lines with it just in 2 different shades of brown but it also comes to a nice point which is good for dot shading I used the same Kafka brush for the outline on the tombstone This is a 1/4″ brush from Trekell and I mixed up a dark dark gray for the base color of the lettering although it just looks black on camera This brush was just some cheap little thing I got out of a big box of art supplies I bought at an estate sale…. dead mans brush fitting for the subject matter I’m painting coincidence? I use double stick and 5 minute epoxy to put everything together. the double stick holds everything together while the epoxy dries finished product hope you like it thanks for reading through these here are some links to my other videos also check out the link in the description if your interested in buying some of my art Thanks for hanging out with me today and I will try better next time

12 thoughts on “Sk8 or Die Wood Cutout Skateboard Art – Lowbrow Art – Sign Painting

  1. Wow what an amazing project! Im new here from #IAMACreator. Hope your having a good day and Ill be seeing ya soon .

  2. Iron Gordon!…….yet another great Job!…..lovin' the cut-outs and ALL of the detail in the back-grounds! (…….did you clear this one with the epoxy??) ….Keep postin', I'll keep watchin' & learnin"!!!

  3. Your pieces and videos are getting more rad all the time. I love the way the skull eyes are knocked out, the 3D effect is very cool! Keep โ€˜em coming!

  4. Im gonna steal that drop transition one of these days๐Ÿ˜ I think you edit these perfectly. Just long enough to show exactly what your doing but it moves fast enough to stay interesting!!! Keep it up man. We should collaborate on something if your down that would be cool. Keep the vids coming man!

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