100 thoughts on “‘She’s Painted You As An Evil Sociopath,’ Dr. Phil Says To Orphan About Previous Adoptive Mother

  1. In all honesty she just seems like a HUGE liar!! When Dr. Phil asks her serious questions and she smiles as she responds?? Wtf she does not look like a little kid she looks grown, but she’s getting her way

  2. So Dr. Phill, did you just want to jump on the band wagon and gain some publicity for this because you didn't clear ANYTHING up and you certainly have the resources to find the truth!! This WOMAN needs a polygraph, a bone, teeth and DNA analysis AND one that is irrefutable at that! You had the chance to conduct these tests and did not. If she chose not to take those tests why not? Why not look into the inconsistencies further and help two people that were trying to protect their children from a con artist?!
    I feel you had every opportunity to clear SOMEONES name and CHOSE not to. No-one needs this dragged out longer than it needs to be and you have ONLY added more fuel to the fire in order to raise your own social standing and gain publicity and viewers.

  3. I’m so glad he did the show! And he was right she just needed love no matter what! They made her an adult because they didn’t want to take care of her no more I didn’t want to be financially responsible for her anymore those two people the doctors and anybody else who said she was an adult when she wasn’t need to be charge for child neglect and child abuse! She is a human being that need love and those people didn’t give it to her! I’m glad she did find a family though that is giving her the love she deserves

  4. These ppl ruined lives for money, publicity and clout. If the adoptive parents was out for money they would've kept her and used her story on social media like these ppl clearly are doing rn. Dr Phil where's the lie detector test??!! Dr Phil u failed us this time.

  5. Y’all haven’t met her to actually tell her age. Three families have said she’s 16 yet y’all believe a family who hasn’t proved a SINGLE BIT OF PROOF.

  6. I can tell u by the way she speaks, she Is an adult and has been for some time. Those pics the adoptive family had, I could clearly see she was older then too. The makeup artist at Dr Phil tried to make her look younger but sorry didn't work.

  7. This the 1st time Dr. Phil didn't use Lie detector test…. Something fishy is going on guys. Why hasn't anyone done a lie detector on her yet.. law or Dr Phil. Come on guys we ain't buying this bs

  8. When I was 20 I was fully grown I'm 26 now and look nearly the same(a little rougher around the edges but u get my point). If u look at the old pics of her when she first got adopted she clearly looks much younger and not fully developed. If she was 22 when they adopted her I feel like she would have been fully developed and look more similar to the way she looks now.

  9. as someone who lived in Ukraine from birth till 8, i have to comment that European kids are SUPER independent! by 6/7 i was taking bus by myself, sewing clothes for my doll, and knew how to operate a gas range and boil water…

  10. Is no one paying attention to the fact this had happened 6 or so years ago?!?! This had happened a while ago and it's all just coming to light. The family who has her NOW said shes been with them for about 6 YEARS! please people pay attention!!!! This WASNT something that JUST happened!!

  11. Doing a bone scan on someone with dwarfism is kind of hard to do considering the fact that their bones can look like a child another way to figure out how old she is besides getting her actual birth records from the Ukraine would be to look at her teeth

  12. Why don't we question people with disabilities, I have disabilities I had a major brain hemorrhage at 36, I was in hospital for 6mths. I still have problems, I have 3 cousins who have down syndrome all of them have completely different symptoms but are all diagnosed with the same thing. We can all have the same outcome of diagnosis but we all have our own way of dealing with it, or just generally have a brighter outcome at the end of the day. It's the way we see life at the end of the day. She wants to blame everyone, but her biological parents are never mentioned. 🤔

  13. this infuriates me!! how can Dr Phil and those stupid parents not see this? she IS evil u can see it when she smirks. eewww little freak will get found out soon, when she starts to go gray and wrinkley.

  14. Dr. Phil is being biased, he shouldn’t have conducted the interview if he was going to make a mockery of the situation.

