Single Woman Makes Seven Clay ‘Boyfriends’

Single Woman Makes Seven Clay ‘Boyfriends’

MARY STEPHENSON: You get worried that you look like a bit of a like…you look a bit
bonkers. You’re like, “Oh my god, my clay boyfriends in my studio.” COMM: Artist Mary Stephenson has seven boyfriends. However, none of them have a name and they
are all made out of clay. MARY STEPHENSON: This is the newest one and he is kind of a bit, yeah, he is a bit creepy
this one, I think. He is the one that’s going on the most recent date, the one that’s
just about to be shot. So, yeah, he is the newest one and he is the oldest one. MARY STEPHENSON: There was, I mean, there was one incident that kind of triggered it. I
was at a wedding a couple of years ago and somebody asked how long I’d been single
for and I said ‘Oh, two years or so’ and this person said, ‘Oh, what a waste of time’.
It just made me start thinking kind of what society’s pressures for people to have.
Like, do we have to be in a couple, if we’re single, does that speak a lot things about
us. So, I started playing around with these ideas of these kind of scenarios of kind of
hypothetical goals for the future for relationships and that kind of, what you know, if society
wants me to be in relationship, I’ll put myself in a relationship. COMM: After creating her boyfriends, she stages elaborate dates with them in her London-based studio. MARY STEPHENSON: I was at a party in the summer and I was showing a friend, my friend was
asking about it, and I showed him a picture of him on my phone and he said “Oh my god
he looks exactly like my friend Ben.” And I was like, “Who is Ben?” And he was like,
“Ben!!! “ And this guy came and was like “Hello!” and I was like, he was like,
“Oh look, Mary’s made a sculpture that looks like you” and I was like ‘Oh I just…
I didn’t even, oh it’s a fake boyfriend”, and I was like, “Ha-ha”, and he did not
find it funny, he was very confused and bit freaked out and I was like, “That’s very,
it’s kind of awkward.” MARY STEPHENSON: When I started making them, they kind of come out of nowhere, I kind of
get a lump of clay and you just have to kind of go with it, and the clay kind of really
dictates actually how they end up looking like. Usually, do the nose first and kind
of find like where the face is there. Sometimes you make them and they just look totally bizarre
and that’s just like, they just look like weird creatures. So I just tend to throw those
ones in the bin. COMM: Mary, who graduated from Glasgow School Of Art, says the project has been created
to explore the modern day pressures on young people, like herself, to live a seamless,
perfect and idealised life. MARY STEPHENSON: This guy was, this one I made when I Goggled “handsome men” and
he kind of, I kind of came up with all these, we found all these images of handsome men
and as Goggle had said and came up with him that I would, in my opinion, say is the least
attractive if, you know, if, out of the bunch. MARY STEPHENSON: The scenarios in the portraits are more meant to be about my own projections
of myself in the future and then what I anticipate within relationships, I suppose to what the
men are like. I think a lot of the time when we look into the future and think about what
we want for ourselves and especially with relationships, I think it’s rare the person
is that vivid or that, you know, that defined. I think it’s more about yourself and how
you define yourself within and how strong you feel, how you know. COMM: Mary’s now onto her seventh clay boyfriend. But previous date scenarios have seen in romantic
Paris, picnicking in the park and even introducing them to her friends at a social gathering. MARY STEPHENSON: I think I’ve grown in confidence with being single. Not that I haven’t been,
wasn’t confident with it, but like I felt conflicted. By playing out these roles, I
have kind of realised my confidence in not being in them. I think kind of some of the
most successful portraits are once where I looked quite bored, and I think that kind
of speaks to me quite loudly that I don’t necessarily want to be in that situation right
now, even thought they’re clay boyfriends and it’s in like kind of a bizarre scenario.
I think it’s making me realise that these hypothetical scenarios in my head are hypothetical
and they’re idealised, they are not necessarily relevant to me right now. So playing them
out is kind of like a weird therapy, I guess. MARY STEPHENSON: People have been really really supportive actually and lots of women have
emailed me being like, “It really really resonates with me”, and it kind of confirms
that kind of confusion, I guess, which, you know, to share, to share a confusion with
someone, it actually kind of makes it slightly better.

100 thoughts on “Single Woman Makes Seven Clay ‘Boyfriends’

  1. Am I the only one that thinks these clay boyfriends look….really…..bad?
    More power to her…but I feel even I could have made sculptures that look like that and I haven't been to art school.

  2. She's not actually going out with the statues, it's just a statement. Why is everyone convinced she's actually in love with them?

  3. Me too i am single and now i am 27. Sometimes i don't have courage to tell a girl * I love you* bt i just close friend. Even some friends of mine used to say "Hey Man, u haven't fuck a girl"? My answer "yeah..i can't bcoz a girl friend is not ur legal wife"

  4. it's funny how people actually think that she really loves them as human beings. you wouldn't of put your comment down if u actually listened to what she was saying😂😖it's art. it always has a meaning. well, most of them at least.

  5. Ok. Guys, she KNOWS that they're fake and she doesn't think she's actually their girlfriend. It's art. Weird yes, but art.

  6. I feel like nobody watched the video. It's pretty interesting. She uses them as a way to justify to herself that being in a relationship isn't particularly what she would be happiest doing at this point in her life. She takes photos to see how she looks in the scenarios and when she looks bored she is able to confirm that she is better off not pursuing relationships due to those activities being present in relationships. A little weird, yes. But she claims it is like her therapy and I believe it is just that. She does not seem out of touch really. As far as criticizing her artistic talent, it's all subjective. In my eyes it looks like she created a unique style that not many people share which I suppose could be seen as different enough to criticize if you don;t understand art in any way.

  7. goals for future relationships? lol you can make fake men but you can't fake human to human connection. real human emotion.

  8. but she is so right there is so much pressure to be in a relationship, i am only seventeen and friends and family are already worried… like the fuck let me be young and do my thing^^'

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  10. “Make them better “

    That’s her art style everyone has their own style if she wanted super realistic then she would do it like that

  11. who ever awarded her the degree at the school of art must have been a mongaloid. because what she produces is pure shite. just shite. even a downy child with no eyes or limbs could do better

  12. You can say anything can be art… but why you want to make dead men faces? It is crippy to be honest…

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