Singaporeans Try: Drawing Childhood Cartoons

Singaporeans Try: Drawing Childhood Cartoons Look! I thought it was naked! – Hi Guys!
– Hi! How good is your visual memory? I think not bad. I think when it comes to exams right, I actually rely a lot on visual memory. Actually okay eh, I not bad. I’m not very detail orientated, but I kind of remember like ideas very well. Do you watch cartoons when you were a child? Yes! Nickelodeon, Disney Channel. I used to watch a lot of Cartoon Network. Cartoon Network was my favourite. You know my mother don’t allow me to watch Scooby-doo. – Huh, Nani the what?
– She says it’s stupid and I’ll become stupid. She also don’t let me watch Mr Bean. I watch Hannah Montana. – It’s my favourite
– Huh… – But that’s not a cartoon.
– Oh it’s not a cartoon. I used to watch Pokemon a lot. ♪ I want to be the very best. ♪ So on today’s episode of Singaporeans Try, you will be drawing some childhood cartoon characters, from memory. Well, I took O-Level Art ah. So.. You know she’s an artist right? I failed Art eh. I saw that in the last episode, Chuan and Jon tried to eat the crayons. – Let’s try it too.
– We’re not stupi-oh. First one! Bananas in Pyjamas! There was a cartoon like that? ♪ Bananas in Pyjamas ♪ I love Bananas in Pyjamas. Actually they’re twins or brothers or what ah? They’re bananas in pyjamas. I think there’s like a random peel here. – ♪ Bananas in Pyjamas ♪
– Random peel here. – Are you thinking of what I’m thinking B2?
– I think I am B1! – Oh My God.
– Oh My God. Mine’s so cute. – Eh stop looking at my drawing!
– I never! – Eh they got shoes or not? They got feet?
– Don’t tell you. *Salty Ally* You know sometimes I still watch it on Youtube? Ya when I’m bored I’m like, ‘I wonder what the bananas are up to these days.’ Cartoons right, normally only have 4 fingers. I don’t think they have 4 fingers. I think they only have like – No, cause I remember they like ‘hahaha’ So I just imagine the fingers got glove. 3, 2, 1! Bananas~ Eh let me cover the ugly part. For reference, this is how they look. Oh My God. I’m damn close! Oh My God. Oh My God wait. I’m having a – Yours is, Patrick but yellow. I’m very shocked now. The skin is there, I thought it was naked. No it’s not! This is, B1 and B2 like 20 years ago. This is B1 and B2 like in another 50 years. – Yes, exactly.
– Them in their, ripe old age. Okay, the second one. Any Pokemon, except for Pikachu. – You can draw any Pokemon.
– Diglett! – ♪ Pokemon! Gotta catch them all! ♪
– *Inaudible* I’m done! – Must Colour or not?
– What da heck? Why you done so fast? I used to sit with my siblings right, to watch the Chinese version because we… Chinese family. Bulbasaur is called ‘Magical Frog Seed’. Meowa, Meowa. Guess how many Pokemon are there currently. – 700.
– 725. 872. 902. – It’s 807.
– Oh my god. 2 numbers correct eh, got extra points or not? 3, 2, 1. Bam, bam, bam! Oh, this is my Jigglypuff by the way. You see, it looks like the ghost. I got Ditto and Onix. Eh, the Ditto is freaking cute sia. – Exactly.
– I love that face, the… My one look like she went through 10 years of hell. Like she plastic surgery a nose. Like finally got like… Before. After. – It’s nothing like it
– I told you it’s the cuter version. – It doesn’t even have eyebrows, and then that eye is like.
– It’s a cuter version. No, but this guy is correct right? This is the main character. Clark or something. Wait, what’s the guy’s name again? Clark. He’s called Ash. Oh yes! Ash! Next one, Any character from Teletubbies. Okay, 3, 2, 1, go! My mom also don’t let me watch Teletubbies. I always watch secretly behind her back. Sorry mom. ♪ Dinky Winky, Dispy ♪ ♪ Laa-laa, Po ♪ ♪ Teletubbies, Teletubbies~ ♪ ♪ Say Hello! ♪ ♪ Hello! ♪ Oh my god, you know the baby in the sun. – She’s damm pretty now.
– She’s damm hot now. – Did y’all hear horror stories?
– Yes! Yes! Oh My God x3. No, it’s always the same story like – oh, at night the Teletubbies will take the knife from your kitchen. My friend tell me she had a Po doll. Then in the middle of night, it woke up right next to her like At the door… You know if you play the song backwards right, it’s actually pretty scary. People see their sets moving, behind the scenes. 3, 2, 1. Ka-ching. – Wait ah.
– Yours look like bomberman. – I just drew a monkey.
– It’s a monkey. – Is Po really a circle on top?
– I don’t know. Oh it is a circle! Wah, they damn freaky sia the eyes. – Yeah, why do they have weird shapes there?
