SEND HELP!? | 3 Ohuhu Marker Character Design Challenge

SEND HELP!? | 3 Ohuhu Marker Character Design Challenge

Here’s the art supplies I’m going to be
using today and the challenge for today is to create a character; design them
from scratch, inspired only by three colors I’ve done this once before and it
was so much fun so I’m very excited to do it again!! ♪ so what I need to do is pick
three colors at random so what I think I’m gonna try first is I’m gonna
flip it over and see what the first one to fall out is. we have royal blue or pb6 to find Marker number two, I have a little bit of washi tape. what if I just
drop a piece and see where it lands… … [♪ an ode to failure ♪] try that again see where it lands that
looks like Y2! uh-huh sunflower!! so there’s two colors. to
figure out our third… third color I’m going to take this ring (it’s just a
little keychain ring) and I’m gonna try and hook it on one [of the markers] be prepared for these
mad skills [psyching herself up] [grunt] Does it look like it is on one more than the other? [pat pat pat] give it a
little extra motivation oh I think I think we have a winner! g2 or vivid green this isn’t a good mix I’m gonna tell you right now, but I’ll
show you when we start swatching them so first we got our royal blue I’m
hoping this one’s really really dark okay yeah this is could work this could work
[repeats herself nervously] okay no that’s pretty ugh… uh-oh…[exhales] its okay, its okay and then our vivid green. oh gawsh Oh..[giggles] this has gone from let’s see if we can
make a fun character design to let’s see if we can make a character design that
doesn’t look like barf! I’m gonna try mixing some of the colors too green a littel sunflower on top let’s see what green we get when we mix blue and yellow –
see now that’s a nice dark green that we can use next to our vivid green do you
see the contrast between those two colors that will be very very helpful grabbing a pencil I kind of want to experiment with like maybe a young boy
kind of character that’s the first thing that’s coming to mind and when you’re
brainstorming it’s pretty important to kind of let your first ideas
grow and see where they can take you before you throw them down and say
they’re stupid so let’s just draw a little boy So now we have a very generic
face it’s not really sparking anything we have royal blue which could be very
like royalty like a king a little crown we have sunflower which
obviously is just a sunflower right? (just…. it’s like my favorite flower) and vivid green honestly isn’t ringing any bells maybe like a clover or
something I don’t know maybe slime just a goop of slime if we go with like
the little kid that I first thought of what if it’s like a kid who’s made
himself King of some kind, like a tree house or something like that so he like sits
there like this – he found a sunflower that he uses as his scepter I’d have to
figure out how to draw sunflowers first but like something like that he rules the playground or his backyard he’s got a nice big chin and
then his feet would be here he likes it’s all scrunched up but then he’d be
wearing probably pretty normal looking clothes and maybe has like a band-aid on
his knee and then he’d have to wear some kind of crown I don’t know if you’d
make the crown out of something or if it’s just like a toy crown of some kind and kind of maybe play around with the a little bit – for that I’m going to
switch over instead of a mechanical pencil I’m going to use this pink Col-Erase
pencil that way I can use the markers on top of it without the markers
picking up the graphite so what I’m going to do is go zoom out a little bit
not worry about the personality so much and try and focus in on the character
design now when you’re doing the actual character design obviously the
personality is important because that can implement a lot of different aspects
to what the character might be wearing and things like that but for this
specific part what I need to do is really just draw almost a tee pose
something very basic – just make sure that I can see the whole character at once
and see how the design will look as a whole before I worry about the pose I might make him shorter this looks a little too tall I kind of wanna be younger so I’m gonna make him probably like three or four heads tall so that’s one
head, two heads, three heads, and then that’s four – so by those measurements we
know we have to cut this up a little bit very Square and there now he’s shorter
see how that works he has a very large head but that’s exactly what I want for
clothes I’m thinking be funny if he’s wearing maybe his play clothes or
something normal like a t-shirt but then he dug into his own clothes and found
like his fancier clothes and he put those on so that he can look like a king
so maybe he’s got like a tie that he doesn’t know how to wear maybe it says
dad’s or something like that so it’s like kind of loose maybe one end is like
poked up like this and then the little pieces on top because he has no idea
what he’s doing kind of like that would be funny and
then his crown I do like the slanted so let’s try that again and he has his
giant sunflower taking this idea very literally so far maybe it has a little
bit of a curve to it and then he holds on to it like right around here this arm
come down this way kind of like that and then I’d like to try out some of the
colors I’m gonna add a little bit of a fineliner to some of the elements his hair is poking out maybe the tie has polka dots I’m simplifying some of these shapes so they can be a little bit quicker about
this let’s see if I like the colors with this design before I put too much time
into it all right let’s try to the colors out
this is where I’m getting a little nervous so we know like certain things
would probably be certain colors. right? but then we run into problems like for
the center of the sunflower we don’t have a brown so we’ll have to start
