Sentai Artisan: Degitaizer & Battlraizer Review & Comparison | Power Rangers In Space Astro Morpher

Sentai Artisan: Degitaizer & Battlraizer Review & Comparison | Power Rangers In Space Astro Morpher

hey YouTube ghostwriter here and welcome to my review for the Santa artisan artisan the chef Thai artisan digitizer and Bat Eliezer or battle razor as they call it the mega real Edition does that make it just sound so much cooler and official so I'm super excited to bring this review to you because this is this one specifically is one of my favorite changers slash morphers and my old and space one stopped working sound wise quite a while ago you can also see my hands and the reflective surface so I'm excited to have not only a working version but one with a ton of features just to real quickly go over the box we have lots to cover some one I spend too much time on it but it's a really nice leak box you know look how creepy I look you know a nice shot of megared there it's just kind of basic I really like the shot of all the helmets here on the top that's really nice like if you have that on a shelf or something it looks cool and then some sort of schematics for them and then just when you open it up it's in kind of a nice little box based on the organization which is just super cool and then the inside is literally just the plastic holder for them so there's really nothing too much to go over about that okay so we're actually going to start with the digitizer since it's the main one and it has the most amount of features to do real quickly before we get deep into it just to show a comparison again the sounds don't work but this is my old Astro Morpher from in space obviously the key difference is this one has somewhere since I've owned it since the 90s but they are primarily the same mold the same core paint like this is basically look-wise more or less the same as the in space and Mega Ranger versions just obviously it looks a little bit fresher but there's nothing really super significant about it at least I would say though the sticker looks a little bit different again because of where but this was one of the ones where it's basically the Japanese Morpher and again unfortunately this one doesn't work so I can't compare the sounds other than to tell you that this one has a ton more sounds and voice activation and stuff and also this one has like a little screw back for putting this in and this one has just a little press button which is nice takes two triple A batteries but so yeah it's pretty much the same size small little size you got the strap here which is like a slightly more fancy version of the ones you used to get which is super easy to put on but it should be able to figure restore at least most stress and I think it looks pretty solid the the dark gray looks really good the LEDs look good this looks really nice when it's not you know all worn this pops up nicely nice buttons you know got the sticker there so pretty much what you'd expect if you had ever owned a version of this before very solid so let's go ahead and go for the sounds I'm gonna go over the basic sounds first and a bunch of the phrases because there's a ton of phrases and then I will go over some of the voice activation stuff and sort of explain that and like because you'll need to know some Japanese for it but you also be able to access most the sounds without even using the voice activation so pop it on pop it open if you just do your standard in this mode it's not gonna work you have to press this button which is the mic button but to do one version of the transformation just hold it and then you'll see that light up and yeah that's the simplest way to get the long version now I'm gonna go ahead and just do all the normal codes we're used to I should if future me has a nice guy put them up on the screen there's kind of a list of all the codes that's why I'm going in a different order than what's up here because you like the basic ones here but there is a lot more this one is for the theme song I'm only gonna play a short amount of that just cuz I've gotten hit with my copyright stuff before [Laughter] yeah if you know what the mega Rangers theme sounds like I think I'll just show a little bit now then just to be safe because you never know the one time I think I'm safe it'll happen okay and then this next one is game I'll sort of show base to how it works and then I'll cut ahead to what happens once you complete all of them since it's gonna take a minute because though it keeps going for a while do you guys shows you how many you do and that like just ends out there and then if you mess up wait there you go it'll tell you your score so yeah it goes for quite a while and it'll kind of give you a chance to make up there you go so yeah it'll it goes quite a while like I said and it's it's kind of a neat game definitely it's boring after a while but it's a cool inclusion in there and I appreciate that okay so the next one are a bunch of phrases from mega red mega silver and then they're like a mint or escarole guy who I like to call Japanese George Costanza [Applause] I believe that is it be a ton a ton of phrases and a lot of those ones you can basically say that and it will make the sound after it like for cyber slider and stuff like that or the flying cutters and stuff of Mike hey I don't know whether it's picking up I believe that the problem is – it's hard to tell sometimes cuz they a lot of them blend together but yeah Tony phrases and these are the last okay that is it for that one there's that noise and before I forget when you do this transformation mode if you press this button at any point after this is done it deactivates it which is super cool okay so now just really quickly do the voice activation stuff there's a lot of those phrases they went over that you can say it's kind of hard to because a lot of them require Japanese as well I've gotten it to say the opening a couple times but I'm just gonna use the two ones where you talk to Japanese or Costanza and Kenta and I'll do like one in weep voice and one just regular to show that it kind of works for both but