– It’s really damm scary eh. Did you see the picture when they take off the Teletubbies costume? Then they are like 4 grown man just like sitting on the set.
– Oh my God, really? Ya, they just like. – Okay, next one.
– Powerpuff girls. – Powerpuff Girls, 3 minutes, go!
– Oh really?! Blossom, Commander of the leaders. – No, it doesn’t make sense. *Frustrated Q* Do you know there’s a 4th powerpuff girl? Yeah. The purple one ah? Oh that purple ***** ah? Do you know the name? – Purple ***** lor.
– I don’t care about her. Bliss. Oh my god, mine looks like a fly. Do y’all know what the Powerpuff Girls are made up of? Yah. ♪ Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice with a little Chemical X. ♪ Spice… Something… And poison? I always draw like blossom, cause I aim to be her one day. – A leader and a role-model.
-Yeah I love her the most. Bubbles like a little bit loser-ish. Yeah she always cry… Then Buttercup abit like annoying cause she keeps like, You know got this episode she damm dirty then she don’t want to bathe. – Yeah.
– That’s like Adria. Oh my god so emo. Look like go to jail. I was trying to make her look angry, but I don’t know the eyes. Eh yours not bad sia! Yours like demon possessed a bit. Why all your drawings so far no face one ah? – Freaking like slenderman.
– It’s abstract art. You know what’s the name of the character that you drew? – Bubbles.
– I thought it was Blossom. Blossom is the main one, the pink color one. The green one is coco. She’s called Buttercup. But butter is like yellow right? Why is it green? It should be named like ‘Grasscup’ or something. The last one. Gary from Spongebob Squarepants. Who is that? Is he the squid? Is he the starfish? OH MY GOD GURL. I got this. I love Gary. Like he always make the HNG sound. *Chris breakdown Episode 1* Gary look quite sian one right? He looks like he hates life. *Chris breakdown Episode 2* Meow. Under the sea, I shall leave this space just in case I remember who he is. You see it when it rains in real life. Umbrella? It’s the snail. – It’s a snail?
– Oh my god, my hint wouldn’t even have helped. I don’t want to show. *Chris breakdown Episode 3: Season Finale* 3, 2, 1. Eh why yours so happy? He is happy. I always imagine Gary as an angsty little snail. – Close enough.
– Yeah. Mine right – you know when Gary eats? – When Gary eats right, then he will burp.
– I’m damm upset. Then he … How was the drawing session? Very therapeutic. It was an experience. I cannot remember anything. I tried. Like we don’t know the exact details, but we kinda know the outline of it? What do you think has changed between your childhood cartoons then and now? Saw in a meme that they are all like losing weight. – No, as in…
– Like Pikachu? Not just Pikachu, Godzilla’s losing weight. Oh Godzilla man… Powerpuff Girls, what are you doing? Why is there a purple ***** in the cartoon series now? I hate it. I think the older ones right, the story more… It’s more simple. Like people just do what they want, just do. Like weird also people will watch. But now like, there must be a theme, there must be a story. Like must have meaning ah, cannot be too scary for children ah. And also when they revamp the older cartoons… – It doesn’t work.
– It just doesn’t work. Did y’all think like you would remember that much of your childhood cartoon? I think it was very nostalgic. Because I didn’t expect certain characters to come out like, Bananas in Pyjamas. No, I’m like damn disappointed with the Gary one. Cause I love Spongebob, it’s like my favourite. And then I cannot remember, so I damn sad. But I think it’s very interesting that we hear and remember more. Than remember what it looked like. Thanks for watching this episode of Singaporeans Try, If you like this video, remember to Like, Share and Subscribe *whispers* Ally take it away. And watch our videos over there! Bye!

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  2. Dude says "There was a cartoon like that?!" for bananas in pyjamas and then proceeds to draw them correctly…

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    Kids do not like them that much and they're in HD
    Kids love Logan Paul,Jake Paul,Fortnite All That Shit

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  16. ‘Banana in pyjamas’


    Me”Omai Gosh yes”


    Them”no no pikachu???”

    Me”dats it I am drawing eevee”


    Them”starts singing”

    Me”I very Long never watch Liao but I very young lah I only 11”

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