“SHIPS OF LOVE ♡” Miraculous Ladybug Comic Audio Drama | Valory Pierce

“SHIPS OF LOVE ♡” Miraculous Ladybug Comic Audio Drama | Valory Pierce

oh What am I gonna do? He’s right here? Oh my god? Oh my God? He’s so cool, and tall and his eyes are forest green Hmm Hi Adrien Nice weather day. I mean weather right? yeah, it’s a really nice day out today Hey Marinette I was wondering do you think I could stop by the bakery sometime I’ve been meaning to try some of your dad’s famous pastries? Oh sure I mean we would love for you to come Okay, great. I’ll stop by after school before I head to a photo shoot. See you then. Oh my god tikki what am i going to do My princess, my love, come here and give kitty a smooch Not so fast kitty, not today. We got patrol and we don’t know what hawk moth is planning But my lady even heroes can have a little downtime and walk the city lights of love don’t make me throw catnip at you Hey Marinette, what’s up? um hi cat noir see anything new No Check out my muscles It’s gonna impress the ladies Especially Ladybug oh yeah yeah, no oh my God. It’s ladybug. She’s everything It’s Adrien he’s my everything She looks so good up close like a goddess ah my lucky day Oh Adrien if only you knew how much I just want to swing my arms around you and Have you carry me away to our happily ever after? I like you Hey, thanks for watching make sure to subscribe and follow me on Twitter and Facebook at Valerie Pierce for new videos and updates Stay magical and may courage be your wings

100 thoughts on ““SHIPS OF LOVE ♡” Miraculous Ladybug Comic Audio Drama | Valory Pierce

  1. Favorite to least favorite ships


    I love them all but still it’s my opinion 😊😊

  2. Literally! Adriens chill around ladybug while he's chat noir but when he's adrien he acks just like marinette

  3. aveces amas a uno pero el te rechaza ,el te admira y lo sabes, tu amas a uno pero el ni lo sabe ,otra ambos se aman pero no lo saben mmm par de ciegos

  4. Whats really sad is how blind they are in the series and dont realize eachothers identitys or how they love eachother

  5. you know it’s funny how the ship that is shipped the most is the ship that is the least likely to happen (marichat)
    and the ship that is most likely to happen is ladrien but like nobody ships it, idk it’s just funny lol
    (but of course marichat forever😂❤️)

  6. My favorite ships rated 1-4 (Miraculous Ladybug ships)
    1. MariChat
    2. LadyNoir
    3. Adrinette
    4. Ladrien

    I love MariChat because Chat isn't a huge flirt only a bit, and Marinette isn't a stuttering mess.
    I like LadyNoir, Because again, Mari isn't a stuttering mess and they are more confident and are very close. Adrinette because it's just adorable. I dont like LadyNoir because they're both just a stuttering mess.

  7. Marichat is my absolute fav!! They remind me of Spider man and Gwen Stacey! ❤️❤️

    Adrianette is my second cuz they just made for each other!

  8. 1. Ladrien
    2. Ladynoir
    3. Adrinette
    4. I don’t even know if marichat should even be a ship because neither of them like eachother but marichat for 4th

  9. Adrienette :
    Adrien to Marinette : just a friend🙂🙂🙂
    Marinette to Adrien : my love😍😍😍

    ladybug to chat noir : there is the flirty cat 😑😑😑
    Chat noir to ladybug :hello m'lady😻😻😻

    Marinette to chat noir : ugh 😒😒😒
    Chat noir to Marinette : hi purr-insess🙂🙂🙂

    Ladybug to Adrien: (0////////0) I – l like you❤️❤️❤️
    Adrien to ladybug : (0////////0) I – l like you🖤🖤🖤

  10. 1. Marichat
    2. Adrienette
    3. Ladynoir

    But I mostly ship Marichat. Because the two of them are comfortable together and the two of them are searching for the love that they can’t have

  11. My friends cried watching the season 3 finale
    I cried every time Adrien either friend zoned Mari or failed to see she was in love with him as well as crying every time Mari got flustered and tongue tied
    That is a lot of crying

  12. I love the ship Marichat, since is the part we’re they are at their “worst”, or “imperfect” like body. But in with adrien and ladybug, it’s like they are at the “best”. So I loveeeeee Marichat

  13. They are like love team as in look if mari and adrien mix there name it will be adrienette and when chat and ladybug mix there name will be ladynoir and when mari and chat mix there name it will be marichat get it?

  14. Sorry not sorry but my favorite is Chat and Mari they act so normal and can get to know each other instead of acting like fans

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