Six Basic Plot Conflicts in Literature

Six Basic Plot Conflicts in Literature

hi I'm Beth from a books and today I would like to talk to you about plot devices and plot conflict used in the writing of fiction plot basically refers to any events that happen throughout a story and conflict is necessary to make a story good because a story where nothing happens despite what some artists might think is not a story that most people would want to read 19th century literary critic Arthur Quiller Crouch originally identified seven basic plot conflicts but those have been updated modern modernized and consolidated into these basic six our first basic plot conflict is character versus character which is the one we most often see and refers to a typical conflict between two people like protagonist versus antagonist in character versus nature there's a conflict between the protagonist and natural elements outside of his or her control this is usually seen in stories about natural disasters such as tornadoes hurricanes earthquakes tsunamis and the lake character versus self is characterized by the protagonist struggling internally with something inside him or herself character versus supernatural refers to a conflict between a character and typically unbelievable supernatural or unexplainable phenomena such as vampires werewolves aliens ghosts and such character versus society is the plot conflict in which the protagonist is at war or at odds with the rest of society people often also include character versus machine which is when a protagonist comes up against a mechanical threat into the same category character versus destiny refers to a theme in which a character struggles against their own destiny or predetermined fate no not today no

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  1. Very well explained.
    I can understand now why a teacher in KIS made students to watch this during the vacation.

  2. thank you so much because of this i know what are those conflicts……you really help those students who are really need your help …hope you can share this video in all over the world..i know i am not just the one didnt know bout this but i do others too …thank you so much again may god bless you ..

  3. very informative,im currently creating my first short film and im reading a book entitle 'ideas fo animation shorts'.really great content there.I recommend it ,thanks for your tips as well.Looking forward in seeing more.

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