Seetha On Periods | Kirrak Seetha 3 | 7 Arts | By SRikanth Reddy

Seetha On Periods | Kirrak Seetha 3 | 7 Arts | By SRikanth Reddy

Use your brain His name is not Vikram Abhinandhan.. it is wing commander Abhinandhan Seetha, here is your next script Sir, i will not be able to come tomorrow and day after It's already late, we have to release the video by this weekend at any cost Don't repeat it next time Sir does it matter if it gets delayed by 2 days sir? Do as i say understand make sure you are on set by 6 AM. Try to understand sir please Who's that guy ? Sorry? You beg for chance and When you get it, you take it for granted. What Do it properly What did u say I am on periods So what? Its not for the first time right? This is faced by every women. put a pad inside, take two pads along with you and come tomorrow. What are you talking sir? Are you deaf that you couldn't you hear? I am not coming tomorrow, that's it You will be replaced, if you are not here. Are you threatening me you don't even understand a women's pain. I know you are building a reason to roam with your boyfriend. Don't you have belief in what i am saying? Oh… will you believe if i show you my pad? It's about to fill, i will get and show you once its done. Disgusting! Are you out of your mind? Why is it so disgusting sir? is it something to show publicly? Sir, you stop the blood of your wound with band aid and we stop our blood with a pad, that's it. The blood that comes out of wound is pure and the blood you bleed is impure That blood is pure as well go and find out with Doctor or google it but don't talk with half knowledge. Seetha, take the leave you asked but leave this topic please keep your leave with you and listen to me. Tell me The time in India where women were not even using cloth to stop their bleed, they were asked to sit in a room for 5 days This situation is still the same in some countries like Nepal and the reason is period is considered as impure but its not. Do you know how much life we lost because of you guys? Yes, If you have 12 months in a year. We only have 10 months Its 5 days in a month which is 2 months in a year which means we only have 10 months out of 12 If you're life span is 60 years, it equals to 50 years of ours We are being backed out as always and that guy is only responsible for this. I don't understand what you are talking? Sir, you go out on leave once in every month and the reason is to spend time with family or friends and we utilise most of our leaves only for that reason and sir when you decide to go on a tour the decision is immediately made and implemented but we have to plan a month in advance Just in case if Srisailam or Tiruapati is decided as place in period time we have to shut and sit. it's true sir upon getting hurt you band aid, sit in front of god for your well being and we are not even allowed to roam around god This is not an y rule written by god. This is disgusting rule written by us. These rules hurt us more than the period pain sir we only have to buy a pad and our mom says we are not supposed ask any guy to it buy for us I am sorry seetha I don't need your sorry i only have a desire I usually here people comparing girls as goddess I don't see it anywhere The only wish is to treat them properly that 5 days A girl shouldn't be afraid if she is getting periods instead she should be excited that it will be celebrated Everything looks fine apart from the celebration Why isn't it fine sir ? don't we celebrate when a girl first gets menstrual blood What is the difference between both of them? I am not asking to celebrate just asking to allow them to all places I am not sure about allowing them to all places but celebrating 5 days is a really good idea So Lets begin with celebrating your mensuration.

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  2. Content is good and message originted….but background score marchandi bhayya….. Tv serial lekka undii

  3. Too good. I didn't know any of that. I totally agree with her point that the fucked up belief has locked up women.
    But in the end what she all wanted was extra leave.

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