Singaporeans Try: Drawing Singapore From Memory

Singaporeans Try: Drawing Singapore From Memory

Is this the tallest waterfall? Mmm. This is the Suntec outside – No no no no no no no no (PD) Hi guys. Ok, ok. Sorry. I see it everyday. I barely get out of the house. I think I’ve only been to the Merlion once in my whole life. I used to be an Uber driver. So I traveled all around Singapore. I feel a bit ashamed right now. Because I actually take photos. Then if I say that I’m very cui (bad), how? Not very familiar, to be honest.
I don’t really drive. And I’m not someone who explores around Singapore… Yeah, he just stays at home. I think I’m not bad.
I’ve been to all the main places that tourists will go to. And I have photographic memory of the place. If I see a bit of a person, I can remember everything about them. How many moles are on my face? 🙂 3. Wrong. Zero.>:) I’m observant when it comes to humans. But when it comes to location… I’m not that observant. Wa lao eh! I can’t draw. I cannot draw to save my life… :'( – I like to draw!
– Ra is an artist. Uh, Angelo is also an arteest. (PD) On this episode of Singaporeans Try,
you will be drawing Singapore from memory! Wa lao… I cannot. – Difficult lah.
– Confirm lose already lah. Somemore got you sia. (PD) The first thing I want you to draw from memory is the shape of Singapore. What the hell? Isn’t it a dot? My God… What is yours? – Singapore.
– Yours is like a UFO. Maybe if I write ‘Singapore’ on it, it will look more like Singapore. I’m done. I’m done. Jem… (PD) Draw the shape!!! – I draw the shape already.
– Don’t go and draw Jem… Yours why got one mohawk at the top? That’s Sembawang. Your Sembawang damn sharp. I dunno, I added a few things around. Like islands… What island?! Pulau Ubin? Tekong? I stay in Tampines. Tampines over here… – Esplanade.
– Wah. Esplanade in Pasir Ris. (PD) Next thing you’re gonna draw is the Artscience Museum. The one that looks like that… I know what it is in my mind, but I don’t know how to draw it out. Ya, boi. – How to draw leh.
– Just do this and follow and draw. Are there windows?
The whole thing is glass right? (PD) Nicholas seems to be drawing a croissant. Let me explain my masterpiece to you. Oh my God, are you colouring the sides? – This is the water beside the river.
– Nobody ask you to draw the beside lah. This one looks like a watermelon cut in half.
Then on top you put curry puff. No, I don’t know how to draw the thing.
The thing look like dim sum here. Wah, I like my drawing more sia. (PD) I like how Ra uses all sorts of different colours. – Ok, then mine?
– Yours is like 3 HDB buildings. It’s like half a semi circle, but one side is higher. (PD) Can you explain your angle? Do you see it from MBS? You know the bridge with the light? You see (from there), it’s this one. This is going to look a bit confusing, but I’m gonna trust you. You see this… you confirm know already. – Ok, I try…
– Can I open my eyes now? Oh, I cannot guess while she is drawing? (PD) No, you must see the final product… There’s some kind of… blue colour? – Fountain of Wealth!
– No! – Can you look at the picture properly?
– Wait, isn’t this the Fountain of Wealth, this is the highway… – Got the car…
– No! – So this is a waterfall?
– Yes. – The tallest waterfall?
– Mmmmm… This is the Suntec outside the – No! Nonononononono – Oh, is this Jewel?
– Yeah! This is the light show, right? Jewel. So I’ve got this thingy down. – Some detail right there.
– Totally get it. – This is from a drone’s perspective.
– Drone’s perspective. – Make sure it’s beautiful…
– It’s damn beautiful. – This is a big door, and it says ‘Come In’.
– You have 20 seconds. – Now I’m stressed.
– Wait. Relax. I really don’t know. Is it a building? A location? I know already!
This one gave it away! This is the opening right?
And the green and red are the seats… – What’s the main thing you see?
– The flag. – Sports.
– Ah… Singapore Sports Hub! – This one… Just give me 20 seconds.
– Why do you say that?! – Confirm get one.
– Then you got lesser time… – Trust me, Ally. How many seconds do I have left?
– 10! 10! – You gotta try harder, ok?
– Ok. Ok. I try harder. – You can do it.
– I got no eraser. Later just look at it as it is. I’m just going to draw a very simplified version…
I think you can get this one. Merlion. Why got horn? – What’s this?
– Not a horn! It’s a nun. Some church statue. This is what – Raffles? Oh, Sir Stamford Raffles? Coz got like that…
But why does his head have this thing?! That’s the hair. I’m super confident. Influential person, right? Someone got to do with our history. WW2? Oh, no?
Stamford Raffles. Look like Tin Tin. Baby Stamford Raffles. The first picture we are going to show you is of the Marina Bay district. – So big.
– You only have 30 seconds to look at the picture and draw. I don’t need no 30 seconds. This is my favorite place. – Hey, we use our fingers to draw.
– Why? – Ok.
– Be extra. The dim sum again. – Wow, you even changed the sky and all.
