oh no fin you have lost a lot of your looks buddy im just throwing it out there right now (Funny Scream) (Laugh) (intro) lady and gentlemen welcome to paspartout paspartout is called paspartout paspart its like a pasport but its art here’s what’s happening is we’re playing
a game where you’re a starving artist and you need to sell your art and you
draw stuff and you sell it to people on the street and it sounds like a lot of
fun pass part out I’m gonna I’m going with pass part out let’s go new career
pencil you just want to have and see what’s in store for us one act 1 act 1
there’s different acts I thought it was just like a super straight simple game
you just do the drug you throw it at the customer and you keep going but I guess
I’m not we’re opening up a garage on the street and oh my goodness is not where
we live that is that is so depressing click the easel to start painting that
okay we’re here we go so what would you just paint whatever we can pay literally
anything anything that we want okay let’s go what are we painting what are
we painting today guys well let’s uh probably you know let’s go big so we get
a nice backdrop here why don’t we go for some nice nature here we go something
like that you know something something that kind of gets us you know gets the
old nature theme room like I won’t see when it comes to nature you know you
probably want to do the mountains first realistically let’s go ahead and do that
let’s go up like this we’ll get some mountains going what are some good
enough West are nice and dark just like that I have maybe a little bit more
detail there and just like that we’re just following Bob Ross right now for
those of you know Bob Ross all I’m doing right now okay you can go a little bit
darker probably going on a little bit less detail there yeah just like that
you know something like that I don’t really know how how does this work what
is that what does that do I don’t know what any of these things
mean by the way I have no idea I’ve absolutely no idea what I’m doing
why don’t we get some blue some blue shading go on that is not nearly as as
nice as I thought it would look I like it we keep some of the blue shades going
you know I don’t really know that much about art oh I wish I could undo I kind
of liked what I had there and I accidentally deleted it well you know
what we’re just going to go with that well you know we can go for some nice
accent lines you know something nice and that that’s not the blue cars going I
don’t even remember I don’t even know what I’m doing anymore I’m just kind of
going with where where am I my flow takes me because I know everyone’s a
little bit different everyone has their own their own strokes this doesn’t look
good this looks awful you know let’s just let’s just keep it nice and simple
and then we’ll go with some nice trees oh man I have no idea what to do for
trees though we shouldn’t do tricks jindo you’ve got to land we got to get
the land going what was I thinking there you go there’s the land and then
click the register to keep track of your cash flow oh man
I actually wait do I just how do I get rid of Mike Mills inbound bills and bow
down and sold any paintings yet oh come on
it’s got an idea actually I can get some nice like can I get detail by using the
black line like that probably could you know a little bit of detail there
put a detail right there I kind of go along with the go along with what I got
going with the with the blue there you know get some detail going something
like that yeah me not I don’t know yeah yeah see the thing is I have no idea of
salads gooder it’s too much I’m pretty much too much time into that I’d be
going for some sort of crazy stuff right now except for exams get some water
going why was I doing any water maybe doing some water right about now there
we go there’s our water I like I you can see if drawing over there is well in the
distance during all of this okay it’s not the right green that is not the
right green there we go that’s the right green okay
you see you know I don’t really know what’s like that oh oh we gotta get some
water lines okay water lines just like that got some water lines it’s okay I’ll
cover it all up I’ll make it hopefully look better I don’t know if I’ll
actually make it look better though probably not fun being completely honest
with you guys there we go you know really get the get
that detail in there you know do something crazy do something crazy for
once in your life you know sometimes you gotta pose and step out of your comfort
zone do something you usually wouldn’t have done you know something like that
man I don’t know I don’t know if there’s like how much this actually matters how
many of these are we actually going to sell that’s the thing that’s what
actually matters here thing is though that’s not the right one is that the
right one that’s the right one God see this is where we get the extreme detail
going to know you want to make it nice and not be using that a little bit of
I don’t know I don’t know I’m talking about I really don’t know that much
about art if I’m being completely honest here why don’t we get a nice big tree
right here oh my goodness I’m not gonna do that okay well you know I guess we go
with the full tree we’re going with a massive absolutely gigantic tree you
know he’s coming all the way down he’s gonna be way up at the front here
just like that okay and then you know he’s going to be going all the way
through it’s going absolutely all the way and then that way we can then start
doing this hey see there’s our there’s our massive tree coming down and get
some highlights in there I don’t know how to use like any of these tools which
is why it’s kind of you know just a little bit awkward I I don’t really know
what I’m doing like at all you know the usual I get some detail in there it was
just like a little bit of detail you know something like that get some
highlights yeah you know we were working real hard on this I don’t know exactly
what we’re putting so much effort into just you know normal nature painting it
