Showing Her Creative Side in a Classic Los Angeles A-Frame

Showing Her Creative Side in a Classic Los Angeles A-Frame

(upbeat music) – So my house is an
A-frame, a 1963 A-frame from a prefab kit. There’s some kind of like amazing energy that you get from an A-frame. I don’t know what it is,
but it does just feel really relaxing and calming. There’s so much wood and light
that comes into the home. I work from home so it
was really important to me that the energy of the home
was conducive to creating. I’m lucky to have my garage
converted into a studio where I can make some of my ceramics. I really like to do a
lot of things myself. So a lot of the stuff that you
see in the house I’ve made. My intention with the
remodel of my home was to really keep the
natural original feeling of how it looked when I
first bought the home. The kitchen I made from a galley kitchen into a large full-sized
functioning kitchen. Bright and friendly and I
love an open floor plan. I love being able to cook
and talk to my friends while I’m making food. I was looking for gold and bronze accents instead of silver. I went on Houzz and I
got a lot of inspiration for all my door pulls and fixtures and little elements that beefed up the design of my home. I like to describe my style
as Biba meets Big Sur. Biba was a lifestyle,
makeup brand in the ’60s and Big Sur is a beautiful
earthy landscape in California. The challenge of having
an A-frame is there’s just really no storage. And in the bedroom when I first moved in, it was a little bit awkward. We wanted to have a bathroom upstairs so I didn’t have to go down
the treacherous spiral stairs every time I needed to use the bathroom. So I decided to dormer out
the one side of the A-frame and put in a water closet
and a nice big walk-in closet where I can shove everything. There’s a clawfoot tub right in the middle of the A-frame big Bay window. And I take a bath every day. It’s a really wonderful
dreamy way to wake up. In my home I do have central air and heat, but I actually get a lot of heat, I don’t even ever turn on my heat because I use the gas stove
that’s original to my home. It heats up my whole entire house. I really love Brutalist art. There’s a painting on the wall. It’s a gold painting. It was actually a really easy DIY. I took some canvas and
some of the ceramic pieces that I make, and I used
a little molding paste, and spray painted it
gold, and that got a nice little Brutalist effect in my home. Southern California outdoor
living is really important. If you’ve got it, use it. Once I was done inside, I
spent so much time working on the outside, and nowhere near done. There’s a little seating area outside that I have like next to a totem garden. Some cheap mattresses that
I just cover with sheets and Scotchguard and it’s on its way. It really is like a true expression. If you could have an
inanimate object be a symbol of my soul, this is my house. It’s really nice to own
a home where I can feel like I can be my true creative self. (upbeat music)

100 thoughts on “Showing Her Creative Side in a Classic Los Angeles A-Frame

  1. This house is amazing. I love the light, the mix of texture (wood, marble..), how it looks warm, classy and practical at the same time.

  2. I know this was posted a couple of years ago, but I’m wondering if it’s possible to find out what prefab a frame home she used, and where she got it from. My family is trying to find the perfect prefab a frame house, and we just can’t find the right one yet.😃

  3. My family has just bought a a frame house with the same stairs. How do you get stuff up there? We bought all new furniture but we still need to get the mattress up there…

  4. wow, so warm and cozy yet open and light! I would love to live in a house like that! It's nice to know a ceramic artist can afford to buy a house in LA! Gives me hope.

  5. I’m subscribed to a lot of home living magazines and this is literally my ideal home look. I’ve dreamt of something like this for years. She’s so lucky 🙂

  6. I love A-frames. You really made those renos beautiful: The tub arrangement and the closet doors. I do however think that the idea of a more organic ( curvaceous) seating area, or at least moved out more from the wall, would work really well. Very nice home.

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