Shadow the Hedgehog – #3 – Circus Park

Shadow the Hedgehog – #3 – Circus Park

Hello everyone, welcome back to Shadow the Hedgehog on Play Frame We’re going into a theme park owned by Eggman With some impeccable design. I must say Now, what’s this now? Whoa, a lance! All right So, what’s the fiction here? Did Eggman just kind of like decide… screw taking over the world, like, I’m gonna … …I’m gonna chase my dreams I’m gonna open a theme park. It’s what I’ve wanted since I was a kid Well good for him Well now, listen Tails The way I see it it– Sorry. I’m not meaning to stab you with this. The way I see it Eggman has… …like, left behind his life of crime He’s built a theme park. He’s bringing joy to others and using rings for that purpose. Frankly, I think… it’s time for you to let this go I think it’s time for us to… …let Eggman be rehabilitated. This is clearly something that he is doing out of a desire to improve Maybe for the look of things I’m not– Listen See now we’re robbing him. Now his… now his, like… …defense measures are coming out You know what, Tails? I’m starting to question… …the ethics here Whoa, gaboing Yes Right Stop shooting me, robots Okay You know what? You got it Yeah! The heck are you? Oops, I should not have done that. That does not– …what I was aiming to do Ahah! Aw, missed It is a fun little act he’s got All right Oops, sorry. I didn’t mean to do that, wasn’t on purpose Yeah, okay Shadow… Awful picky about where you die Frankly Shadow, if you got to die somewhere, you can do a lot worse than a happy theme park Can do Get Get out Get out of here I love these little arrows popping up Okay. I can move the coaster to the left and right Whoa, whoa It’s pretty good He’s built a nice theme park. Why are– Tails… Why are you trying to destroy this? There’s a lot of weaponry around here, I admit Ow Stop shooting me All right We’re taking this fight… …to the invaders What? Really? Really? Ahhh That was fun I’m not here for rings, my man I’m here to defend this good park Tails, leave me alone. All right? You and I clearly have very different feelings about this park Let’s see… Wow! Sure Pardon me, fellas. Ow! My bad Whoa Tails, would you… would you go away? Tails, shut up You’re not the boss of me. You’re tiny You’re very small, Tails Like, we’re tiny compared to people and look how tiny you are This is a stick up Got out of town, Tails. Shoo! Go on Fine, you can follow behind me, but I’m not destroying this theme park Wow, really? Hmm, I think I didn’t do it right Oh, there we go. That’s kinda cool It’s a very Rambo look to this, isn’t there? Very… very action hero How many– Let me… I want to see this objective [Get rid of those GUN soldiers] Yes, I will get rid of those GUN soldiers. I’m trying man. I’m working real hard This is all so ridiculous That someone thought what Sonic the Hedgehog was lacking was guns Huh I don’t think my skills are very good [Death to all who oppose me] Geez, so dark Just ride a ride, Shadow. Chill out Have some fun… …for once in your sorry life This is visually overwhelming That was an intense tunnel Let’s shoot some robots Five to go and then we will have defended this land Like, for serious though, like, Robotnik Eggman is trying to run a theme park here In the weird, like, bonkers… …lore and continuity of whatever’s happening, it’s hard to… …out-and-out call this an evil act Okay, well like that’s ethically questionable but… …less so than the military barging in Good advice Why didn’t I think of that? Well, this is a slow climb There aren’t? What I’m even doing here? Weeeee I… What the indeed, my man This is somewhat overwhelming visually. Wait, I don’t… I don’t… No, I’m saving this park Scruffy believes in this company Just gotta find three more… …soldiers from this occupying force… …and we’re in business. Where are they? Robotnik, where are they? I’m trying to help Yeah, I know I’m… I’m working hard for you here, man, for no pay Maybe give me some tips… pointers… Why did they build it so you could rock this to the left and right? Like, I’m not… …seeing a purpose? Like, I’m not having to dodge anything Where’s the last guys? Ooo, I see… …a couple of robots. That’s something Can I hit him? No, not that way No, that’s… that’s a robot I need a gun. Thank you How is it so hard to find the last couple soldiers? Why are they so hidden? Shut up this is getting frustrating Where? WHERE? Tell me where they is So that I may shoot them. I guess I don’t have a gun right now It’s very out of character for me I’ve been doing this level for like 15 minutes and I… …can’t find the remainder of the soldiers There’s three left, apparently. I thought there were only two left No, I don’t know where they are Oh, there’s a couple. I– can I… All right, I have to figure out how to get up there I must… Shadow, come on Seriously? And And HA And HA and HA And HA and HA and HA. And HA and HA and HA. Yes! Just one more. I just… I just need to find one more Somewhere in this park is one more soldier or… …soldier robot And I have to find it for this to end Wait, is this it? Is this it? Is this it? Thank you! Oh my gosh That is annoying [Disgusting humans, how dare you show your faces in the doctors presence?] All right, I guess I– In the game’s defense I chose… …a route that was not… That was longer than 11 minutes, game I chose a route that was not… …like, the easy “just get to the end and touch the Chaos Emerald” but, like… …having the alternate paths be that annoying is… I guess annoying is what it is, huh? So yeah, overall pre-rendered cutscenes animation pretty solid Ahh We’re in the sky now I’m starting to think this guy is evil That is a still image So, where are we now on the path? Okay, so it’s bouncing us back up …In the evil direction because that’s the choice we made But that feature of this game is interesting. I will give it credit for that Like, that’s a lot of work they chose to do– Wow, we are in the sky, huh Blue sky? Have you seen it before? Hedgehog? I don’t know what to say It’s a blue sky, Shadow I’m speechless. Thank you all very much for watching. I… We’ll do one more of these We will do one more of Shadow the Hedgehog unless for some reason… …that last episode really convinces me we need to do even more than that Otherwise, last one next time. Thank you all very much for watching I’ll see you next time, I guess. Goodbye!

