Sesame Street: Art School | Murray Had a Little Lamb

Sesame Street: Art School | Murray Had a Little Lamb

has a little lamb. Lamb. Yo, Murray has a little
lamb, who wears a little bow. CHILDREN Go, Murray. Together they go everywhere
amigas like to go. M-M-Murray. He follows her to
school each day. They run. They spin. They leap. Go, Murray. Yo, everybody loves to see
a monster and his sheep. And they all say, Murray. Murray. Murray. Murray. Murray has a little lamb. Go, Murray. Murray has a little lamb. Murray has a little lamb. MURRAY: Hi, it’s me, Murray. And I can’t wait to see where
that little lamb leads us today. But where is Ovejita? OVEJITA: [GIGGLES] MURRAY: Ovejita,
where are you going? OVEJITA: Wee! [GIGGLES] Hello, Murray. MURRAY: Hi. Ovejita, where are we going? OVEJITA: Una escuela! MURRAY: [GASP] A
school, awesome! But what escuela
are we going to? OVEJITA: Adivina. MURRAY: Guess. OK, I’ll guess. Uh, I have no idea. OVEJITA: [GIGGLES] MURRAY: Looks like we’re
going to get some good clues. Come on. Ooh, are we going
to order a pizza? OVEJITA: No, pintura. MURRAY: Some garlic bread? OVEJITA: No, pintura. MURRAY: A small antipasto salad? OVEJITA: [GIGGLES] pintura. MURRAY: What is pintura? OVEJITA: Pintura, por favor. MURRAY: Oh, paint. OVEJITA: Pintura. MURRAY: Pintura must
mean paint in Spanish. OVEJITA: Si, pintura. MURRAY: I wonder what kind
of school you need paint for? OVEJITA: Adivina. MURRAY: Oh, no, I’m definitely
not ready to guess yet. I need some more clues. OVEJITA: [SNAPS FINGERS] MURRAY: Oh, Come on. Let’s get some more clues. [SNAPS FINGERS] [BELL DINGS] What’s the next clue, Ovejita? OVEJITA: Pegamento. MURRAY: Pegamento? What is pegamento? [GASP] It’s glue. OVEJITA: Pegamento. MURRAY: Oh, pegamento
must be Spanish for glue. OVEJITA: Si, pegamento. MURRAY: Ah but what kind
of school do you need– what kind of school
do you need– [GRUNTS] the glue is stuck. [GRUNTS] [LAUGHS] What kind of
school do you need glue for? OVEJITA: Adivina. MURRAY: Guess? Oh, no, no, no, still
don’t think I can guess. I could use one more
clue, please, Ovejita. OVEJITA: [GIGGLES] MURRAY: Ha! let’s go. Ha! Oh, um, Ovejita, where are you? OVEJITA: Woo! Hoo, hoo, hoo. MURRAY: Ovejita,
what’s our next clue? OVEJITA: Masilla. MURRAY: Masilla? I have no idea what that is. OVEJITA: Masilla. MURRAY: Whoa. It’s clay. OVEJITA: Masilla. MURRAY: Oh, masilla must be
how you say clay in Spanish. OVEJITA: Si, masilla. MURRAY: OK, so we have paint– OVEJITA: Pintura. MURRAY: –and glue– OVEJITA: Pegamento. MURRAY: –and clay. OVEJITA: Masilla. MURRAY: [GASP] We
must be going to– ALL: –art school! OVEJITA: Escuela del Arte! ALL: Yay! MURRAY: OK, Nally, what’s
your favorite thing about art? NALLY: My favorite
thing, I think, is taking something
from inside my mind and sharing it with the world. MURRAY: What, do you
like unscrew the top and pop it out there? Is that art? NALLY: That’s– kind of– it’s
taking a picture in your brain and then just putting
it down on paper. OVEJITA: [GIGGLES] TEACHER: I want you guys
to take your oil pastels and draw what you think
the fish look like. MURRAY: What is a pastel? TEACHER: A pastel is a thing
that looks like a crayon, but feels like a
paintbrush in your hand. MURRAY: What other stuff
do you like to draw? GIRL 1: Butterflies. MURRAY: I like to draw hippos. Check out my fish. It’s a cave fish. GIRL 1: You’re good. OVEJITA: [GIGGLES] [MUSIC PLAYING] TEACHER: Everybody pick
up their paintbrush. And you’re going to paint over