doesn’t even look like anything anymore what was I thinking I would do a bit
more that no no you don’t see me probably want more of that going on
because that’s what’s really going to be standing out and if there’s one thing I
learned from bob ross is that the sun is shining from the one direction that’s we
going to be working with that they got to work with nature seem just like that
I don’t know don’t listen if you’re actually a person is trying to make good
Art’s don’t don’t listen II because I have absolutely no idea what I’m talking
about you know it is something crazy let’s just go absolutely nuts he sees
just like that just like that get some detail going
no maybe not okay enough maybe now this is pretty bad honestly this looks
Stoffel this is this is just terrible but you know what awful is a lease at
least you tried that’s what matters and try those got
try something – no I’m coming with being awful well that’s just you that’s just
that’s what we’re gonna have to look for away or you can improve on it you can do
better on it’s all bad words – there’s really several ways you can look at
certain situations now get some trees going in the background there that does
not look like anything what do you mean that it smells we possibly could
actually we should just be going up like this that’s what we should have been
doing but not really because that looks really bad now I wonder actually how
good would this look from far away I don’t know thing is though the most
important thing and this entire drawing is a big happy Sun that’s what really
matters right here oh I accidentally got a little bit in there you know we’ll
just turn that into detail there you go now this right here got a big happy you
know he looks he doesn’t look that happy he looks more content than anything he’s
just like it is a very contentious I’m like yeah you know that’s the world
that’s fine and there you go that is our drawing right there as our masterpiece
that we’re not going to put unsaleable silicon gum by we got bills inbound
does not you know what this is the I was going to say the content son we know
what he is the he’s the he’s the one all right you know I suppose a guy good in
it he’s doing he’s doing all right he’s doing all right that’s what that’s what
he’s doing right there oh my god okay we have to cash register so oh boy we have
we have not paid rent mmm I’m actually losing money right now I need to do
something about this can i how do i how do I take care of that I’m not too sure
hey sir Sir excuse me sir don’t buy my art this artist seems to know their
craft Oh bid 177 I’ll take it I don’t even care just give me the
on 77 I need it oh yeah that’s what I’m talking about right there
oh man okay what else commuter you know past bars way of interpreting new ideas
has become a hot topic from many amateur art critics oh okay well let’s go back
here now and make something else why don’t we do some sort of nice uh some
sort of nice kind of cartoony background we can do some sort of I just really
know this kind of reminded me that could really be measured like Adventure Time
colors you totally make like go like a thin out of this or we see if I can
actually do it like this might be a terrible idea
because if you were to go like I like those would be the you know you know I
mean guess what I’m doing there and the because that would be that would be like
the head right there yeah I mean I’ll be the head oh that should’ve been done on
top of the body here though okay I’ll do the body real quick I’ll do the body
first I’ll do the body and then that way we’ll be able to do the rest of it there
okay hold my body Oh what color is his pants oh Sid will color your pants of
brown no no brain blue green green like a dark green I think
let me see maybe I’ll know whenever I actually draw them oh maybe not though
what color are Finn’s hands I don’t remember for whatever reason I just
can’t remember for the life of me we actually use this though to fix up the
straightness of it Wow not too shabby didn’t okay we go
you get that coming around just like that and then we can get a clue some
beige in there for the face just like that just like that see why not why not
we’ll have a nice little left and thin poster just like that then you know
people can do whatever they want with it Mary you should probably ask in your
arms as well well not that skin come on must not be ridiculous there we go
project this whoo yeah just like that there you go this fins eyes they’re
probably going to look a little bit more like that yeah you know something like
that something like that why not hey come on why not then he’s got a little
uh-oh big bit was enticing a little I’m in a big big smile big smile with all
his teeth teeth are probably slightly smaller kinda like that
oh no Finn you have lost a lot of your looks buddy I’m just throwing it out
there right now there is ladies and gentlemen oh man
I definitely butchered it somehow I still don’t really know how though
because I don’t remember what I’m missing
I don’t think his pants are green I don’t remember exactly them I don’t
remember and then in Adventure Time there are
always those really pretty looking clouds you know they got the you know
something like that thought of some green have some green was I saying some
gray in there so you always have like a little bit of gray at the bottom I
believe but then you can just make it detailed like one like that but the
thing is I don’t actually remember if that’s how they do that clouds that’s
definitely not how they do their cloud something like that anyways there you go
there’s Finn from adventure time put it back on the top of the Hot Topic
painting right there we got to be going a little bit faster with these because
customers are walking by and they’re not getting anything here we go uh Finn I
believe that’s how you spell Finn there you go now we can go back we got
to start drawing some more stuff we gotta get some stuff pumping out here