– Yeah, man. Guys, can I just say that Ra has a paid app… – $13.
– Eh, hello. – Hello.
– Mine is free. Oh my God. This is worth millions. – Water…
– Ferris Wheel… My Marina Bay Sands look like youtiao (fried doughsticks). This is the water. Right, the river… Yours is funny. There are highlights – reflections of the lights. Mine has reflections too, but mine is monochrome. This is MBS, as you can tell. The boat and the – I don’t know how many towers. 3, I think. (PD) You don’t even know how many towers? We both got the reflections. Detailed right there. We both got the main highlights of the place. – The Flyer, the Artscience Museum and MBS.
– That’s right. The last district we are going to show you is the Somerset Belt, which is a new term. It’s a stretch along Somerset Road which encompasses places like *Scape, The Red Box, and the Somerset Scape Park. Oh! Yas. Been lookin’ at it for a long time, because I always go there for dance last time. Oh, this is the Cineleisure side. I always hung out here when I was young.
Actually, I still hang out here. You~ #rejected I’m just going to draw very quickly the shape that I remember… There’s a McDonald’s there that everyone goes to after they club. I feel like the place is made for students. – What’s on the left side of the photo?
– Which one? The road lah. *Scape… Then I don’t remember already. – Trees!
– Hey! No more! Done! – Got the basic shape.
– I think the only difference is *Scape. – My *Scape placement…
– My *Scape is over here. – Do you think yours is correct?
– I don’t know.
– My *Scape placement…
– My *Scape is over here. – Do you think yours is correct?
– I don’t know. But yours is yellow. I know it’s yellow.
– Do you think yours is correct?
– I don’t know. But yours is yellow. I know it’s yellow. You drew McDonald’s! This is McDonald’s! There’s McDonald’s in the middle what. This is an irregularly shaped *Scape. Mine has the double roads… Here’s the concert and here are the people. I remember there’s a basketball court. Now, I want you to draw new additions to the Somerset Belt. Oh, we add them ourselves? – (PD) You now have the power.
– Can be anything? – (PD) Anything you want to improve the place.
– Wow.
– (PD) You now have the power.
– Can be anything? – (PD) Anything you want to improve the place.
– Wow. (PD) Right now, we are going to show you a picture of the full Somerset belt. Oh, the *Scape park. I’m gonna draw a permanent BBQ pit. I’m going to draw a partition. One is for friends’ hangouts. One is for the couples. I think I’m going to add a carnival.
A Marina Bay Sands carnival. This is like two things.
You can play the zzz (Gyro Tower)… while looking at the whole Somerset belt, because it is tall. Clarke Quay has a bungee. This one has a Drop.
while looking at the whole Somerset belt, because it is tall. Clarke Quay has a bungee. This one has a Drop. Ooh, the outdoor projectors so that people can drive in… Then here has some lots for people to come in and park. There should be a new building.
Level 1 should be a cafe… Second level is for students to study, and for the third level…
There should be a new building.
Level 1 should be a cafe… Second level is for students to study, and for the third level… *Scape doesn’t have enough mirrors. On the top level there are indoor mirrors for dance, And outside is just… free. We should put a beach in the Somerset Belt. Oh, yeah… After you take your rollercoaster and watch your movie… you just want some quiet time as a couple. You take her hand, stroll along the beach… I’m gonna draw an Instagrammable park. Oh, my God. Instagrammable park. There is a basketball court that’s already there, but I’m going to further add a football court. There’s a gym here. These are benches. I took inspiration from Muscle Beach in America. And youths these days are very into fitness, so I think that this would benefit them. Alright, so… How well do you think you did? I think that we did ok. – Ok lah.
– Like… 50. I think that I did not bad. I think that both of us are not bad at remembering the details, but from here to here…
Not too good, yeah. No. He only drew 3 boxes. – Not bad lah.
– I don’t even think it was ‘not bad’. I think it was perfect. We need an area for lots of outdoor activities. I think that it’s all things that youths will like. Her Instagram park – I think that’s legit. Eh not bad what… The first thing I said was that we liked to go to the movies. And we amplified that by adding a drive-through.
An open movie screening. The youths – if they go there to lepak (chill) together, it’s much better than going to the cinema. The fact that there’s so much space there for us to have additions is quite cool. – Like the Sims.
– Yeah, exactly. Thank you MCCY for making this video possible. If you too would like to make your mark on the Somerset belt, check the link in the description box below. Don’t forget to like, share and subscribe, and watch all our other videos over there! Bye! Adria, paktor (date)?

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