mixing some colors I want to go as far as I can without like adding any extra
colors cuz I want to kind of follow the challenge – I can use blue to add a little
bit of shading to the green – I’m not worried about coloring inside the lines
because at this point I’m just trying to see if the colors are going to look good
next to each other or not cuz otherwise we’re going to have to start back at the
beginning I think a yellow shirt makes sense with like a green dino see this
blue is very very dark, so it’s kind of having a hard time seeing the
line-art underneath of it I’m just not crazy about the color scheme to be
honest it’s just so primary if it had red in there it would just be the
primary colors and they’re all kind of like competing for attention – they’re all
very similarly toned so what I might have to do is really simplify the design
because then I won’t have so many different things that need to be colored
and I won’t be spreading out the color as much which is what gives it that kind
of cheesy look kind of like I just colored a coloring page oh yeah see I
definitely did make a mistake because we have we have the blue we have the yellow
and then we have the green and they’re all kind of connected together then we
have this tie that goes over all three colors so you can’t color in the tie
with any of those three specific colors without it overlapping another color so
I think we’re going to have to try and simplify this I’m just going to try to draw
something completely different I’m kind of picturing a boy skating or something just see where this takes me try some foreshortening – not sure where
this was going it definitely feels very up in the air
still even after working on this for as long as we’ve been doing it
um a little skater boy kinda looks like he’d hang out with Weelz and Skoot and Dex maybe it’s one of those like flat billed hats I want to keep that
really high nose try moving this leg a little though before I give up on it it looks like he’s throwing a baseball
now there we go, give him a baseball!! I really like the
huge feet I think those are adorable let’s give him like a big Jersey maybe
he’s a little baseball fan maybe he plays for the Dino’s what if his hair is
just really short and like almost buzzed didn’t try that yet and now his head
kinda looks like a baseball it’s so circular these big squishy shoes!! ❤❤❤ I think the arms/shoulder/sleeves need to be redrawn a little does that make it
look more like a Jersey? he can be holding a baseball maybe he’s got a baseball
glove in the other hand guess he’s a left-handed [pitcher] oh I’m liking this!! this is kind of cute I like the oversized shirt, little skinny
pants, with the giant shoes yess ❤ carrying that Dino from over here into
his logo he should probably give him a baseball hat although that’s like I’m
mixing different things and he looks like he’s the pitcher he’s obviously not
wearing a league grade uniform, and he’s wearing a batting helmet I should
make him smiling so you can see his mouth guard
I like his his personality has always looked kind of competitive so I feel
like this suits him really really well and it’s just because I drew that really
weird shaped pose and then I thought it looked like he was throwing something
like look how things kind of grow from nothing, you know? I was very much lost
earlier and I feel like I’m heading in the right direction
and the Dino the banner wraps around like a t-rex head it’s like angry okay all right it’s a
happy t-rex? a little a little big I’m gonna have to move this down – its alright just figuring it out it’s a little like an alligator but I think their necks
come out this way a section like this, then that’s where their
pecs are, where their hands come out kind of like this RAWR! and then here is where
we might put the word ‘Dino’ their arch-rival are the team, the Comets ! kind of want to
simplify it I like him he’s kind of cute but I think it needs to be simplified what if its not a t-rex? what if he’s
like a more cutesy dinosaur? (not that t-rex is aren’t cute) what if his eyes
like the dot of the ‘I’ for the word, Dino? I wanted his tail coming around
like this like it doesn’t really make sense but I feel like that’s what logos
do sometimes with sports teams [laughs] its kind of cute! I’m kind of digging it so now what I haven’t done
yet is actually used the colors in relationship with our new character
designs so that’s something I need to do I’m just so nervous about it because
these colors are just like I said probably many many times: competing with
each other there isn’t one that’s like lighter than the others that lets the
other ones shine they all want to be the color of the illustration and that
doesn’t really work so I think instead of letting one color stand out more
based on the actual color I’m gonna have to just pick one and use mostly one
color and then use the other two for accents… I think. so
let’s see let’s go ahead and take this Col-erase pencil and just draw our
characters so we can color him- oop that’s gonna be way too big can already tell
you that now just kind of quickly lay out the pose his giant Jersey little skinny legs let’s quickly lay out everything make
sure everything kind of makes sense for the most part nothing too crazy maybe we can hold a baseball [again] probably breaking a lot
of baseball rules I apologize. I actually used to watch baseball back in like 2007
probably – I lost interest in it after a while just really wasn’t my sport
nothing wrong with it stripes! ❤ yeehahhh! ❤ what if I put him in a hoodie? whoa!!! oooOOOoo❤oooOO! see it’s never
too late to add something look attadiss! love it I gave him a little hoodie see now it looks like he’s less trying to actually
play a league game and he’s just a fan of the sport I like that better and I
don’t have to like worry about breaking rules or he plays but it’s his off-day
you know? that way I don’t have to give him a hat either I kind of didn’t want