69 thoughts on “Shadow the Hedgehog – #3 – Circus Park

  1. the sonic world is a cartoon world. there are entire cities that consist of casinos and amusement parks, roads go in loops and corkscrews for no apparent reason and every manner of animal can talk and have superpowers. so the lore behind eggman owning multiple casinos and theme parks is the same reason hang castle can reverse gravity and metropolis has loops in its highways, "because it is a cartoon".

  2. one of my complaints about what they did with shadow starting in heroes is that he did used to have fun. in SA2, one of his mid-battle quips is "i'm the coolest", and he and sonic exchange pleasant banter just before their final fight, where shadow even chuckles at sonic's quip about being hard to kill.

    then he turned into "DEATH to all who oppose me!" shadow.

  3. The ones who though Sonic games lacked guns weren't the staff. This is what happens when fans are stupid and keep insisting they add guns and the staff finally cave. Let this be an example and let it never happen again.

  4. I think you'd be doing yourself a great disservice not finishing this master craft in storytelling, Dan. Can you not see that this is the greatest narrative in a piece of interactive media to grace the gaming world?

  5. Welcome to Shadow the Hedgehog, Dan.
    Also, are you really questioning a guy named Black Doom? He has to have the greatest of motivations.

  6. Saving the amusement park run by the villains by attacking the government's military? Oh, Dan, you are assuredly the target audience for these games.

    Rated D for Dan.

  7. …damn, Tails, that's pretty mean-spirited of you. You were my favorite character in the franchise, too.

    I really AM starting to see why everyone hates this game so much. Not only is it fairly bland as a Sonic game (except the guns, because, as Carrie so succinctly puts it, "so edgy"), the 'moral choice' system, while an interesting idea, is just written so horribly. Like…why IS taking down a theme park considered a "good" act?

    I'd love to see this kind of multiple-branchig-paths, morality-based story mission done better somewhere else, preferably with more consistent writing.

  8. What is Tails' deal? Do the rings even belong to anyone? If so, why are they all over the world? Why can't Eggman have some rings and share some joy in the form of a dangerous theme park?