  15. But what about her accent? If she was in her 20s when she came from the Ukraine, surely she wouldn’t have such an American accent even a decade. But she does. That, to me, would indicate she was below 12 when she came here, no? Even if not as young as she said. She might also not even know her real age. I think everyone is being rather insensitive to her given how much we don’t know.

  16. Oh my god Dr Phil better stay on this story. There's something off about her and it gives me chills. So many things are wrong in this video: 1. Dr Phil is much different than normal, hes only looking at one side of the story and not accusing her of anything. The way he blew the whole thing off at the end upset me.
    2. The parents sit so far apart, it's so suspicious. They don't really even look at each other.
    3. The girl doesn't even hold her hand back.
    4. She reacts to every accusation like a joke but somehow still gives off the vibe like she's lying
    AND WHOEVER SEES THIS COMMENT: go ahead and like it while youre here 😂❤️

  17. The previous parents have every right to know her real age like really Dr. Phill? Especially if they claim she tried to hurt them so it has nothing to do with not loving her because of some age difference. Not to mention our society functions on age allowances and restrictions. If my adopted kid wants to drink with me and I have no idea how old they are then that’s gonna be pretty freaking complicated and I can’t just say “well ur a human being and I love u.” 😂

  18. She's truely a disturbed person! She not believable! She makes it up as she goes! Plus,she probably gets huge check and new parents gravy train!

  19. I kinda do believe that she could be around 14 ish I have a girl in my school and she has the same condition as this girl and she’s around 15-16 ish that’s why it is believable in some senses but at the same time some stuff doesn’t add up with this case…

  20. Dr. Phil’s staff is letting us comment because they probably want us to point out how much of a liar she is. Smh🤦🏼‍♀️

  21. "Why did it matter to them how old you were?" Uh… A LOT OF REASONS WHY IT WOULD MATTER IF SOMEONE WERE EIGHT OR TWENTYFUCKINGTWO!

  22. What mattered to the other family is that this "little girl" is trying to kill them. Please Dr. Phil how could you fall for all the lies. There are so many red flags. True I haven't seen the entire episode, but from what I have seen if Dr. Phil doesn't call her out I will lose so much respect for Dr. Phil.

  23. For people saying she could be lying yes she could be! But there’s a condition in witch you look a lot older than you are and she has dwarfism so she looks older, let’s research before we assume things

  24. Also why would the original adoptive parents lie? They’re clearly good people considering they adopted a 6 year old girl with a physical disability.. it takes a special kind of people to do that. I honestly believe that she’s a sociopath and did those things.. like why would they lie about that

  25. She’s not a child- I read energy and she’s much older than she’s admitting and she is a sociopath! I’m scared for that family- she may be acting cool right now- but just wait til they piss her off-

  26. So her tests conclude she was in fact a child. If this is true, her other adoptive parents should have gone through the proper channels to return her instead of abandoning her outright.

  27. All doctors showed she was within 3 year range from what she was told. Many of you are the evil ones. She is now “16” but could be 19. They first got her from 6-9. The child was lied to, not the other way around.

  28. Wow this story is so layered, I'm not sure what to believe, the young woman seems a bit odd, she smiles like she's getting away with something, just tell the truth.

  29. Ok as someone who is a medical investigator (I have done private and criminal investigations) and I have been following this for a while. I'm going to start with one thing everyone is asking about. The couple and how they are sitting far away. Yes most couples would rather sit close together but the couch isn't a love seat. The way the father is sitting he's in a comfortable position. The mom is being close to her daughter. So there's your reason. Plus men when on a couch with a spouse or significant other normally are on the arm rest while the woman leans up against the man. Now Natalia…. My mom was a missionary we went to Ukraine and it's crazy over there. I've worked with people who are 35 years old with the mind set of a 5 year old. I have seen kids who have been to over 200 homes in a year and trust me it fucks them up. I can tell that Natalia is confused she isnt sure how old she is she has one doctor saying shes 11 another saying shes 22 one saying shes 14. The point is she is not able to care for herself. Now as for the apartment thing I'm not sure. But this poor girl was abused by the system. Her body language tells me she is terrified. I have a very very hard time believing she would even physically be able to stab someone. I mean she has to walk with a walker. Honestly it sounds like the accused couple was going threw a divorce and there was something up. Most people dont leave the states out of nowhere like oh hey we're moving to Canada. They were hiding from something.

