Shinigami, also known as Gods of Death, are
popular creatures in japanese folklore. These dark spiritual entities are the ones
in charge of collecting souls and taking them to the Yomi, the land of the dead. The term Shinigami comes from the japanese
“Shi” which means “Death” and “Kami”, which means “God” or “Spirit”. In western mythology it would be something
similar to Death or The Grim Reaper. In fact, Shinigamis start appearing around
the 18th century, with the influence of the western culture in shintoism, buddhism and
taoism. On the contrary to Death, the Shinigami doesnt
only refer to one entity, but to a great variety of ghostly beings. There isn’t a precise description of their
shape, they are invisible except for those who are close to dying. As recurring creatures in lots of manga and
anime, they’ve had different representations, from human shapes like Ichigo and Rukia from
Bleach and Momo from Ballad of a Shinigami, to cadaverous and deformed beings who like
appels, like Ryuk and Rem from Death Note. Same as many spirits associated with death,
shinigamis are known for being evil. Sometimes, they are represented as fallen
angels or grotesque demons that threaten humans lives. In buddhism, the figure of Shinigami is the
evil spectrum that takes control of your body in order to soak from it its will to live. The popular belief says that shinigamis are
simple bridged between our world and the other world. They make sure each person dies when their
exact time comes, and guide them to the underworld to confront their final destiny. The legend says that a man going through a
hard economical situation didnt have any desire to live and wanted to leave this world. A Shinigami appeared, showed him a candle
that reflected his life expectancy and convinced him that it wasnt his time yet. In order to solve his problems, he showed
him an easy way to earn money. The Shinigami said he could pretend to be
a doctor and perform miracles, in exchange for good money. He gave him the ability to see other shinigamis
and the power to make any god of death go back to the underworld without taking the
soul he was coming for. The only thing he had to do was pronounce
an old spell and the shinigami would disappear. The only rule was that the Shinigami had to
be on the bed legs and not on the headboard of the sick human. If this was the case, destiny would be inevitable
and the person should die. The man performed several miracles, extending
many people’s lives in exchange for jewels and money. Everything was going great for him, he was
famous and powerful, but it was never enough for him. One day, a family whose daughter suffered
a serious illness came to him to work one of his miracles. When he went to the room where the dying girl
was, he saw the shinigami that would take her soul to the other world sitting on the
headboard. The Shinigami was looking with dark and spooky
eyes to the body of the girl who would soon be dead. The man knew he couldnt save the young girl,
but the family offered him a very generous reward that his greed would let him say no
to. When the night came and the shinigami was
sleeping, he changed the orientation of the bed, so that the god of death was lying on
the bed legs and not on the headboard. Then, he said the spell and the shinigami
disappeared. He had broken the rule. The God of Death that had given him this power
came back to visit, very angry. He showed him his candle, almost consumed,
and said there would be consequences to his actions. The man, feeling sorry, asked for a second
chance to continue his life and the spirit said the only way to save himself was by trespassing
the light from his candle to another one. But this wasnt possible, the Shinigami was
lying to him, each person has his or her own candle, non-transferrable, and, once it’s
extinguished, the person dies. The man tried to do it, but the candle was
put out and the Shinigami whispered with a dark voice: “Death will come to you, same as everyone,
but when it does… nobody will be waiting” The man died and his soul remained trapped,
doomed to wander eternally with no stop.

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  1. Have you guys ever watched an anime called soul eater on episode one there a guy name lord death he looks just like the shinigami but nicer he also sends weapons and meisters to eat or collect souls SO LORD DEATH IS SHINIGAMI

  2. Well technically he could put his life to another, but it can only worked by being reborn. In other words through reincarnation, but like most reincarnation he'll have to give up his memories and disappear both in body and soul.

  3. Any body else getting animes in thier heads. Like from SOUL EATER there is lord death. And from DEATH NOTE there is the guy that eats apples..?(forgot his name sorry..)

  4. When you have siblings…
    Sister and brother:*fights*
    Sister:*sees cover of vid*

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