Shop Small Gift Guide - Artisan Brands | Dearly Bethany

Shop Small Gift Guide – Artisan Brands | Dearly Bethany

so it's not often where I tape a video and post it all in the same day but Zack and I had a really great Thanksgiving and nice time off just on Black Friday and we just kind of had a chill day so today I am posting this thing all together in like one quick day so I will keep this brief but I just wanted to bring up some companies and brands that are very much more smaller scale because today is shop small Saturday of course it's great to shop locally if you can but I wanted to bring up just some shops that I absolutely love to shop from and a few that I also want to recommend at the end I'm dying so yeah let's just get started the first one is Dallas dodge designs she actually is from Minneapolis Minnesota which is really cool because my husband he grew up really close to there and so I love Minneapolis it's an absolutely great city ok so back to the clothes I love the fact that all of her pieces are made to order and there's a range of sizes and that's really great because I'm petite so whenever I can find things that I don't have to tailor that's just an added perk all of her products have really nice materials and everything's just very timeless in the way that it's made so I have a few pieces from her that she sent me that our silk and I love it and I also bought a cute little scarf too from her very classic you know to say cute is actually you know an understatement because it's just so well done and high-quality also her packaging is absolutely gorgeous so I would definitely recommend it as something to get for like Christmastime the next brand I've mentioned a time or two before which has been cotton so cotton is really great because it's Egyptian cotton and it's ethically sourced from Egypt and actually 100 percent of their sales this weekend only are going toward rebuilding two primary schools that are in Egypt which is you know where all of their farmers are so they're really trying to lean in and help that area the brand has been just absolutely amazing whenever I've gotten their products overall I just think that cotton is a very great brand for basic so very soft things of course because it's Egyptian cotton and overall I've really just fallen in love with a brand if you've been following this channel for any time at all you that I love Pamela card jewelry I wear it almost exclusively every day and so I really have just loved the fact that everything is handmade by an old process called lost wax casting pamela card her jewelry is actually something that she found inspiration from as she would travel the world and go to different museums and she'd find images of like old coins and mosaics and then make jewelry to be inspired by that so I of course fallen in love with that everything is just beautifully gold and it's a great thing to get for an heirloom piece so if you're going to shop for someone that you really want to buy something special for then I would definitely look into pamela cards jewelry I've mentioned this next one in a couple of different videos but J Hana is a great brand for jewelry but right now I've only delved into her nail polishes her nail polishes are beautiful I'm actually wearing one of them right now I think the color is called Himalayan salt so I've got two colors that one and then I've got a very sheer sheen glitter that's really beautiful it's like just almost a clear coat so I'll leave links down in the description to those as well as everything else but yeah I've just been so in love with her brand and it's definitely on my wish list some of her jewelry pieces next I have to bring up new solo even though they are a very fast growing company it's really their practices that have made them that way actually a couple of years ago on the Forbes website you can read about how they are a small business from Nashville that is competing with some big guns and fashion and I just love the fact that their practices are so well done they celebrate the people who've made shoes in their traditional style that they've been making in here and producing through generations so it's just very great to be able to celebrate how that has taken place and to bring more money into those economies in places like Peru where those people are now sending their kids to college I can go much more in depth in another video that I did so I'll link that for you guys if you want to know more about it another Nashville brand is Elisabeth Suzanne and I've learned her stuff for about a couple of years now and it's been so cool to see how much it's grown in that time and of course I was kind of late to the ball game she has been around for about I think five six years off the top of my head and she has a small company that's based out of Nashville that is you know every everybody's paid well and everybody's really happy by what I can tell in that whole Factory and it's just everybody is there working together on making these pieces everything's made to order she also has a range of sizes and really high quality fabrics I feel like her linens and silks are just top-notch nice is windblown jewelry the girl who owns it is someone who's been a really great friend to me for years actually when I knew Rachel when she was little and we were both like on the trampoline so we go way back but it's been really cool to see how she's gotten into developing jewelry and just you can see how she's sitting at her desk and she's like making this jewelry by hand it's just so cool so now she's built a business out of it I think she's got a team of just a few people and it's just really cool to see how this whole thing has transformed and everything is super affordable too because a lot of the pieces are brass so if you wanted to get a few necklaces and hand them out at Christmastime that would be so good or like even a co-worker would be such a great option to buy things from Rachel's story so this past summer I've done feature Fridays and they were for artisans so I wanted to kind of highlight those a couple of them again that were just so amazing to fold makes absolutely beautiful jumpsuits and tanks that I've gotten so I will leave a link to that and then also I'll leave a link to Rachel Hara and she makes beautiful linen shirts and I just have loved wearing those so I will leave links to those again just absolutely incredible for if you want to shop small so I have just a few more companies that I've really had on my radar ones that I have not necessarily shopped from yet myself but one is noble carriage I really want to shop there for Christmas time for my nieces they have stuffed animals as well as clothes and what's really great about them is not only their aesthetic but everything that they sell there is you know just aggregating a bunch of diff artisans who make these things and they're all like stuffed animals and clothes that are organic and they have a really high standard for the fabrics and products that they put into everything like they don't want the baby's skin to interact with anything that might be harmful so they have a very high standard next schoolhouse is really great if you want to look for lighting for your home and honestly of all of their home items are just so cool they used to have this old school house building and that's where they got their name from they still to this day just have everything under one roof which takes a lot of impact out of trying to ship things back and forth it's just all local so that's really cool next is joinery so definitely look there if you want to get anything for your home I think everything has just such a beautiful aesthetic that I could have my house for decades so thank you guys for listening to this video I hope that it was helpful and that you're having just an absolutely amazing Saturday and I'll see you guys next time you