  9. Please finish this game, I want to see what happens to Edgehog. 😀 It seems to only be a couple more missions anyway.

  10. so that's where Eggman is getting the funds for his Robot Army
    …also Dan you're accidentally predicting tghe plot of Sonic Colors XD

  11. I'm going to lodge a formal complaint with Dr. Eggman's head of security. He practices atrocious gun safety! He just leaves them lying around everywhere. What if somebody who doesn't know what they're doing gets hurt?
    Actually, that applies to his treatment of GUN, too…

  12. Kinda disappointed Dan didn't go for the Goal Ring for the normal mission, I wanted to hear his opinion on Mad Matrix's visual style.

  13. The “kill all enemies” objectives just keep getting worse as you go further into the game, Artificial Chaoses anyone?

  14. I love how Dan goes out of his way to make his own fun out of the games he plays even when they are beyond ridiculous.

  15. I understand that Shadow's comment about seeing the blue sky from afar is in reference to Sonic Adventure 2, but…I'm with Dan, that line really doesn't make any sense at all if you take it out of context.

  16. If Henry Ford had run a focus group of commuters in the 1890s, they'd all have said they wanted faster, cheaper horses. If he'd listened to them he'd never have gone into the car business.

    The moral of this story is that focus groups are full of crap. So if your focus group of 10 year old boys say they want a game where Sonic is evil and has a gun and shoots aliens… you need to tell them where to shove it, and not, y'know, make that awful game……….

  17. So in this episode you have to choose between Tails, a rampant capitalist bourgeois pig (his goal is literally to steal a large amount of currency from a small business owner) or Eggman, a small business owner who is an avowed supporter of queer rights (putting rainbows up in the displays even though it's not pride month? we stan an ally), resists armed occupation by an aggressive law enforcement and even offers Shadow a job in security despite his lack of experience, previous criminal record and disability (long term memory loss)? Honestly, pretty cut and dried to me

  18. I mean… in fairness to Tails and the soldiers, Eggman /is/ basically a planet-wide terrorist. It's reasonable to go poke him when things take a turn for the worst across the world, especially since he's usually the one after the Chaos Emeralds.

    Edit: But you're so close to the end, don't quit now!

  19. If you were using a PS2, you could have recorded this at 1080i or 720p from the console without a framemeister

    PS: Youtube Best Practices says not to use letterboxes or sidepillars.

    PPS: I'm pretty sure this game is supposed to be 4:3, not 6:5

  20. I would like to see you finish it. Mostly because I find your exasperation hilarious, but hey, it's a valid reason to watch the show.

  21. Oh come now Dan, you should really get to an ending and see what a final cutscene is like. After all they might have put all the money into the first lot and phoned in the rest. I'm not saying if they did, but from what you've seen of Sonic so far. Would you put it past Sonic Team to screw up like that?

  22. I'm at my limit! I have no choice! Send in the Invincible Blue Whale Knig- I mean… Send in the Eggman Fleet!

  23. It's probably been mentioned many times already in the comments, but one of Eggman's dreams IS to open a theme park. He has proclaimed this dream to Sonic at least as early as Sonic Adventure, and he's since built amusement parks and casinos (and casino-themed amusement parks) in this game, Sonic Unleashed, Sonic Lost World, Sonic Mania, and Sonic Forces. Knuckles Chaotix and Sonic Colors are set entirely within theme parks. The guy really likes these attractions.

    If you're having trouble going faster on the grind rails, you should jump. Some games, like Sonic Heroes, have a dedicated speed-up button for grind rails, but I don't think Shadow the Hedgehog does.

    That "someone" who thought Sonic games needed guns were the tweenage and teenage fans who wanted Sonic, as a franchise, to be darker and edgier, and Sonic Team listened to these guys. Predictably, these fans absolutely ATE UP the Shadow the Hedgehog game (which is a major reason why he continued to have this gameplay in Sonic 2006), but nobody else. You can see this faction continue to rumble each time a Sonic game comes out with a lighter, more comical plot

  24. Oh God, where are the next episodes? I hope you are still doing this Dan, I mean I know Sonic 06 is not encouraging, but Unleashed and Colors did lift the franchise up (although not everyone liked night stages in Unleashed)

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