basically just you know press this and those activates and hold it down Osan Osan so you can see that works for that so now I'll do here's the Wii version Kenta Kenta there we go so you get a couple of phrases left for though I think there's a couple more each but and you can do it for pretty much all the ones but like I said you can basically get them all with the buttons which is super nice the last feature that I really wanted to show off was when you close it and let it sit there for a minute it will just pick up like someone's calling you so you get the idea with those now let's go ahead and move on to the battle Iser one and then we'll do kind of you know final verdict stuff okay so now we have the battle Iser it comes on this stand or it comes with this stand that you can have and it comes on and off really easily and it's pretty you know it's fine looking it's probably the cheapest thing and this it doesn't really do a whole lot I wish these looked a little bit better but you know it it fulfills its purpose there's on-off noises and then you put it on there and it's got a few unique sounds when you have it on here so [Laughter] okay let's go to the main sounds for now let's take us to the side and then you have this piece which snaps on super easy which makes it you know wrist mounted and you have again this nice sort of wrist strap here this one's silver you also have an extra black one but you can see you saw that this pulls down like this again this is pretty much the same mold this what I was excited about like it's not my favorite design but this was one I missed out on when I was younger from in space so I was nice I was nice I was nice to get one no it wasn't it so nice to me to buy this for myself but it was nice to get one was I was trying to say it's pretty basic but I think it looks pretty solid and pretty accurate you already saw where the on/off switch is so let's go ahead and go over the basic sounds first so that just does the same thing this is to standard then when you hold two you get a bunch of phrases not all I believe we got all of them now okay I'm gonna reset oh so doesn't keep going so yeah and a lot of those very similar to the digitizer you can activate by saying some of the phrases yourself I have a harder time getting this one to respond than the other one which is rather annoying but same here you press this and you hold it down and you get the recording noises and stuff like that for doing attacks like that and you can some sometimes you can get it to say if you say rise or slicer and then press this you get a different noise I'm not sure okay now one of the main events of this is being able to play the theme songs as well that's activated by a button or a bunch of the songs not there's theme songs but this button here it has a bunch of them I'll play a few seconds of each one before I cycle on just to avoid the copyright stuff so yeah that's pretty cool you get a ton of different songs in this thing which is off okay let's move on to the final verdict okay so overall I think this is a really awesome set and I apologize if there was a couple sounds here and there especially with this one I missed but there's just a ton to go over and a bunch of different methods but I like that it has the voice activation I think it's a neat feature you know if you're in the US like me you might not be able to fully take advantage of it but you basically get to use all the other sounds with the phrases which is nice you know it's got a ton of phrases and there's only certain ones I kind of recognize so like it's super cool for the people over there that understand it all but it's not quite as cool to me just kind of like with the CS mos driver because I don't know exactly what they're saying every single time it would be a lot cooler if it was like an in-space version for me but still it's super impressive that it has so many sounds not just like the effect sounds and the Morpher sounds but like the voice is just jam-packed full of it which is really awesome and it's cool for me just to have one with sound that works which is just really a bonus but it's really cool the way it does that and I like the functionality and I'm making it seem like a communicator and stuff like that I really appreciate that and the all the theme songs as well even though the only one I really like is actually the Mega Ranger main theme but for those of you that you know really liked all the themes it's cool that they include all those it would be super cool to get in space version of this that plays the theme and stuff like go fly win which would be really awesome but overall I think if you're a mega rager fan or even in space fan I can definitely recommend checking this out like you might not you know be all-in for the sounds of like the voice actors and stuff like me but you can appreciate it maybe but they're just really nicely done morphers that I have all the sounds from the show and more like I said I'm super excited to get this because my stop working and these two are pretty expensive on the after market at least in the in-space versions so if you've been looking for one this is definitely the way to go because it was kind of around the same price as the ones that were going on eBay but it was just way more feature-rich but anyway that's about it until next time don't feel like I'm and subscribe and of course don't we do common steps and ring that bell so you give occasions for all my Power Rangers toy reviews and news until next time Dawson Ryder signing out

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  1. Can you put that version of the Battleraizer on the Delta Mega(ship)? (Or am I thinking of a different mecha?)

  2. Japanese George Costanza ☠️thanks for another entraining review. My set came in last week but I keep forgetting to buy batteries for it every time I’m out. Nice to see what I’ll be getting by the time I finally get those batteries!

    Can’t wait for the Keitaizer!

  3. Funny coincidence, I was watching episodes of Megaranger on Shout Factory's Twitch channel last night.

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