  30. I don't know what the truth in this story is. BUT a former adoptive family "thinking" she might have wanted to break her other son's arm, and saying "I can't do this anymore" (which suggests there was more to the story, previous misbehavior) – that combined with allegations of violent transgressions against her new adoptive siblings. That's two unrelated cases, not just the Barnetts. I wished there would have been more digging.

  31. It kind of gets on my nerves when people continuously bring up the argument that if she was allegedly having periods at around 6 years old (according to the Barnett's) then "that's proof she is lying". Here's a little bit about the tragic life of Lina Medina- the world's youngest CONFIRMED mother who was less than five years old when she became pregnant!

    Lina Marcela Medina de Jurado (Spanish pronunciation: [ˈlina meˈðina]; born 23 September 1933)[1] is a Peruvian woman who became the youngest confirmed mother in history, giving birth at age five years, seven months, and 21 days.[1][2] Based on the medical assessments of her pregnancy, she was less than five years old when she became pregnant.

  32. I think she is older. By all her actions she is older. And if she wasn't a problem why did the other family not want her before the Barnetts. They was afraid of her also. Something is not right.

  33. Whether they're telling the truth or not, I feel like they are not completely opening up. Or atleast their body language are closed.

  34. I must admit her voice sounds quite mature. I've got a 16 year old & a 17 year old in my family, their voices do not sound that mature neither do their friends.
    Her face also looks slightly older.
    If I met this girl I would genuinely thought she was at least 23-25.
    Everyones voice changes as they get older including females but it just doesnt change as much as males do.

    I've been with my partner since we were 15/16. We are now nearly hitting 30. I've got old videos from when we were kids to now & both of our voices have changed not by much but you can tell we sound like an adult not a teenager.

    This is a very difficult situation, we may never know the truth. Anyone can lie. I dont know who to believe over this but something must have gone on for the parents just to abdomen her like that.
    At least we get to hear her side whether some of us believe it or not.

  35. I know a woman who doesnt know her legit age. She was in a foster home as a baby, and that foster mother admitted later on that she kept forging her birth year so she can keep her a baby longer in the eyes of the courts, so that she would qualify for government assistance and money for this "baby" longer. Her paperwork has been so messed with over the years that she isnt sure now if shes 25 or 30 between it all happened within a span of 5 years.

  36. I don't believe a word this scammer is saying, it's crazy how her new adopted parents trying to show case  her as a angel. NOT in my eye sight, one day they will see how she is around the other children, it's only a matter of time. One last thing at eight years old  how are you living alone? feeding yourself, going to an adult center etc.???? This is sickening to me I am done.

  37. Nah they all cap WTF have none of y’all been lied to before? Look at their faces, I hope dr.phil is just playing along.

  38. If this was a boy/man this would be a totally different story. She is very controlled and seems ready with all the answers, encouraged on my the adoptive mom.

  39. Even if she was really a psycho the right thing to do is to get her professional help, not get her an apartment and send a psycho out into society unattended.

  40. She legitimately looks older than me & I’m nearly 29. This isn’t a child, guys, come on. 🤦🏼‍♀️ this is just embarrassing lol

  41. It would matter to me if she were lying and not a child! I thought the whole point of the interview is to find out if she was a child or an adult. But apparently it doesn't matter to dr. Phil.

  42. The first adoptive family said her body didn’t seem like she’s a kid. If she had pubic hairs and developed breasts it’s obvious she’s not a child!!! It’s so easy to prove it. She seems manipulative

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