‘Seduction Artist’ Has A Business From Filming Women With Hidden Cameras (HBO)

‘Seduction Artist’ Has A Business From Filming Women With Hidden Cameras (HBO)

people around the world watch 1 billion hours of YouTube videos every day and that makes a lot of money for the company as much as 10 billion dollars in ad revenue last year according to one estimate and YouTube does very little to police that content when it does it's usually only after the public notices something egregious recommending violent videos to kids or promoting fake news after school shootings but one thing YouTube hasn't addressed is the host of explicit videos on the site created by self-styled dating coaches who promise to teach men how to manipulate women into sex even if they say no it was that guy's Justin Wayne here this is Justin Wayne one of the most popular so called seduction artists on YouTube his videos have scored millions of views and his channel has a hundred and twenty seven thousand subscribers Wayne tries to prove that his tips work by posting what he calls infield videos or lay reports hidden camera footage of him picking up seemingly unsuspecting women Wayne sometimes partially masks the identity of the women in his videos suggesting that they did not consent to be filmed Wayne claims he gets permission for the videos that he posts online but he didn't blur their faces because of any enforced standards from YouTube we've added additional blurring to protect their identities Wayne isn't the only questionable character who operates with impunity on the site he's just the one who invited us to watch how he does it thanks for coming out this is gonna be a very very simple talk it's really just about helping you guys out with you guys alright now I don't want to go into too much like random theory I want to hit the juggler most of time you just not probably ton of touch the girls early enough that's number one and by not touching her or try and touch her you know it's easy to get friendzone at that point according to his website Wayne's weekend boot camps cost nine $99 he brought along a Russian woman named Jenny she also appears in Wayne's YouTube videos initially as one of his targets but now he claims she's one of his girlfriend's proof that his methods work you know you wanted to be touchy-feely right away in the right way and we have it something called the orders of touch okay I might want to borrow you okay just come here right so the order to touch is basically look you can start with for example like high fives hand stuff and you can go here right the elbow this way then you can go shoulder and at this point is when you can probably go closer then you can do like Clabby nose to nose mouth to mouth boobs and it goes down right in general what do you want in the end for me I kind of just want to be able to to me like the girls that I'm attracted to you got I mean you know kinda like what you have going okay whatever yeah but are you teaching them to be assholes oh no Neffe no I'm not saying I haven't used any asshole tactics yet with them teach them how to be men and you tell guys when a girl says no to respect that of course I mean actually that's why we have you know these programs who teach how to gauge and levels of touch it's not even it's about it's not about them getting like a getting in trouble in court you just about them getting the girl like if he over does it Nicole wasn't comfortable it's you know he would lower the chances it's all about pay attention to where she is and that's been very successful myself and for a lot of my students how you guys ever gave me the beats before you're gonna have to start making moves okay so there are some girls over there but they look [Laughter] no no what what you guys to do now make it easier for me look around for for like maybe two girls or something a one girl laying down see that woman standing next to him that's another one of Wayne's supposed girlfriend's introduced to us as Kelly from Finland before leaving for the beach we'd put a mic on Wayne and we're rolling when he got into an argument with Kelly as it he threatened not to pay her she's not cooperating and Ernie's one kind of apparent exploitation we found another get this over me because I'm only here for the money I'm nothing I want to pay a visit if you embarrass me in camera I can do anything in one I get to remember I'm always gonna have more weapons and stuff like that okay just don't look at leaves okay I'm going to lose it all some crazy like that I always been created sy put goes online and and Nick for years that no one does anything to me mister me if you don't trust me this is doing this night after this Wayne insisted we interview her are you just an innovation chip yes how long four years huh okay and do you have a tattoo yeah what is it mate he's name his name why did you get his name tattooed I love him oh okay Wayne scolded Kelly for her performance afterward we repeatedly tried to talk to Kelly alone but she refused or Wayne intervened do you get their permission to put them on wine yeah of course I mean yeah a lot of times I'm sake Jenny for example she I told her and she was like okay and they don't like if they don't want to I just not show anything yeah simple she said that video is up for a month before you told her about it no she knew that they bit of a poster she just didn't ask me like when it was posted so that's a clarification OTT she told me and so is everything that happens in the video real yes did you pay Jenny or Kelly no did you pay them to be on camera win while we were here no you didn't pay either of them helps she would do it for me because I'm good to her as a you know as a boyfriend I heard you say that you wouldn't pay her if she didn't do the interview and make you look good oh yeah I told you it interview well always I'm not going to be there / in general not pay us now it that's not what you threatened basically I just like yo you know come on you can do this you know see I know I'm scary come on don't do this you make me upset you know was like upset because she seemed and she also seemed upset about the camp thing I don't know if anybody wanna do this you know like you know I got done a lot for you I noticed that like a lot of the girls in your our foreign why is that so you know the American goes also but a lot of them are foreign because you know New York and Miami is a lot of foreign girls well it's kind of some water you know this is not like you know something that you guys know excuse me uh-huh I prefer just to talk to you about like my teachings yeah I don't want to create anything worse like too much about like fishness about me like really mistreating people for days after our interview we took down all his beauty videos a day later he released this cryptic message announcing his retirement kind of for now I'm just kind of like relaxing you know sometimes everyone needs a break but less than a week after that he put a few of the old videos back online we asked YouTube of the sorts of videos that Wayne and others post violate the platform's Terms of Service we also asked as the site ran ads on them and what mechanisms YouTube has in place to prevent such content from existing on the site in the first place in response a YouTube spokesperson provided a short statement about their privacy complaint process even if Justin Wayne ends up quitting the Internet there will be plenty of other pickup artists to take his place as well as creators of every other shade of questionable disturbing or potentially illegal content and for now YouTube will be there to take a cut that's the beautiful thing about this stuff it is just you know elegant work of art beautiful of science art everything in one you you

