Seaton Stobie Pole Painting

Seaton Stobie Pole Painting

My name is Olga and I’ve been here for
over 26 years. In Seaton. The City of Charles Sturt had a
Discretionary Ward Allowance available so I submitted an application and I was
successful and use those funds to be able to buy the paints and the brushes
to be able to execute you know this concept that I had in my head. It’s not
only about printing stobic poles it’s about having facilities available for
those within our Ward which is for Albert Park and Seaton if they want to
paint their stobie pole, I’ve got the paint to supply to them. What I think what’s
really important when you do a stobie pole is linking in with the stories and
what is of importance with each and every homeowner. A neighbor that’s been
here for over 55 years, her deceased brother had done a crochet piece that
she has in her hallway so when I came in to talk to her I saw this piece and I
asked her what, what is that? She’s all you know my dear brother did that for me.
So I actually replicated that on her pole and when she saw it she was in
tears, she said as made her so happy. She would walk backwards and forwards just admiring. To be able to capture that because
their stories is a lot of that’ll be lost and that’s what a lot of stobie
poles down the street reflect as well, people’s passions, what’s important to
them and I try to reflect those as well as I can. It’s creativity, collaboration. Come up with a concept and it’s
getting someone to back you and that’s what the City of Charles Sturt has done

2 thoughts on “Seaton Stobie Pole Painting

  1. An incredible community development initiative – wonderful work Olga and wonderful to see local government supporting citizens!

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