to it looks like his name’s Jake so I’m just gonna start calling him Jake from this
point on and then for this hand I think he could probably be holding…. what can he
be holding? and I can give him the baseball glove again I like him I just need to draw his eyes maybe finalize a little more of his mouth and then maybe put that Dino logo
on here todah! I don’t know if they put numbers on the side of jerseys in
baseball or just on the back? but I want to put a little number on the side of
his sleeve there okay I think I’m ready to start adding in some line art next use..should I use the 0.5 or a 0.05? we’ll start with 0.05 and
then build up from there maybe [that sweet sweet lineart, baby] eyeballs I like his face now we have ears do this sweatshirt then little baseball tee comes like that
has those Raglan sleeves – I love his face~ I don’t know what it is I was like
in love with him – my little baby – a mother’s love now these fingers I’m a little
nervous about but I’m gonna draw… there we go! little fingernails can
sometimes help in situations like it this one in particular – glad I didn’t use
a thicker lineart this one seems to be perfect
oh!! I was gonna use the 0.05 what?! well then that explains a lot mm-hmm guess I’m using the 0.5 I looked at both of them
so that I would make sure I used the right one and then I go and use the
wrong one!!!! make these shoes really simple and big and poufy and i need to draw this one too and now all we have left is this glove add some stitching tada!!! lineart!! useless pen I never used! I mean
you’re not useless I just didn’t use you oh we didn’t do this I can switch to the
0.05 try and do our little Dino logo what I could make it so that the
dinosaur was chewing on the letter D is that possible?
then the dinosaur tail at the bottom all right now for the colors my decision was
to focus mainly on one color specifically I was leaning towards blue
but then I remembered that they’re called the dinos so maybe it should be
green yeah change my mind green okay so most everything is going
to be green so if I want to color it it’s going to be green unless it’s some
kind of accent and yeah if I stop now I’ll never try there we go we got that
much I’m thinking for the stripes I’d like to use the tip of this yellow
chisel maybe yeah it’s a little thicker than I wanted it to be but that’ll do coloring in everything and since these pants end above the shoe we could
probably use green to color in the shoe too because they don’t touch I’m
thinking I’d like to color in this whole thing green and then overlaps some of
the sections with another color but since I’ve already put down that green
it’s obviously going to look pretty green for our end result – so then maybe layer
yellow just so we get some variety there without it being too crazy then for the
Glove we could probably go solid yellow add a little bit of green accents to it see maybe around this little hole in there and maybe this whole area here not
sure how people design gloves but the interesting concept here i’m thinking I’ll
use yellow as well for the hoodie although wait wait wait the hoodie would
probably be over the sleeves as well right so color that in yellow and then I
have him wearing a little glove like a little fingerless glove there so I’m
gonna color that in blue and then put green on top of it so it stays in our
color scheme and I’ll probably just add another one here so that it’s kind of
matchy-matchy then I think I’m gonna use that color for the hair as well the
green mixed with the blue what’s that vivid green and royal blue and that should look close enough to
black that it will pass as a hair color I might have to put yellow on top of it
too, we will see there we go so now the only thing that’s really missing a little
shading you do need to color into the logo which I think I’ll use green for
that use some blue for some shading between the letters I think I’ll keep the back of the
shirt white but the only thing that still feels a little off to me is the skin
obviously it’s still paper white so I’m gonna allow myself to grab another color
figure out what you color though give it some kind of tone so that it’s not white I’m using warm grey 01 and I’m just gonna put that in – I think this should add a
little something without distracting from the rest of the design and might
even be able to use this to add like some shading to the shirt I mean it’s our
extra color might as well get some full use out of it and add like a little bit
of a shadow underneath him now Dino kind of got lost so I’m gonna grab a white
gel pen and I’m just gonna go over the letters make them pop and voila there’s
Jake our little little baseball boy do you see how this color scheme is not so
crazy and it’s not full of all three primary colors at full strength like
this one was see how those colors are all kind of competing for your eye and
your attention and you don’t know where to look and it just kind of looks
overall kind of sloppy whereas here I made sure that I focus mainly on one
specific color and then when I did use the other colors I layered it with the
green as well or let it be yellow but the yellow doesn’t feel as large
sections as the green does and it makes green a much more primary color and so
even though the color scheme was a little difficult to work with
I managed and I’m much more happy with this versus this so there we have my
three color character design character Jake if I had more color options I would
oh wait I have this pink pencil that I was– I can use that ooo hey that brings a little life to him I’ll take it anyway thank you guys for
watching I’d love to see what you come up with if you pick three random colors
and create a character from them thank you guys for watching I’ll see you guys
all next week and I hope you have a delicious evening full of waffles! BYE!!! oh and then there could be little yellow flowers! little dandelions cute what am i doing? bye! ♪ [cutlery]

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