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  1. Your style of jewelry especially the layering is so beautiful! I will definitely invest in some good quality pieces which I know I will be able for years! 😊 and thank you for using your plato to supporting small business, sadly on Social Media there are still mostly fast fashion brands around – Thank you for sharing these incredible and beautiful brands 💕

  2. this is so awesome! so in love with the pamela card jewelry, surprised i haven't heard of her! thanks for promoting shopping small <3

  3. Thank you! I really liked these recommendations. Also, I likes the guys section on your blog that Zack did. Thanks again!

  4. you have literally become one of my favorite youtubers! your minimalist and chic fashion style is so inspiring.

  5. You must be your niece's favorite aunt, you seems so nice and sweet. If you are ever interested in having kids, you'd be a great mom.

  6. Yay! Love that you did this video! Thanks for making it and getting it up so fast! I totally bought 3 pairs of Nisolo shoes today after watching your video LOL. The mariella mules, some huaraches and some Chelsea boots! I used Honey, that one browser app that automatically finds coupons for you – that thing found me a coupon for like a hundred bucks off! It was too good to pass up so I just bought em all lol. NO REGRETS

  7. Love this! Was curious as to how tall you are? I’m 5’1” and have the hardest time finding things that fit me. Everything looks so good on you!

  8. I always look forward to watching your videos Bethany.
    Thank you for such consistent, thoughtful, creative content throughout 2018.
    Your attitude has really inspired me to become more sustainable, and to appreciate small details.

  9. Yes! I’ve been making an effort to shop small and sustainably. Especially being a maker myself, I love shopping small and ethically. It’s pricier, but it makes me really think about each piece or item and how it will fit into my life. I’ve found new brands through you and can’t wait to discover more!

  10. I love your videos so much! You have such a nice way of explaining your techniques and making it so easy for us to improve our style ❤️ You have inspired me to create my own YouTube channel 😊 in case someone feels inspired to check it out it’s here

  11. Hello! I’m a new subscriber! :)) I’m just 16 years old but your style is definitely what I want to wear. It seems so elegant and gives off the classy aura and vibe that you’re someone to be respected. I don’t really like the clothes peers of my age are wearing, not that I have something against them. I just really like your style! So thank you so much for creating these kinds of YouTube videos. Thank you for sharing your fashion and for your hardwork in these videos! 💖

  12. YAY!! Thanks for highlighting some of my favorite local brands!! I am a Nashville native. Love Nisolo so much.

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