you know grapes I was just thinking grapes why don’t we draw some grapes
why don’t we got some some of that right there 71
wait Oh godl more sixty to seventy four so we’re bargaining with this guy now
85-82 I want a t25 I’ll take eight I’ll take a two
even though I’m not dying about it but these grapes though people are going to
absolutely love these grapes there you go
we got to get all the the leaves and stuff going the stems and whatnot I
actually wonder how well will this sell if I like put a incredibly small amount
of effort into it well I don’t know oh I got an idea
oh so like if the grapes are like this big think about it this way
so like grapes let’s say they’re pretty a pretty normal kind of somewhat normal
looking grapes and then we can do actually should’ve made that smaller
okay here we’ll do this just to give it you guys will see in a second I know
you’re probably thinking nude it is what are you doing you’re an idiot
I hate you unsubscribing but then but then I come in and I do some fish get
some of those get some of those shadow looking line thingies I don’t know like
I said I don’t really know what I’m talking about when it comes to art I
just do things I just do things that I think look slightly cool see just like
that oh yeah something like that something you know you can go a little
bit smaller you know a little bit something like that you know there’s
something like that right there doesn’t look very good but I don’t care
I’m doing it I’m going to go on I’m going to do the most the most valuable
valuable grapes in the graphs raps let’s go drapes and
world’s in the war you know we’re just gonna stick with that the most available
grace of the war and that people will think what was the war the wor I have
absolutely no idea $1,000 and then that’s how they break into cash that’s
how this game works we’ll see I don’t know you know why don’t we go ahead and
just do something you don’t feel something real real nice without this
one guy right here while we’re waiting for be able to 45 are you kidding me 45
45 auction with this guy got an auction with them that’s when Irene go white
with 33 excuse me so it’s actually and now he’s going 30 now he doesn’t even 34
the most valuable grapes in the war are you kidding me right now
all right you know what don’t even care anymore I don’t even care we’re gonna go
crazy with this one I’m absolutely crazy scum beer our super audience is already
turned really weird oh no oh oh it’s turning real weird
there’s going to get real weird real quick ladies and gentlemen there we go
he’s got his tongue more and then he’s got the little line there in time and
then we got to make sure he’s got a nice little nice oh okay that’s going to be
his body then I guess he’s going to be you know what he saw well you know he’s
a little bit of plumpie ER than I was expecting him to be but that’s okay and
then that’s you know I saw some like that gets
that’s the line of his tongue right there let’s yell my name is time because
amount going in there as well Oh dad there we go oh and then he’s got
some crazy hair as well we can’t forget that either just like that
yeah you know that’s pretty good it’s obviously probably one of the best ones
yet is it probably going to be the masterpiece that surpasses all the other
ones that goes against all odds not too bad I got a second you know what just to
make things a little bit more iconic we’re gonna make Ola a a lemon like nice
little lemon see was a woman right there and the lemon though however he’s very
angry oh and he’s going curse you curse you for okay well it’s not the right
yellow but whatever that’s okay cassia’s you for your silly haircut
that’s what he’s doing that’s it that’s it right there that that’s there I’m not
gonna put it down with that that spot right there’s bad luck is what it is
name Reggie’s name’s Reggie I think that’s
how you actually spell Reggie fuck now we’re going with it we’re sticking with
it let’s see you go up to my Reggie oh so we’re actually up this week in terms
of money I think that’s good are we doing good I don’t know man people
coming by here though they must really like art to walk up to some street
artists and buy art that’d be kind of cool actually there’s a street artist on
the street there’s some cool art that’s like one-of-a-kind they just painted
that’d be kind of cool to buy not gonna lie I kind of want something like that
the choice of colors a bit too radical are you kidding me right now on Reggie
the man with the hair are you looking in his hair right now and walk it away
he’s walking away from Reggie or just the choice of colors a bit too radical
you can’t be you guys gotta change right you actually gotta be kidding I know
he’s not going to give me an awesome well Steve I don’t need your business
anyways because this video is over that’s it
I’m done I quit being an artist obviously it doesn’t work bills and
bound no no more bills I’m going to stop paying my bills I’m running away I’m
moving to Jamaica why not let’s move to Jamaica ladies and gentlemen I would
like to thank you so much for joining me for another video if you enjoyed please
remember leave a like maybe an subscribe to the channel if you haven’t already
don’t forget to check out the other surplus lushy oh there he is
you can get em at Dennis Bailey calm where there’s a link in the description
below but other than that I will see you guys in the next one



  2. 7:20 bruh, u draw better than me and I draw anime, ur just really good at detail, lol (the highlights and shadows)

  3. Denis-Are y'all a You tuber
    Iris[me]-well i do
    Iris[me]-why Jenn,you my little sister,you must know this already

  4. im a new subskryver and i love your vids sorry about the spelling in 9 years old grade 3 you are are a real artist

  5. Iโ€™m nearly in the top 5 best painters in Australia thatโ€™s how good I am and those were quite good not that those would make you in top 5 but they were quite cool Dennis is this game in ROBLOX?

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