Sigma 35mm 1.4 Art : Lens Video Review

Sigma 35mm 1.4 Art : Lens Video Review

Thank you for joining me again my friends! Today I’m very excited to talk about one of best prime lenses produced in the last few years. I am talking about the Sigma 35mm f1.4 Art so black and sexy Ok, this entire video will be shot with the sigma 35mm… But first of all let me say a few words about this famous brand. Sigma is a japanese company that manufactures cameras, flashes and other photograpic acessories.But But they are best known for their lenses. In 2013 Sigma renewed its entire catalogue creating three different lines of lenses the Art, the Sports and the Contemporary
creating three different lines of lenses the Art, the Sports and the Contemporary This Art serie, particularly, due to it’s great optical performance is considered to be the professional line of the Sigma lenses In this way Sigma has entered straight into the field of high-end lenses that had ,until now, been dominated mainly by Canon , Nikon and Ziess. To me It was love at first sight and when I held this 35mm in my hands for the first time it was very solid to the touch as if it were made of some sort of metal The focus ring is made with a high quality rubber that provides a perfect grip which is both comfortable and soft at the same time On the black body of the lens there is the silver A logo that indicates it belongs to the Art series and the auto-manual focus switch The 35mm Art is avaliable in the mount version for Canon -Nikon – Pentax – Sony reflex af mount and of course Sigma cameras. Recently Sigma announced a dedicated adaprter , the MC-11 that allows you to use a Sigma canon mount with Sony E mirrorless bodies Furthermore , nodays Sigma lenses are more convenient because if you wanna move from one system to another they have their sigma mount conversion service The frontal diameter is 67mm and the aperture range is from f1.4 to f16 This means that, when the diaphram is totally open this lens lets in a lot of light and the circulr 9 blades of the iris ensure an amazing blurred background effect better known as bokeh that makes the subject stand out more The minimum focal distance is 11.8″ or 30cm so you can focus pretty darn close to the subject This is definitely a big plus for me This lens doesn’t have any stabilization so if you are making videos you will defenitely need some sort of stabilizer in camera or external Luckily, if you are a photographer and you are shoting in very dark coonditions at this focal lenght and at such wide aperture you really don’t need any more than a tripod. But now let me show you how two professional photographers Luigi Panico and Luca Concas, each one with his own style use this lens in the field The Sigma 35mm belongs to the category of the wide angle lenses and a lot of street photographers consider this focal lenght a must to have in their bag because along with the 50mm the 35, is cosidered to be the viewing angle of the human eye so it gives you a realistic perception of the world The sigma 35mm art is amazingly sharp .a user on the web perfectly describes this point when he says “Holy moly this lens is sharp! When I opened the photos on my computer and zoomed in as far as I could it was like seeing the world through glasses for the first time.” The Sigma 35mm has a hyper sonic motor This feature ensures a high speed autofocus So how does the sigma 35mm f1.4 behave when sun rays hit the lens directly? Well this effect, commonly known as “flare” is greatly reduced because the frontal glass element has been muti layer coated The 35mm , like all the sigma lenses comes with a sturdy and very protective zipped case as opposed to most other brands that usually provide only a soft pouch that is not very usable So , now it’s time to take a look at the pros and the cons of the Sigma 35mm Art The Pros are amazing sharpness fast and accurate autofocus nice bokeh and strong construction The con The only con that I could notice is that sadly the lens is not weather sealed Hey are you still there? well, if you have this lens then why not share your opinion of it in the comments below but most importantly if you liked this video then go ahead and subscribe to my channel and share this video with your friends!!! see you next time! Ci vediamo alla prossima! Ciao mhuaaa ๐Ÿ˜‰

9 thoughts on “Sigma 35mm 1.4 Art : Lens Video Review

  1. Complimenti per la recensione. Il difetto che ho potuto riscontrare in questa lente รจ stata l'imperfetta taratura con la mia Canon 5d Mark III , per cui sono stato costretto a comprare il dock station.
    E anche con questo ho ancora dei dubbi. La MAF all'infinito non รจ precisa come credevo, probabilmente perchรฉ non sono stato in grado di tararla correttamente. Avete qualche suggerimento in merito?

  2. does it have auto focus in video? i see in my liveview a little face recognition box… i never saw that on my 5d mkii with other lenses..

  3. Thank you! This is a great review!
    I'm considering this lens and have been watching reviews on youtube for a few days.
    Not sure why I have just found your clip today. Great work!

  4. I use this lens with my a6300 & a6500. Amazingly sharp. However it's a very noisy lens so if you plan on using the audio from the camera you are going to here lots of motor noises unless you go manual mode.

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