what you’ve already drawn. MURRAY: What kind of
paints do you use? GIRL 1: Um, are
you going to paint? GIRL 2: You’d use
this paintbrush. You put it in the
water and then dip it. MURRAY: Really? Maybe a little blue– what other kind of
things are in art? NALLY: We have collage. MURRAY: What’s collage? NALLY: Well, collage
is when you can take different types
of paper, and you could layer them on top of
each other to make designs. MURRAY: Hey, what have you
got on that wheel there? POTTER: We have a lump of clay. MURRAY: What do
you do with clay? BOY 1: You mold it, make
it into different shapes. MURRAY: What is
clay made out of? POTTER: Oh, clay
comes from the ground. MURRAY: So that’s like mud? POTTER: Yes, actually
particles of rocks. MURRAY: And what
kind of tools do you use when you’re
working with the clay? COLE: Well, we get
to use our hands. And we can get as
messy as we want. MURRAY: Oh boy, Cole,
you do not know. I love to get messy. Do you love to get messy? COLE: Yeah. MURRAY: What the
heck did I make? POTTER: We will
make a little vase. MURRAY: No! You can make a vase
out of that clay? POTTER: Oh, sure. MURRAY: Come on. Let me see. How does it work? POTTER: Well, you have to use
your foot to kick it like this. MURRAY: Oh, you’re spinning it. POTTER: I’m going to
bring it up straight. I’m going to trim my bottom. Then you get rid of the
extra clay like this. MURRAY: Wow! POTTER: That’s your pot. MURRAY: Great job! OVEJITA: Yee! MURRAY: [GIGGLES] POTTER: OK, we’re going to make
a face, your favorite person, right? And you’re going to use
your imagination, right? MURRAY: Oh, boy! Let me see your faces. That’s good. POTTER: I’m going to start
putting the feature, the face, like eyes, nose, mouth, ears. MURRAY: What does that tool
do that you’re holding? GIRL 3: This makes little
holes and little vines. MURRAY: Oh, what are you making? GIRL 3: You. MURRAY: You’re making me? GIRL 3: Yeah. MURRAY: [GASP] Oh, boy! TEACHER: Everybody,
come line up. MURRAY: Whoa, look at the
drawing I made of Ovejita. I love art school. OVEJITA: Escuela! MURRAY: See you
next time at school! OVEJITA: Adios. MURRAY: Bye. Who’s this sculpture
supposed to be? OVEJITA: [GIGGLES] [THEME MUSIC]

48 thoughts on “Sesame Street: Art School | Murray Had a Little Lamb

  1. After reading the comments I now realize how STUPID I am. Lin sings the new intro and I didn't notice. And I've seen like, 6 episodes with it!! Argh!! I'm better than this!!!

  2. can i just say that i have been hearing this song since i was a kid and today i finally realized it was lin..omg😂

  3. Just a heads up lil' kiddos: Actual Art School is harder than you think it is. Even though I'm not in college yet, I know that Art School is hard, I'm mentally preparing myself. ALSO LIN-MANUEL LAMBARINDA- There are art supplies are really expensive, so get ready kiddos.

  4. I just figured out lin sings the intro
    Which means I've heard his voice since I was about 5 or 6
    I now have more respect for sesame street

  5. My cousins was watching this in the other room & I heard Lin’s voice & freaked out. I then realized I’ve been lied to my whole life.

  6. Murray:Ovejita, where are we going?
    Ovejita:Una escuela→A school
    Murray:But what "escuela" are we going to?
    Murray ohh, are we going to order a pizza?
    Ovejita:"No",Pintura→No, painting
    Ovejita:Pintura, por favor→Paint please
    Murray: Pegamento?

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