24 thoughts on “‘Seduction Artist’ Has A Business From Filming Women With Hidden Cameras (HBO)

  1. “Show me you're more committed. You know, sacrifice.… That proves to me you're more committed, by getting my name on your body," Wayne told VICE News.
    WATCH More on YouTube stars here: http://bit.ly/2v2dUKQ

  2. Disgust in disguise guys !!
    Too bad there always will be victims and followers even for the dumbest mofo…that's how it is..

  3. Look, there's a reason why people like him become PUA's. They scare away a lot of girls with their psychopathy and have trouble maintaining a relationship so they need to learn how to start new ones. There is actually nothing inherently wrong with actual PUA. To shun PUA is to shun all casual sex because that is the FOUNDATION of casual sex. But there certainly can be a lot wrong with many guys who are into this.

  4. i know him, and he is a genuine dude, really you guys giving negative comments here, would NOT have the balls to do what he did during the day… and look at the reporter who created this video… is all about creating a video for VICE, and doesn't know a THING about "picking up girls" and seducing them…. ITs AN ART and the most difficult thing a man can learn (but the most fulfilling)… whoever created this video, doesn't KNOW a thing! Good… stay in the dark!!!

  5. America is a place to distroy black people every time they get successful white people bring then down from all scam pick up artist they choose the black one waw if you black trust no one

  6. I met him on tinder back a couple of years ago. He gets women to sign over their rights to the videos by saying they are getting a job working for modeling and they need to release their media rights. I didn’t fall for it

  7. "Manipulate woman into having sex, EVEN IF THEY SAY NO" The agenda here is CLEAR. This has nothing to do with the lives changed by seduction artist or how this empowers men to have more confidence in themselves which in turn makes woman happy as well. Do not listen to this garbage. Yes there are right and wrong ways of meeting and seducing woman. But to assume that all the ways are wrong and "manipulative" goes to show how society does not want to empower men at all.

  8. When Vice's funders are shockingly revealed, they'll be the ones whose videos are taken down or labeled as anti male propaganda paid for by billionaires who want societal division via third wave feminism and identity politics. Sure, this dude sounds very shady and the hidden mic sequence validly exposed what was obviously a paid employee. But PUAs have been around since Ovid and Casanova and it's better to be one, who obeys the law, than a simp who can't get laid or loses half his assets because he married a rapidly depreciating asset.

    This dude may have committed criminal acts to make money. That does not make it criminal to meet someone on the street and get a date!

  9. That was one awkward interview that Justin 'insisted' happen.
    Richard Ruina also uses foreign girls,
    but he hardly shows any 'Lay' videos.
    Which makes it hard to take him credibly.
    I wonder if the reason no Brits or Yanks are used are because the foreigners are harder to track down.

  10. The next Justin Wayne has been born and his name is Deepak Wayne — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HyO_LaNTSJI
    Don't fall for his scam….he is another Justin Wayne, no wonder he chose his last name wisely lol

  11. Anyone who actually believes that he picks up random hoes from the street is completely out of touch with reality.

  12. Vice news<<<<<< WRONG ADvice news. LOTS of jealous guys in the comments,anyone good at what they do will always get attack by the status quo.>>>>>>FACTS

  13. Do one on the playboy mansion and Hugh Hefner If not you are not qualified to speak negative about this educational content……..

  14. This guy had hundreds of women on camera on his channel and his products. Assuming he pays each women as low as 100 dollars that’s more than 100000 dollars spent ? For what?. Also some of the girls are with him for up to 5 years so he paid them for 5 years to be his girlfriends on YouTube? Would mean that they sacrificed any possibilities of relations with other Guys. Thirdly the reporter is clearly biased. Obviously a feminist. Lastly the girl explained her laptop got broken by another girl which is why they were arguing about her getting money to replace it. Just use your logic you will see he is legit and there is something to learn from the guy. He might be shady but he is efficient.

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